Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 664

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Feng Zhixiang looked up and down seriously at Xu Jinyi and asked, "Is there a problem with your liver?"

"During my checkup, they discovered space-occupying lesions, and the position isn't good; I told them not to tell anyone." Xu Jinyi's voice was soft and flat. Not much emotion could be heard through his voice.

However, being emotionless was also an emotion, in and of itself. Feng Zhixiang had seen so many patients, and Xu Jinyi was just one of them. So he asked, "What are your thoughts?"

"I contacted Teacher Li. He recommended surgery in the country and at the same time go through some formalities, then go to the Anderson Cancer Center to do late-stage chemotherapy." Xu Jinyi looked at Feng Zhixiang and said, "I originally wanted to find you, but after seeing Doctor Ling's surgery today, I would like to ask him to do it."

Feng Zhixiang was also one of Xu Jinyi's teachers, but he did not perform surgeries himself anymore and did not depend on skills to build his reputation anymore. 

Feng Zhixiang smiled. "Don't put me on a pedestal. There are so many doctors performing hepatectomy within the country, and I wouldn't have a chance."

If he were looking for a doctor with the best skills for hepatectomy, it may really not be Feng Zhixiang.

Xu Jinyi did not make any further explanations. He said, "I have never met Doctor Ling before. He didn't particularly seem to be happy about the meeting just now, can you please try to persuade him?"

Feng Zhixiang hummed, gave some thought about the issue again, and said, "By right, I shouldn't refuse you, but, Doctor Ling's personality is more... straightforward. He now only treats liver cancer patients who are not suited for general hepatectomy. His methods are also based on that. I cannot guarantee if he would be willing to accept you."

"Of course, if the doctor is not willing to accept me, I can do nothing about it." Xu Jinyi took a breath before he exhaled. "I now know how hard it is to deal with doctors after becoming a patient myself."

Feng Zhixiang could no longer continue with the conversation. 

Feng Zhixiang looked at Xu Jinyi's expression and said, "May I ask why did you decide to let Ling Ran perform the surgery for you?"

"I have heard about his reputation before." Xu Jinyi recalled for two second before he said, "At that time, I didn't look into it in detail. But when I watched Doctor Ling's surgery today, I see that he is quite meticulous in performing surgery."

"Yes. Ling Ran has always been very meticulous in his surgeries, not only is his approach very particular, he's also very meticulous when it comes to the details," Feng Zhixiang agreed.

One reason why he liked Ling Ran very much was because Ling Ran was very particular when it came to performing surgery.

As he said the day before, the kind of doctors that Feng Zhixiang looked down upon the most were those doctors who were not meticulous. The doctors who would use a scraper to perform separation of tissues and use electricity to stop bleeding for a long period of time were not bad, per se, when they performed surgeries, especially when it came to data such as survival time, recurrence rate, or intraoperative blood loss and other data, and some of their data even looked better. However, the patient's prognosis was not just cold and lifeless numbers.

Patients underwent surgeries to continue living and not just to survive. Ba Jin lived for a long time, but the years where he lived more than the average lifespan of a human was filled with pain. In fact, many patients in the face of disease did not understand the situation they had to face after treatment.

Most people may be able to accept it the possibility of losing their ability to work after treatment; most people would be reluctant to accept the possibility of taking care of themselves after treatment; many people would be unwilling to receive treatment if they knew that they would feel their lives flowing away while they were in pain after treatment. 

As a doctor, Xu Jinyi knew this. 

In fact, Xu Jinyi was an expert in hepatectomy. He may not be among the best in the country, but he was still an expert in hepatectomy.

Therefore, after seeing the CT scan, Xu Jinyi first came up with a list of experts.

At that time, Ling Ran was not inside the list.

However, after seeing Ling Ran's surgery today, Xu Jinyi could not help but have this thought jump out in his mind, 'I want him to perform my surgery.'

"Ling Ran seems to make fine adjustments based on the patient's condition. As far as my experience is concerned, if Doctor Ling performs surgery like this, the patient's prognosis should be very good." Xu Jinyi looked at Feng Zhijing, intending to consult him.

He had not obtained the specific data yet, but this did not affect his request. If the data was found some time in the future and there was indeed a gap between reality and what he expected, he can completely take back his request and go without surgery, and if the data was good, he can just choose not to voice his thoughts. 

Feng Zhixiang nodded gently. "As far as I know, Doctor Ling's surgical outcome is very good."

"Elder Mei has been in good shape recently."

"Elder Mei had hepatolithiasis."

"Well, you can't say that it's a simple operation." Xu Jinyi sighed and could not help but said, "I heard that the Mei family reviewed many doctors and chose Ling Ran in the end."

Feng Zhixiang smiled. "I don't know about this."

"It's because the person's family background was good. On the other hand, we have to test our luck." Xu Jinyi did not think there was anything remarkable about him being admitted into Anderson Cancer Center. He was only going to the United States to see a doctor, and he could earn back those millions of RMB he spent in the future. For Xu Jinyi, who had been a department director for many years, the cost was not a burden, but the disease was.

He could only choose his chief surgeon once for his surgery. 

Feng Zhixiang did not say more. He nodded and said, "I will help you talk to Ling Ran, do you want to do it in your own hospital or somewhere else?"

"Let's go to Teacher Li's hospital, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Beijing Medical University." Xu Jinyi was already prepared.

Feng Zhixiang guessed the same. Although Donghuang Regional Hospital was a tertiary Grade A hospital, it was obviously not good enough when they compared it with Beijing's medical standards.

Forget everything else, there was already a substantial gap in the cohesion within a surgery group alone in a hospital affiliated to Beijing compared to a normal tertiary Grade A hospital. 

The two men entered the department one after another. At this time, Zhang Anmin had already completed the patient's abdominal closure and sent him to the recovery room. He was currently observing the patient with a doctor from Donghuang Regional Hospital.

After Ling Ran re-washed his hands and nodded at the people around him, he was ready to go eat something and wait for the ambulance.

Donghuang Regional Hospital only arranged one freelance surgery for him. After considering the hospital's ordinary equipment and personnel, Ling Ran did not have plans to lay around in bed.

"Doctor Ling, you seem to be in a good mood." Feng Zhixiang smiled and said hello.

"It's still considered a smooth surgery." Ling Ran was also pondering over the surgery. 

Ling Ran had incorporated his own judgment into his performance into the surgery today on the Virtual Human and the real surgery, which he just completed, Both times were very smooth, so that made Ling Ran feel more in control.

Surgeries were very particular when it came to the development of a surgical method. It was because they adopted a master and apprentice model when it came to surgeries, and the master who developed the surgical method would spend more time and energy on it so that they could teach their disciples in the future. 

Even the simplest appendectomy would have a huge difference if there was a person to guide the unskilled chief surgeon. 

To describe it in an exaggerated way, if the surgeons on Earth disappeared all of a sudden, but there were a lot of scans, data, and texts, it will take decades for humans to re-copy modern surgery.

Even if Ling Ran only performed a liver cancer's inspection through his instincts, as long as he can continue to do so by giving the assistants more opportunities to observe and participate, this method can be quickly promoted.

When there was a master present to guide the apprentices, the difficulty of such a surgery was not that much higher compared to a normal hepatectomy for experienced hepatobiliary surgeons.

When it came to promoting his surgical method, Ling Ran at the moment was equivalent to a seed, and he was no different from those surgeons who have returned from abroad and wanted to promote their own surgery methods. 

Feng Zhixiang also saw Ling Ran's confidence and could not help but nod. He said, "Let me treat you to dinner with Academician Zhu tonight. Let me do my duty as the host."

Ling Ran was a little hesitant. The mission he had at hand now was almost completed. If he took another of Energy Serum, he might be able to use another two hours of the Virtual Human...

"I have found a good medical case for you." Feng Zhixiang's voice was full of mystery, and he said, "I also found a Chinese imperial cuisine restaurant, it's absolutely delicious."

"Alright," Ling Ran agreed.