Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 662

663 Live Incision

As Ling Ran's continuous application of CPR ticked to ten minutes, the atmosphere in the room became less tense.

If the resuscitation done by the doctors in Donghuang Regional Hospital was taken into calculation, the patient's heart would have stopped beating for more than ten minutes. If it was up to a normal doctor, they could already announce the time of death.

Ling Ran had not stopped because he thought otherwise.

For a male patient in his prime and free of hereditary diseases,cardioplegia might be an unlucky accident. For people who had been working for many years, having the heart fail even for a brief moment after working for thirty or forty years was still understandable.

On that basis, Ling Ran judged that the patient's condition was salvageable.

Luckily, there were no organ failures, and most importantly, the brain did not undergo hypoxia because the resuscitation was being carried out in the hospital.

Based on Ling Ran's experience, it would not be too late to end the resuscitation after one to two hours of seemingly fruitless CPR applications. If the patient survived, medicine could be used to ease many sequelae. The prognosis might not be very good, but the patient would be in better condition than stroke survivors.

Considering that stroke patients could still have a high quality of life after recovery, the usual reason used for stopping CPR was not valid.

Of course, these were just Ling Ran's thoughts.

He had mastered Perfect Level Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, so his judgment and ability to take action was superior to the doctors in Donghuang Regional Hospital.

Forget everything else, doctors who had not performed any prolonged CPR, or rather, doctors who had not performed any successful prolonged CPRs would not be confident in saving the patient with CPR especially when it was over a couple of hours, and they were also not confident that they could provide adequate care even after a successful CPR.

Most of the prolonged CPR only resulted in vegetative states.

Therefore, instead of facing such a situation, the doctors from Donghuang Regional Hospital would think that stopping CPR was a more reasonable plan.

That was until they saw that the cardiac rhythm had recovered on the monitor.

*Beep, beep*

It was only then that the doctors of Donghuang Regional Hospital finally snapped out of their daze.

"Damn, the heart is beating?"

"How long has it been?"

"Twenty minutes. A bit more and it would become a prolonged CPR."

"Even now, it is already considered a prolonged CPR. This is my first time seeing someone saved by prolonged CPR."

The medical staff from Donghuang Regional Hospital could not help but start to whisper and discuss among themselves.

The doctors who came and welcomed Ling Ran and others were so shocked that their eyebrows twitched.

CPR was not just a boring task in terms of its content, but it was also a task that challenged one's mental strength.

If CPR were treated as purely mechanized work, then it was a boring job. The physical activity involved was comparable to boxing and the level of boredom was above weightlifting.

However, if CPR were treated as a sacred task to save lives, the mental excitement, fear, worry, and trepidation would be the core emotions occupying a person's heart, and the one administering it would quickly cave in.

The longer the time taken to perform CPR, the more boring it would be. The more physical activity was involved, the challenge to a person's mental fortitude would be greater.

The doctors in Donghuang Regional Hospital had given up.

Yet after going through the boring process and having it turning out successful, everyone would feel a huge sense of excitement.

The associate hospital director even felt distressed. If such a good opportunity was given to all of them, maybe they could get some benefits in return.

He looked at Jin Xiongteng and the others with a look that said that he was highly disappointed in them for not being able to succeed.

"Send him to the ICU. Doctor Zuo, you will follow them as well." Ling Ran then washed his hands at the hand-washing basin and wiped his hands with his own alcohol-based hand sanitizer. He spread the sanitizer on his hands equally.

He already had his eyes on the hand-washing basin just now, and the alcohol-based hand sanitizer had the smell he liked. After tidying up a bit, Ling Ran felt that his condition had recovered.

"Yes," Zuo Cidian replied loudly. It was obvious that he needed to support his boss on such an occasion.

At that moment, Feng Zhixiang coughed and said, "Doctor Ling's treatment group published many articles related to CPR. They have their own way in performing CPR, particularly prolonged CPR"

"No worries. Let Doctor Ling's people go and help. If you think that your skill is not up to par, then learn from the doctor with good skills. We invited you over for surgery with the aim of achieving a mutual goal through the learning process" The associate hospital director acted wisely and looked at Ling Ran carefully.

Those who met Ling Ran for the first time always got attracted by his outer appearance. If they had further contact with him, they would be amazed by the way Ling Ran handled things.

The associate hospital director looked at Ling Ran who did things his own way, and he could not help but shook his head and smiled at Feng Zhixiang. He said, "Doctor Ling seems to have adopted the style of working however he wants."

When such a statement comes from an official, it was no longer mere praise.

Feng Zhixiang smiled faintly and said, "Doctor Ling's brain is filled only with saving lives and treating diseases. He thinks in a simple way. However, his outstanding medical skills are a good thing for the patient."

He did not explain too many things to them either. They were only here for a freelance hepatectomy at Donghuang Regional Hospital, and they were not helping their leader perform a head transplant.

The associate hospital director laughed and said, "That's true, that's true"

Those who could become associate hospital directors in tertiary Grade A hospitals usually had smart minds and were very experienced. Yet without a strong background and reputation, it would be hard for them to become the official hospital director. Therefore, the position of an associate hospital director was usually a position that had higher influence in the hospital.

In comparison, the hospital director of the hospital would usually not be so deeply rooted in the hospital. Their mindset and goals might not even be focused on the hospital.

For example, the expansion of the Pathology Department and the development of new skills were something the associate hospital director and the department director of the General Surgery Department cared about more. When he thought about this, the associate hospital director was able to zone in on the objectives. He looked at his watch, smiled, and said, "Shall we go to the operating theater now? The patient should be ready now."

"Let's go." Zhu Tongyi patted Ling Ran's shoulder and brought him toward the elevator. At the same time, he whispered into Ling Ran's ear, "Why did you do CPR for them?"

"Their emergency skills are lousy," Ling Ran said tactlessly.

According to the standard of Yun Hua Hospital, when the reception nurse of the Emergency Department saw the patient, they should have observed the sweat and pain of the patient and considered the possibility of chest pain. For those weak nurses who could not link it to chest pain or observe, they should open their mouths and ask the patient.

For the doctors, setting aside treatment experience, they should still know about the level of the reception nurse first. They could be rest assured with experienced nurses or responsible resident doctors. However, if they met any weak nurses or interns, they needed to be alert. In the end, Jin Xiongteng was only busy handling the patient in front of him without caring about other people in the Emergency Department. He might look very serious, but in fact, he was just asking about another patient suffering from abdominal pain.

For Ling Ran, such an attending physician was a troll in Kings of Glory who were obsessed with ganking to absorb EXP. They seemed serious, but they did not even look at the mini map Such a troll made Ling Ran feel uncomfortable.

When the department director from the General Surgery Department who had the same expertise as Ling Ran heard this comment, he could not help but lower his head and smiled. Everyone knew that the Emergency Department in this hospital was lousy. And as a department director from the General Surgery Department, it should be his duty to scold the Emergency Department too.

The associate hospital director was stunned, and he feigned ignorance. He just looked around as if he had nothing to do. But he already remembered the performance of the Emergency Department today.

Zhu Tongyi coughed. He felt amused, but he felt that it would be embarrassing to laugh. He pulled Ling Ran and said, "Luckily, the patient was saved. This hospital has a smaller sphere of influence, so they do not need a huge Emergency Department."

"Since they have an Emergency Department set up, the staff should be well trained as well." Ling Ran gently shook his head. If he were allowed to be in charge, the few doctors in the Emergency Department needed to learn the basics from scratch altogether.

Zhu Tongyi already knew Ling Ran well enough, so he did not argue. He changed the topic and said, "The patient scheduled for hepatectomy was pushed in just now. If you still have any requests, please, now is the time."

"I need half an hour for preparation in the operating theater." Ling Ran's plan at the start was to come earlier, but the CPR had taken up his time.

The department director from the General Surgery Department frowned and said, "The operating theater is now ready."

"I need to revise the surgery procedure before the surgery," Ling Ran replied frankly.

Once the eccentric habits of the surgeon came into display, even the hospital leaders could not force him to perform surgery.

The department director of the General Surgery Department from Donghuang Regional Hospital could only lower his head and agree with him.

Ling Ran did not make further explanations. When he reached the surgical floor, he changed his attire and washed his hands before entering.

When he came into contact with the patient and used the Virtual Human, he did not choose the crudest surgery plan.

Although he could save a lot of time and rely on the crudest method of cutting open the Virtual abdomen, Ling Ran wanted to try using his own judgment to perform a hepatectomy.

Unlike practicing on a real patient, before hepatectomy, he needed one hour for blood flow interruption, separating the hepatic ligament, predicting the line for incision, and such.

Ling Ran could perform live incision on the Virtual Human during hepatectomy.

He used his hands to touch the exposed liver and thought about the patient's imaging information like his MRI scans. He estimated the distance and cut into the Virtual Human's liver.

Blood flowed out in rivers. That was not Ling Ran's concern. The main concern was the area of infiltrated tissues and whether his guess was correct.

If no unforeseen circumstance happened in his judgment, it would completely change Ling Ran's surgery method and allow there to be a possibility for the hepatectomy for elderly patients to be circled around in the medical world. It would also lower the possibility of it being promoted.