Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 670

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Ling Ran raised his hand and swiped the air above the operating table. He used less than one minute on the Virtual Human to glance at Xu Jinyi's liver.

He mainly wanted to observe if the patient's cancer cells had expanded again. 

This was actually against the preparation he did for the promotion, but from Ling Ran's perspective, promotion was promotion. It would be strange if he put aside the skill he had just to try out a new technique. 

Ling Ran was already very familiar with Xu Jinyi's liver condition. 

Right then, when he took a look at it again, there were not many changes.

"Let's start." Ling Ran glanced at the monitor beside him and gave a reminder. 

The few assistants quickly stood at their positions seriously. Even if he was the attending physician from the Second Affiliated Hospital of Beijing Medical University, he also did not put on airs. He was like a police dog with a muzzle. He straightened his back and showed his professional attitude.

From the standard of the General Surgery Department in the Second Affiliated Hospital of Beijing Medical University, the surgery today was a piece of cake, but it was not always that easy to perform any surgery well. 

The young attending physician who was sent out by Department Director Li Yuan did not want to be the scapegoat for the failed surgery, therefore, if anyone was the most nervous in the operating theater aside from the patient Xu Jinyi, who did not receive full anesthetics, it must be this young attending physician.

"Scalpel." Ling Ran stretched out his hand and touched the handle of the scalpel handed to him. 

The scrub nurse by the side puffed out her chest, raised her head, and also looked professional.

Different doctors had different habits when performing surgery. Scrub nurses not only needed to remember the surgical procedure, most of the time, they also needed to remember the doctors' habits.

Of course, under normal circumstances, this was a process that happened step-by-step. When a scrub nurse coordinated with a few doctors multiple times, she would remember the surgical procedure. The more times they cooperated with the doctor, the more familiar they would be with the doctors' habits. 

However, there was no such condition in the operating theater of the hospital today. To ensure that the surgery process could be followed, this young girl who graduated with a Master of Nursing had memorized the surgical method for two days and also watched videos of Ling Ran's surgeries for tens of hours. 

She even adopted the standing position that accommodated Ling Ran's surgical habits.

And the effects were also outstanding. At the beginning of the surgery, Ling Ran slowed down his speed, but when he realized that the scrub nurse could keep up with him, Ling Ran kept speeding up. 

"He's performing the surgery so fast."

"He's so good."

"The young men nowadays are so damn annoying."

The doctors of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Beijing Medical University also entered the visitation room and discussed the surgery without holding back. 

Department Director Li Yuan also clasped his hands behind his back and watched Ling Ran's operation with a serious face.

He acknowledged the fact that Ling Ran could perform the surgery well. In fact, when a doctor was among the top in the nation, it was meaningless to point out their flaws in their surgical skills. Doctors at this level just handled the direction of the surgery differently.

Some doctors were obsessed with bleeding control and pursued bloodless operating fields, so much so that they would keep taking care of all intraoperative bleeding problems. Some doctors liked to cut a bigger surface area and suture carefully, while some doctors pursued speed and abandoned certain degrees of precision… 

However, no matter which type a doctor belonged to, the patient or patient's family could only choose the type of surgery that they were willing to accept, but they could not ask the doctor to do everything according to their expectations.

A doctor's personal style also needed to be formed gradually through ten to twenty years of training and application of skills. 

Forcefully requesting the doctor to change his style could never get what the patient wanted. 

Meanwhile, any of the personal styles doctors might have was actually enough to handle Xu Jinyi's early slash intermediate hepatic carcinoma hepatectomy. Its outcome was probably not decided by the patient as well. 

"I heard that Department Director Xu chose his own chief surgeon?" An assistant lecturer from the hospital walked close to Li Yuan and asked in a low voice.

"Yep," Li Yuan answered.

"How did he pick him?" The assistant lecturer looked down from the window and said, "This Doctor Ling does indeed perform hepatectomy quite well, but if he is compared with you, Department Director, he is far worse than you…" 

He was lying through his teeth, but as an assistant lecturer who still tried to move upward, it was a basic operation to butter up to the department director while turning a blind eye to his own conscience. 

Li Yuan knew he was just buttering up to him, but he still felt happy when he heard that. His attitude became slightly friendly, and he said softly, "Don't say that. Everyone performs almost the same when it comes to the separation of the liver during the early stage of the operation, so there's not much difference. This time, Jinyi didn't just place a value in Ling Ran's surgical operation, he also trusts Ling Ran's mastery in surgical details." 

What he said meant nothing. It was just that it could allow himself to be happy. 

The people beside him heard his words and could not help but ask, "What details does Ling Ran pay attention to that impressed Xu Jinyi?"

Li Yuan did not hesitate to praise the juniors and said, "He's very meticulous."


"Yes, he is very meticulous in his surgeries, understand?" Li Yuan looked at them and said, "The era is developing and the patients' requirements become higher and higher. In the future, we also need to be meticulous doctors."

The few doctors in the room smiled. They did not answer as they just thought the department director was just encouraging them.

At this time, Ling Ran's voice was heard. "We need to pay more attention to the variant in the patient's cystic duct. From the medical scans, the spiral cystic duct in front should have formed an adhesion with the left side of the hepatic duct…"

All hepatic artery and biliary structure had variants. In general, hepatic arteries and bile duct structures were different in different people. However, doctors would still try to group them together and do a rough categorization on them. 

The variation of cystic ducts alone consisted of the low and high confluence of common bile ducts, empty or small-sized cystic ducts, and cystic ducts that had spiral adhesion in front or at the back, among others…

Besides, there were also variations in the hepatic artery, liver morphology, bile duct… 

The high number of structure variation was also one of the challenging factors in hepatectomy.

Compared to a simple surgery, hepatectomy required the doctors to memorize all surgical methods and remember all sorts of anatomy, so the difficulty was increased by multiple times. 

When considered in the smallest scale, there were six variations each in the hepatic artery, liver morphology, bile duct, and cystic duct. When a doctor cut open the patient's rib region, he would see one out of 1,296 types of anatomy… 

While in reality, there were even more variations in the human body structure, so it was nearly an impossible mission for a doctor to master all.

At this time, performing scan inspections, analysis, and making corresponding solutions became very important.

Li Yuan looked at Ling Ran. 'He's so young... Although Ling Ran said he performed hundreds of hepatectomy, once I get rid of the additional numbers he must have added as an exaggeration, I wonder if he encountered this type of anatomy before…'

In a moment, Li Yuan even felt slightly regretful. He should not have listened completely to Xu Jinyi. Hepatectomy was still very risky for a young doctor like Ling Ran… 

When he was thinking, Ling Ran was seen working at the operating table, and he started to separate the liver. 

The spiral cystic duct at the front that formed an adhesion on the left side of hepatic duct obviously did not play its role as a hindrance to Ling Ran. 

Li Yuan furrowed his eyebrows in an unnoticeable manner before it was gone. 

Honestly, when Li Yuan first saw the scans, he was slightly troubled as well. Xu Jinyi's surgery was not easy, including this part. The cystic duct grew in a spiral shape, and it formed an adhesion to the upper part of the hepatic duct. Doctors knew that if these two parts were injured, it would be very troublesome.

If bile flowed into the abdominal cavity, then it was similar to the body digesting itself. If the inflammation was not handled well, it would cause the patient to die.

"I'm almost done. I'll start with the resection." Ling Ran did not stop at the cystic duct. He smoothly finished it off, then smoothly started to remove resection.

There was no ritual for the resection as well. Ling Ran just performed the incision once he drew a line for the incision and stated what he wanted to do. 

"How is this meticulous?" the assistant lecturer just now suddenly whispered, "He's totally disrespecting the malignant tumor!"