Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 661

663 Live Incision

"Doctor Jin, this is Doctor Ling Ran. He came to our hospital today to perform hepatectomy on elderly patients," said a local doctor with a smile like a Pekingese.

He was a junior doctor of the General Surgery Department, but he often came to the Emergency Department for consultation. He knew Jin Xiongteng in person, so, he deliberately used a serious tone to make himself sound earnest.

Jin Xiongteng could tell what he was trying to imply by just listening to it. He could not help looking at Ling Ran with a scowl. 'What the heck? This is too much! How can there be such a handsome doctor? This is not a movie!'

However, Jin Xiongteng also heard the implied meaning in the words spoke by the young Pekingese doctor. This was a doctor invited by the hospital, and he may be the disciple of someone important.

It was also normal for a doctor with great skill to be a freelance surgeon with one or two assistants. As far as their skills were concerned, doctors who could do hepatectomy for elder liver cancer patients must be very powerful.

Out of consideration, Jin Xiongteng did not show any expression. 

Also, in terms of the hospital's scorn chain, as an emergency medical specialist, Jin Xiongteng should not hold a grudge against such a person. 

In the current hospital, those who operated on livers regarded those who operated on gallbladders with disdain, those who operated on gallbladders regarded those who operated on stomachs with disdain, those who operated on stomachs regarded those who operated on intestines with disdain, and those who operated on intestines regarded those who operated on anuses with disdain… When everyone from the General Surgery Department faced those from the Emergency Department, they would still stand together as a united front.

Jin Xiongteng himself was just an ordinary attending physician of the Emergency Department. The livers he saw might not number to the number of livers those who operated on livers had cut. So, if he were to look at Ling Ran's face, Jin Xiongteng could not put on an awe-inspiring presence anymore. 

"If you're not from the hospital, don't interfere," said Jin Xiongteng as he began to lower his head to do intubation.

The young Pekingese doctor on the opposite side smiled wanly. He knew that Jin Xiongteng had misunderstood him.

If Jin Xiongteng knew that Ling Ran was the protagonist of today's freelance surgeon, he believed that there was an 80% chance that he would not have said what he just did. Why would he say such things? Ling Ran was paid to come all the way to their hospital to cut people. It was common for him to say a couple of words when he saw Jin Xiongteng performing CPR. 

However, Jin Xiongteng had obviously messed up.

Jin Xiongteng naturally did not pay much attention to the young man. Although he has adjusted his tone, he did not show the respect he should to Ling Ran.

The young Pekingese resident doctor shook his head secretly. He could not jump out and do anything at this time as he feared that Ling Ran would turn to attack him. 

Jin Xiongteng only focused on his intubation… 

After several unsuccessful attempts, Jin Xiongteng had to pick up a scalpel and cut the trachea.

Ling Ran had been watching him from the beginning and did not interrupt him.

Different doctors had different opinions and ideas about treatment plans. It was like doing a math problem. There may be four or five solutions to a problem, as well as even more schools of thought to them. It was unnecessary to follow the same solution and idea. It did not matter whether it was the best plan or not, the point was to get the answer.

It was also normal for different doctors to have different ideas in the formulation of medical plans. A forced correction would only make the situation more complicated.

Unless the doctor's plan faced any obstruction and no conclusion could be drawn.

The arms of the doctor on the gurney were getting weaker.

"Switch." Jin Xiongteng had no choice but to go forth and replace the doctor who was at the gurney to do chest compressions as fast as he could. 

The third doctor in the emergency room was dealing with other patients, so he was not able to leave his post for a while.

Soon, Jin Xiongteng got tired of doing chest compressions and was replaced. After a while, he returned and did it again. He did defibrillation while he was at it. 

After a few more rounds, Jin Xiongteng became less and less confident. 

After another round, Jin Xiongteng did not go forth anymore. He just wiped the sweat on his forehead and said, "Declare the time of death."

If CPR failed, death would follow. For hospitals such as Donghuang Regional Hospital, deaths like this were uncommon. Under normal circumstances, patients who were unable to be treated by the doctors were sent to high-class hospitals.

Since the beginning, Jin Xiongteng's eyebrows were screwed in an intense frown, as if they were locked in that position. 

"Let me try to do it again." Ling Ran took the opportunity when the doctor at the gurney had his arms leave the patient's chest. He immediately got on the gurney, knelt beside the patient, and compressed the patient's chest vigorously.

Jin Xiongteng wanted to stop him, but he thought that there was no reason to stop him.

He was doing CPR, not surgery. There was no reason to stop him. 

Ling Ran panted as he performed chest compressions for one minute before saying, "Epinephrine."

A nurse looked at Jin Xiongteng.

"Give him," Jin Xiongteng briefly said. He did not feel quite calm about the matter either. 

Ling Ran then continued to compress the patient's chest. After a while, he said, "Increase the amount of oxygen."

Jin Xiongteng impatiently muttered, "He's already…" 

"The patient is not dead yet." Ling Ran looked up and answered him, instantly freezing up Jin Xiongteng's speech and thoughts. 

In places like hospitals, although there were countless rules and regulations, at the end of the day, saving human lives was still their main goal.

Many people did not think so when they were swathed in the shadow of darkness that was death. And when someone wanted to save their lives in the light, all those who shamelessly sought personal gain could not try to stop them.

Jin Xiongteng resisted the urge to talk, and he thought bitterly. 'Is being handsome something so great? Does being handsome give you the right to be a doctor in another hospital?'

While he was accumulating resentment, all the major leaders surged in through the side door.

The department director of the General Surgery Department in Donghuang Regional Hospital, the associate hospital director, and others accompanied Feng Zhixiang and Zhu Tongyi to arrive in this place. 

They were still talking about new projects and techniques. They then looked up and saw that Ling Ran was kneeling on a gurney while desperately performed CPR.

"What is going on?" the associate hospital director looked at both sides and asked.

"This doctor from another hospital insisted on helping with CPR." Jin Xiongteng stressed the word "helping" and waited for the leader's judgment.

The associate hospital director did not immediately speak. He turned to Feng Zhixiang and others.

"Doctor Ling's post in Yun Hua Hospital is in Yun Hua Emergency Medical Center, and he has a lot of experience in CPR," Zhu Tongyi said in a simple sentence.

Zuo Cidian said beside him, "We are from the Ling Treatment Group, and we are responsible for training CPR groups in Yun Hua Hospital. Now, we have trained up to three teams."

After a brief pause, Zuo Cidian added. "Doctor Ling successfully resuscitated three patients who needed prolonged CPR. If he is willing to help, then I believe that this patient is willing to be helped as well."

The associate hospital director smiled and did not say much. He turned around and started a new topic.

Zuo Cidian and Zhang Anmin each came to Ling Ran and began to help to switch with Ling Ran when the time came. 

All members of Ling Ran's treatment group received training in CPR, including Zhang Anmin. Compared with the paramedics trained in other hospitals, the CPR training given by Ling Ran in his treatment group was even more complete. In theory, they all had the standard in giving instructions in CPR.

The trio switched with each other every thirty seconds, and they practically did not stop in the middle. 

The rest just stood in the emergency room and watched Ling Ran, as well as the others, perform CPR in silence.

One minute, two minutes, five minutes...

If Ling Ran had not stopped, CPR would be like an endless exercise that kept going continuously.

In the beginning, everyone was a little upset as if they were disgusted by the heavy traffic that blocked their way forward, and they were fed up with the accident in front that caused this heavy traffic. 

However, as time went on, their emotions became more and more stable.

All the doctors present knew that there was a great possibility that Ling Ran was doing something useless. However, the fact that Ling Ran could still do it in front of so many experts and colleagues made them think, 'If I feel tired just by looking at him, what kind of state is Ling Ran in right now?'

"Defibrillation." Ling Ran jumped off the gurney and let Zhang Anmin take over. 


One fast beep was shown in the electrocardiograph on the monitor. Then, it returned to a normal cardiac rhythm.