Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 651

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Twenty-six kinds of dim sum were devoured by a group of doctors before they vigorously returned to the operating theater.

People who worked in another field might find this a little too strange, but none of the doctors present found it surprising. 

The patient was in the recovery room. It would definitely make things troublesome for the doctor and make them feel uneasy if the doctors took their time and delayed the surgery.

To some extent, the reason behind the doctors' large workload was the outbreak of diseases. Moreover, it also depended on the doctor-patient ratio. If there were more doctors, their burden would have been reduced.

Of course, there could never be an ultimate solution to this conflict. Just like now, Professor Feng Zhixiang's personal surgeries were absolutely different from those performed by regular attending physicians or assistant lecturers. Not only was there a difference in the chief surgeon, but there was also a distinct difference among the other posts. 

Unless Beijing University Sixth Hospital had other ideas or had a few screws loose in their heads, Professor Feng Zhixiang must definitely have the best surgery team. The team must have the most experienced and scrub nurse who can deal with pressure the most, the most intelligent circulating nurse who was very familiar with the environment, and an anesthetist who was highly skilled in pharmacology and had an abundant experience as well as enough sleep.

Needless to say, the operating theater, equipment, and materials used by Professor Feng Zhixiang would also be the best. Even when the patients were reluctant to use imported drugs or consumables, the hospital would still use them, but the hospital would charge the patients according to the price of domestic drugs.

Of course, all these were only medical details. Even if they were truly great, the final deciding factor that would determine the effect of the surgery would not depend solely on a few simple details.

Feng Zhixiang also knew this very clearly. The smile on his face faded away after he entered the bathroom, he became serious. The first thing he did was ask Ling Ran, who was next to him, a question. "Have you performed gallbladder cancer before?"

"No." Ling Ran washed his hands carefully. He did not feel as enslaved by a burden as other doctors would when it came to this. Instead, he felt relaxed and comfortable. He wished he could wash his hands longer.

Feng Zhixiang turned to look at Ling Ran. He could not help but have a slight smile appear on his face. He then quickly let it fade away and said, "You have not performed gallbladder cancer surgery before, yet you dare to be my first assistant?"

Ling Ran looked at Feng Zhixiang calmly and said, "I know the anatomy of the abdominal cavity very well. I've done cholecystectomy several times, and I'm good at lymphadenectomy and hepatectomy. I will be very helpful to you."

Feng Zhixiang was speechless. He often used this technique to frighten his students. Unexpectedly, it was not effective on Ling Ran at all.

"Oh, I almost forgot. You have been a chief surgeon several times, haven't you?" Feng Zhixiang sighed and coughed a couple of times, "In this case, if you are the chief surgeon, how would you assign the tasks?"

Ling Ran then pondered about it seriously.

When he was a chief surgeon, he always paid attention to his assistants' capabilities and allocated tasks properly. This was from Ling Ran's many years of experience from team activities.

Although he did not like social activities very much, since he entered kindergarten, Ling Ran had always inevitably participated in various team activities. He would be chosen to practice and perform in his choir and drama teams, to raise the national flag, or be the one to greet people with warm welcomes. 

He would always get various invitations for bigger occasions as well, such as competitions or activities in class, grades, the school, district, city, province, and even activities at a national level.

But after staying in teams for a long time, Ling Ran gradually understood a fact: what was said by members was often not true, especially when they talked about their own abilities. 

The team members who like team activities were most likely to be one who liked to tear each other apart the most. Meanwhile, those who were good at completing tasks independently were often the ones who were best at helping people.

As a serious and responsible student, Ling Ran gradually learned to judge everything by himself, not by the opinions of his team members.

In the same way, when he faced Feng Zhixiang's query, Ling Ran put himself into the shoe of the chief surgeon and thought about his work assignments.

"If I were you, and if I were to assign tasks…" Ling Ran's words were a bit vague, but his thoughts and words soon became clear. He said, "I will read up first."

Feng Zhixiang was stunned for a moment. He then could not help but reveal a smile. "Your idea is a little too direct, but… Hmm, you would want to read up first?"

"Yes, I'll read up first." Not only had Ling Ran never performed gallbladder cancer surgery before, but he also had not deliberately read the relevant materials.

No doctor would actually memorize all medical books, and it would even be impossible to memorize the most basic ones. According to the five-year undergraduate clinical medicine professional textbook catalog, there were fifty-three basic medical books that students need to master. There was no need to challenge others. If a student really had to write down the entire content of Dermatovenerology, he or she would most likely rather suffer through all the diseases listed in the textbook instead. 

Even the doctors who were promoted by developed countries in Europe and America needed to invest a lot of money and time in reading. The preferred solution for unfamiliar diseases was to flip the books!

Unless it was a well-known material, otherwise, no matter how good a person's memory was, it would be better if he just flipped through a book instead. Because, if something went wrong, the patients' lawyers would question the doctor on why he did not read up on the relevant material. 

It was also common for resident doctors or attending doctors in hospitals to flip through books before giving any treatment. When they became Level 1 assistant lecturers, it did not mean they would not need to read up anymore. They still had to, because their scope of treatment would become narrower. Meanwhile, they always read up secretly when they have their own offices.

Ling Ran did not mean to read books secretly.

He would lean against the glass by the washroom before entering the operating theater. He would look at the surgery preparations as he took his time to read a book that was given by a junior doctor. 

Therefore, the doctors in the visitation room could see that in the operating theater below, Feng Zhixiang was doing a careful examination, while the highly anticipated first assistant, Ling Ran, was reading leisurely with a book in his hand.

"You can pay attention to the stages of gallbladder cancer surgery. Once we open up the abdominal cavity, you can compare them. There should be pictures.

"Gallbladder cancer is generally associated with stones. It is currently believed that physical stimulation is still a major factor in it. You can verify it later on the spot.

"Remembering the steps of the surgery would not be a problem for you. However, it also depends on the condition of the abdominal cavity once we open it. We've confirmed that it's spreading in the liver, I don't know about other internal organs…"

Feng Zhixiang gave Ling Ran on-the-spot teaching through the glass window. The atmosphere in the operating theater was like a classroom, which was quite different from the teaching scene understood by doctors.

The vessel-damaging assistant lecturer could not help but sigh, "I read up on the literature three days for a surgery in the past and memorized all the cases. In the end, during the surgery, the chief surgeon only said three phrases to me in total."

"Which three phrases?"

"Start, don't block me, and move." The tone of the vessel-damaging assistant lecturer was heartbreaking.

The 223-pound resident doctor secretly glanced over at the vessel-damaging assistant lecturer's belly before he let out a sigh of sympathy.