Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 67

67 Noob

The patient with testicular laceration was discharged from the hospital after only a day in the observation room.

He seemed to be in a daze, even when he left. But for the doctors, apart from the more interesting position of his injury, there was indeed nothing interesting about his wound.

"He sure recovered quickly." Zheng Pei signed the discharge slip with his status as the chief surgeon during the man's surgery. He stroked the goatee on his chin and smiled at Ling Ran. "The stitches are really good. Have you sutured before?"

This was a curious question for many people. Ling Ran's answer had become more and more simple, "My family's clinic."

Zheng Pei had heard of the famous 'Lower Groove Clinic' a long time ago from other people in the hospital. He said, "So you learned it at home, huh? But are there so many patients with testicular laceration in Lower Groove?"

Ling Ran said, "I often used Lembert Suturing Techniqueto stitch the stomachs of the elderly."

"Your clinic performs surgery as well?" The doctor's first impression after he heard about the stitching of the stomach was the sutures performed after laparotomy.

Ling Ran was too fed up with trying to cover up for his lie and said, "I accumulated my experiences over time."

Zheng Pei was initially just making small talk. When he noticed Ling Ran's attitude, he smiled and said nothing. Instead, he said to the young nurse next to him, "Did you know what the patient with the testicular laceration just asked me?"

The young nurse who was sorting the medical records blinked, making her long eyelashes flutter, and asked, "Asked what?"

Zheng Pei liked to crack dirty jokes at nurses who just entered the office. He laughed a couple of times and said, "He asked if he could get h*rd after this. I said that the probability of getting h*rd at present is very huge. As long as he doesn't get excited for the time being, he should be at ease. Then the patient hurriedly asked someone to book a hotel for him, saying that his girlfriend at home was too beautiful, too young, often wishing to"

When Zheng Pei said this, his voice suddenly became softer, "He's about thirty years old already, but he's always skateboarding or playing in a band, and yet his girlfriend is young and beautiful, and he can book a hotel just like that without caring about the price. What is wrong with the world today?"

The young nurse ran off.

Ling Ran went to see a few patients who had their wounds debrided.

Attending physicians could understand the patient's condition through the resident doctors and nurses, but Ling Ran did not have this kind of convenience. He did not mind making even two or three ward rounds a daythe number was even considered to him as fewbut his life was still a little more comfortable than the resident doctors who had to take care of the patients in bed.

For young doctors, being resident doctors was like having synovitis in the knee. When you stayed still, you would not feel burdened, but once you moved, your knees would constantly remind you of the pain. It was impossible for resident doctors to take a vacation as well, because if there were patients discharged from the hospital on this day, the next day there would be patients whom will be admitted into the hospital. If you leave, they would be short of people.

It was impossible to relax at home on weekends, too. Even if there were no sudden symptoms of certain diseases in their patients, they also needed to take care of the patients whom had been anaesthetized on the first day they were admitted, to change the doctor's orders for patients admitted into the hospital a few days ago. They had to entirely depend on luck to know how long they should stay at home. It was impossible to take naps, and the morning ward rounds must be performed. Otherwise, when their superiors came, they would be scolded vehemently.

Resident doctors like Lu Wenbin had the worst deal. Even if he wanted to do his job, he did not know how to do it; even if he wanted to learn, he did not have the ability for it; when he thought he was progressing, he would realize that he did not understand even more things.

The two patients who received M-Tang sutures were one of the many things Lu Wenbin did not understand.

He read a lot of information and knew that there were patients who could enter phase II recovery after three to five days, but most of them only reached that phase after three or four weeks.

Both patients recovered very well, and although it was a good thing, Lu Wenbin felt somewhat guilty.

"The edema has basically subsided, but there are still quite a number of scars on you. Let's take a look at your mobility" Ling Ran's voice came, and instantly snapped Lu Wenbin out of his daze while he had his back turned to the door.

Lu Wenbin immediately walked over and greeted him, then silently watched Ling Ran as he checked the patient.

In all honesty, Ling Ran's method of examination was nothing special. Even from the perspective of laymen, they could notice the difference between him and Wang Haiyang when it came to their examinations.

However, at the end of the day, an examination was just an examination. The main focus made it clear that they were done just to keep a look out for the patient's condition. The interns were often arranged to do this task since they were far less important than surgeries.

When he thought about this, Lu Wenbin could not help but recall the day Ling Ran performed the surgery.

'What a noob!' Lu Wenbin could not understand, no matter how he thought about it, how Ling Ran, who was so good with sutures, could be even worse than the resident doctors when it came to incisions?

Perhaps this was this genius' flaw.

"If there is nothing else, I will head back first." Ling Ran had nothing to do after he completed his ward rounds.

Lu Wenbin was stunned. "Going back now? Don't you want to practice more?"

His mind was still full of Ling Ran's lack of skill with incisions.

"I have a surgery tomorrow, I need to make sure my energy levels are up." Ling Ran was talking about his third flexor tendon repair with the M-Tang technique on the next day. Although he had with him the Master Level M-Tang Technique, Ling Ran would not relax because of this.

When he was still studying, whenever he was to sit for an exam the next day, he would review what he learned according to the exam scope, then performed a stationary check from his pencils, pens, rulers, manuscript papers, and admission documents. He did this for major examinations, and also did this for pop quizzes.

Ling Ran never thought of not being serious for a test; for Ling Ran, surgery was an exam.

Lu Wenbin watched Ling Ran leave, but he shook his head and secretly thought. 'Too proud of yourself, don't you think? With this time, you should practice making a few more incisions, then you won't make a fool of yourself during the surgery tomorrow. You got a middle-aged man this time who doesn't care about the scar on his hand. What would you do next time when you meet someone who cares about his or her own appearance?'

Lu Wenbin turned around and thought again. 'Did Ling Ran give up practising making incisions? If he really does not want to perform any incisions, it'll be pretty good if he handed the task to me.'