Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 671

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Kong Minghui sat before his office desk and fixed his gaze on the computer screen. Even though he looked like he was working, in reality, he was watching the footage of his department director, Xu Jinyi being operated on again and again.

All these years, everyone had been watching footages of Department Director Xu Jinyi operating on other people. There was an indescribable feeling of watching the footage of his department director being operated on.

Kong Minghui believed that other people must be doing the same thing, or at least something similar right now.

As all of Xu Jinyi's subordinates were general surgeons anyway, they did not need to ask around for information like other people. They merely needed to watch the footage of the surgery.

It was impossible for every single general surgeon in tertiary Grade A hospitals to know how to perform hepatectomy. After all, not all chefs in renowned restaurants were good at making stir-fried liver with aged distilled grain. Only a few doctors in Donghuang Regional Hospital were capable of carrying out hepatectomy. However, even though it was difficult to perform the procedure, one did not need to be skilled to understand what was going on during a hepatectomy. In Donghuang Regional Hospital, all the general surgeons, from associate chief physicians to junior resident doctors like Kong Minghui, did not need help from other people to completely understand everything that happened during Xu Jinyi's surgery.

Of course, every now and then, they had to pause the footage to figure out what was going on.


Kong Minghui pressed on the space bar and stopped the footage right at where the tumor was being separated from the rest of the liver by blunt force.

Ling Ran was very careful not to remove too much normal tissue. He only sliced off a slight amount of normal tissue around the tumor. If it were not for the fact that Ling Ran removed a little more normal tissue on the right side of the tumor, Kong Minghui would have thought that he had encountered some idiot who did not know how to perform hepatectomy. 

After looking at the pathology report of the tumor that had been removed and reading the original scans, Kong Minghui realized that Ling Ran had made a very accurate cut.

However, this was hard to tell if one were to watch the footage alone.

This was very hard to fathom. It was just like a person who was watching another person solve a mathematical equation. Everything might seem wrong as the other person was working on it, but in the end, the answer turned out to be correct.

If Kong Minghui were to make a judgment based on the footage, he would conclude that Ling Ran did not manage to remove all the cancerous cells. But he would not be able to point out what mistake Ling Ran made or present any evidence even after watching the footage and reading the relevant scans for a long time.

All evidence pointed to the fact that Ling Ran had cleared Xu Jinyi's liver off all the cancerous tumor. Besides, it was not rocket science that the surgery was a success. Department Director Xu Jinyi's hepatectomy was not a tough one. Of course, he would not go out of his way to hire a doctor who could not even clear his liver of all the cancerous cells.

Kong Minghui could not help but move his gaze to the window.

A group of sparrows stood on the electrical wires outside.

Kong Minghui gazed at them. Without being aware of it, he started counting the sparrows from left to right. 'Department Director Xu will be able to come back, he won't, he will, he won't...'


All the sparrows flew away.

"These fellas…" Kong Minghui could not help but laugh. He decided to stand up and stretch, only to see the associate chief physician who was sitting in front of him gazing at a pot of devil's ivy and muttering.

Kong Minghui had worked in the Ortholaryngology Department for three months and gained some redundant experience. He could finally put it to use right now. He slowly repeated after the associate chief physician, "Get shoulders, get lentils, rid the onions, go to the bar…[1]"


Xu Jinyi only got transferred to a normal ward after staying in the ICU for three days.

Over those three days, plenty of rumors circulated around Donghuang Regional Hospital. By the time visitors were allowed into Xu Jinyi's ward, all the doctors who went to visit him almost flooded the special care unit of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Beijing Medical University.

"There are too many people in the ward, and this is detrimental to the patient's recovery. Some of you have to leave first." The nurses working in the special care unit had no choice but to stop more doctors from going in.

The doctors who managed to enter the ward could hardly wait to express their care and concern toward Xu Jinyi.

"I'm okay. Do leave first."

Xue Haizhen who was sitting by the hospital bed tried her best to attend to the visitors. She spoke to them in a low voice before sending all of them away. Right now, she had no idea how to differentiate between those who were truly sincere and those who were just putting on an act. Hence, she had no choice but to assume that everyone was sincere.

Xu Jinyi's fourteen-year-old daughter sat by the hospital bed. She was holding her father's hand while trying her best to talk to the visitors on behalf of her father.

As more and more visitors entered the ward, Xu Jinyi's young daughter became increasingly impatient. She could not help but throw a tantrum. "The doctors said that there can't be more than three visitors at a time in the room. Why aren't you guys listening to them? The room is so crowded that we can barely move. What if my father gets an infection?"

"Alright, don't panic. I'll ask a few of them to leave." One of the department directors who was standing nearer to Xu Jinyi's hospital bed gestured at the other doctors. As expected, a few of them left the ward.

However, in the blink of an eye, a few more doctors came in.

The department director smiled and said in a hushed tone, "We'll be leaving very soon."

After he said that, he talked to Xue Haizhen for a while and exited the room.

Naturally, a doctor who was waiting outside entered the ward right after the department director left.

Xu Jinyi's young daughter pouted. She was almost in tears.

As Xu Jinyi listened to their conversation, he was amused and touched at the same time. But he did not really have the strength to talk, so he merely tapped the back of his daughter's hand gently. When he saw the sullen expression on his daughter's face, he felt a pang in his heart.

Xu Jinyi managed to rise above his birth by studying hard. While children his age in the village had fun roaming the mountains, he preferred to study and spent most of his time in the school in his village. While teenagers his age in the village got married and had children early, Xu Jinyi headed to a county to enroll in a high school and managed to score a place in a university. While adults his age in the village had fun roaming the mountains with their kids whose faces were covered in snot, Xu Jinyi obtained a PhD. While parents his age in the village asked him for help because their children did not pass their examinations and could not enter junior high school, Xu Jinyi had already attained an admirable career and learned from many great teachers.

In the end, Xu Jinyi was only blessed with a child by the time the sons of people his age in the village had already started working. Naturally, he loved this daughter of his very much.

If Xu Jinyi had the strength to do so, he would have jumped up in this very moment and yelled, "Everyone, get the heck out of here!"

"Everyone, get out." An extremely authoritative voice rang out from the doorway.

The doctors around Xu Jinyi's hospital bed paid no heed to the voice and continued talking as part of their obligation. However, all the doctors outside the door could not help but step back. And this time, no more doctors entered the room.

"Everyone, get out." Ling Ran went to the center of the room and repeated.

Zuo Cidian and Zhang Anmin stood on both sides of Ling Ran and each dragged the other doctors out of the ward. They kept repeating, "Visiting hours are over. Please leave. Stop standing here, everyone, please get out of the room…"

"Can you leave the room too?" This time, Ling Ran was speaking to Xu Jinyi's family members who were crowding around the hospital bed.

Xu Jinyi's young daughter rose and blinked as she gazed at Ling Ran. She continued to fix her gaze on Ling Ran as she willingly left the ward.

At that very moment, Ling Ran was a dazzling existence, almost like a prince charming.

"Department Director Xu, I'll perform a physical examination on you." As Ling Ran spoke, he had already turned and got started.

"Okay," Xu Jinyi said and lay down, allowing Ling Ran to perform a physical examination on him. He asked in a low voice, "How's my condition right now?"

"There's no problem. You just need to rest well." What Ling Ran had just said was something that patients often hear from surgeons.

Xu Jinyi could not help but laugh out loud. "I would like to look at my test reports.

Ling Ran stood up and asked, "Why would you want to look at your test reports?"

"I'm a doctor, after all, so I just want to take a look at my own test reports…"

"No," Ling Ran replied and left the room.

Xu Jinyi coughed a few times and said anxiously, "I know my own body the best, so I want to take a look at my test reports."

"Department Director Xu," Zhang Anmin said in a low voice, "Doctor Ling is not here anymore."

Xu Jinyi's lips trembled as he gazed at Zhang Anmin.

Zhang Anmin said, "You want me to call Doctor Ling to come back here? Doctor Ling is not one to change his mind. Since he said no, there's no way that you can convince him otherwise."

Xu Jinyi's lips continued trembling.

Zhang Anmin glanced at the monitor, and then at the IV stand. He furrowed his eyebrows and said, "Doctor Xu, don't panic. We know that you want to look at your test reports, but there's actually no need for it."

Xu Jinyi continued fixing his gaze on Zhang Anmin's face, and his lips were still trembling.

Zhang Anmin bent down and moved closer to Xu Jinyi so that he could hear what Xu Jinyi was saying.

Xu Jinyi finally opened his mouth and asked, "Who are you?"