Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 653

655 Lymphadenectomy

"Hehe!" A young doctor laughed and waved at Liu Yilin, who was just looking over, signaling that he was fine. The young doctor was slightly smug. 'I've attracted Doctor Liu's attention. Next, I don't know how I can casually introduce myself.'

Just as his brain waves quickly intersected with each other, Feng Zhixiang looked over. 

"Have you all forgotten the rules of the operating theater?" Professor Feng Zhixiang's voice was neither high nor low. He sounded as if he was on the podium and was speaking with a microphone by his mouth. He gave off the air that he was about to speak nonstop. 

The young doctors in the operating theater had their thoughts freeze for a moment. This kind of tone was very dangerous.

The doctor who just laughed out also stiffened up, and he tentatively looked at Professor Feng Zhixiang.

"To punish without prior warning is abuse. Do you know where you did wrong?" Professor Feng Zhixiang held a scalpel in his hand and stared at the young doctor who laughed.

The young doctor's mind was screaming "punish" and "abuse" while he said tentatively, "Saliva easily contaminates the operating theater."

"Well, it's not about how easy it would be to contaminate the operating theater. While it is easy to contaminate the operating theater, but that's why we need to wear a mask, right?" Professor Feng Zhixiang was good at providing systematic guidance.

The young doctor nodded.

"Open your mouth and answer me." Professor Feng Zhixiang became strict in a second before he regained his kind look.

"Yes, uh-you're right, yes."

"Yes..." Professor Feng Zhixiang nodded slightly. "Okay, get out."

"Ah..." The young doctor was stunned, but in the next second, he was pushed by a friend.

He then snapped out of it and quickly went out of the operating theater. It was common for young doctors to be driven out of the operating theater. There was nothing special about it. Everyone looked at him without pity. 

Fortunately for him, he did not run into his department director, otherwise, even scolded for one whole surgery would be considered "good" for him.

After turning his head around, Professor Feng Zhixiang took a long breath and smiled at Ling Ran. "Let's continue. We'll basically do an exploratory laparotomy first and see his luck."

Associate Hospital Director Wang was already laughing in the visitation room. "Professor Feng is still the same as before. He only likes smart young doctors and hates the rest."

"Those who are talented can be doctors. Why waste resources on the untalented? I remember that Professor Feng Zhixiang said this before," the vessel-damaging assistant lecturer said and shook his head. "He didn't say that again in the future."

"His status is now different. Of course, the way he speaks has to be different." A department director next to him chuckled and added a sentence.

The people in the visitation room also nodded. They were already high-ranking doctors who survived and made a name for themselves. They did not particularly care about how other high-ranking doctors scolded the younger doctors.

It was the same with Ling Ran. In his impression, the people's attitude in social interaction was unpredictable. For example, a girl might be angry at another person one second ago, but when she saw Ling Ran, she would act as gently as water.

Ling Ran never tried to sort out the confusion, he was more concerned about viewing the world objectively.

Take, for example, the patient Li Gang, who was in front of him.

Ling Ran carefully did the exploratory surgery for him, and the results of the investigation would likely determine whether the patient can undergo surgery.

This was also the relatively cruel part of gallbladder cancer. Since it was usually too late when they discovered this cancer, many patients with gallbladder cancer would find that the spread had exceeded their expectations after having their abdominal cavity opened and going through a round of abdominal examination. There was no other choice for the surgeon but to close the abdomen.

Otherwise, the patient's prognosis would not be good even if the patient did not die on the operating table. Some patients who had undergone surgery would instead have an even shorter survival period compared to the time before they underwent the surgery. This type of surgery was then meaningless.

"Don't be afraid, you can touch it by hand." After Professor Feng Zhixiang finished speaking, he said to his two other assistants, "Everyone, you can touch it and check the situation in the abdominal cavity. Touch and figure out the relationship between the tissues inside. A dissected human body and the ones during surgery are different, especially when it comes to cancerous tissues. Today's patient has quite the typical case of gallbladder cancer. Let's all touch it."

So, after Ling Ran did an exploratory laparotomy, Xu Wen and the three assistants next to him also went up to touch it.

Xu Wen was fine. The three assistant doctors next to him were all excited.

He was a resident doctor, which meant that he was the lowest-ranked doctor in the entire medical system. In the operating theater, which was a high-end place, many resident doctors would just come in to report the situation, explain the patient's daily condition, the medicine's contraindications, and other things. They would then be pushed out. Being able to be a third assistant in general surgery was already quite rare. 

He did not expect that he had the opportunity to get started today, even though he can only touch it.

The young doctors in the operating theater also made envious gasps. As for the young doctor who was just pushed out, no one remembered his name.

After Feng Zhixiang and the other three people touched it, he smiled and said, "When I first graduated from medical school, I lamented the fact that the doctors in the hospital were not courageous, and this was something I lamented the most when I was at the hospital. Of course, the doctors' technical skills at that time were also rather limited. In fact, it's not necessary to say it so courteously. The doctors' technique was weak, the equipment was lousy, and the school conditions were bad. So, there were a few kinds of limited surgery where the chief surgeons trembled in fear while they performed it. There was a chance for us to have any hands-on experience."

Ling Ran and the others listened. There was no chance for them to interject, anyway. So they watched Feng Zhixiang begin to perform separation step by step.

Feng Zhixiang said while performing the surgery, "When I first touched a gallbladder, I think I have participated in ten operations. It's pretty pitiful when I talk about it. At that time, the doctors themselves did not perform surgery well. They really did everything according to the books. During the operation, there was one doctor who was so nervous that his movements were all askew, and he still didn't let us talk. When us young doctors had questions at the time, we didn't understand the rules in the operating theater, since we just started in the field, so we asked, and the chief surgeon immediately shouted, 'Silence!' And he even did it in the tone of those people from the old days. That scared us.

"We have to become incredibly familiar with the things we learned during that time by repeated practice, and we even have exams…

"Theories have to be memorized. There were a lot of theories. Now that I look at them, they are all wrong, but the old doctors at that time did not care about these. There were strict ones who required us to score a hundred points in the test. Only those who scored one hundred points were qualified to perform surgery. Everyone memorized those theories desperately, but it was not always possible for us to perform surgery even when we could go into the operating theater. Come to think of it, it was really hard..."

Feng Zhixiang was doing the most common thing that normal doctors would do during surgery: chatting.

Ling Ran did not chat as a chief surgeon because he did not like to chat.

Xu Wen actually had some slight inclination in this. If he were a chief surgeon, he will at most hum a tune or something. However, Xu Wen had served many masters. He still had the basic skills and awareness to chat with the chief surgeon. When he saw that Feng Zhixiang was happily chatting, he cooperatively asked a few silly questions, "So you paid special attention to these in the future?"

"Yes, we have to learn the good things of the older generation, and the unhelpful knowledge must be discarded." As Feng Zhixiang realized someone had replied, he spoke even more excitedly.

He had done too many public or demonstration surgeries. He had long since become fearless.

When one had reached Feng Zhixiang's position, while it would be an exaggeration to say that they were allowed to do whatever they wanted, during the operation, no one could say anything if he wanted to keep up to his personal habits. If no one criticized him, he would not particularly mind.

Hence, Feng Zhixiang's voice was all that could be heard in the operating theater, and most of them were memories of the past.

The few doctors in the visitation room could only listen. One department director listened until the point where he could not help it anymore. "I have heard this story twice."

"Three times," Associate Hospital Director Wang said.

"Four times." The vessel-damaging assistant lecturer sighed.

"I never bothered." Zhu Tongyi found that everyone was looking at him and said calmly, "I am from the Orthopedics Department, if I have nothing to do with the surgery, I wouldn't be listening to him either."

Everyone laughed.

After laughing, they found that the operating theater had become quiet.

Associate Hospital Director Wang's facial expression changed, and he quickly checked the intercom system but found that it was still functioning normally.

After just breathing a sigh of relief, he heard Feng Zhixiang's voice in the operating theater, "This patient is not very lucky. We have to remove the lymph nodes up to the back of the head of the pancreas."

"At least it has not spread to the pancreas," Xu Wen whispered.

"Yes, but this workload is relatively large," Feng Zhixiang said as he bowed his head. At his age, removing the lymph nodes was a very hard and tiring job.

"Let me help you." Ling Ran changed his standing posture a little. He had Perfect Level Lymphadenectomy, and there was no need for him to be humble.

Feng Zhijing naturally agreed, so the two men looked down while standing across each other to each begin removing the lymph nodes.