Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 672

674 Waiting

Xu Jinyi's condition improved with each day. After only a few days, Xu Jinyi boarded a plane and headed to Anderson Cancer Center in the United States.

And on the day he left, Ling Ran managed to complete the [Relieve Patient's Pain] mission as he worked in Donghuang Regional Hospital's Emergency Department.

[Mission Completed: Relieve Patient's Pain]

[Mission Aim: Relieve the pain of 100 patients]

[Mission Reward: Two hours of the Virtual Human]

Now that he had completed his mission and obtained his reward, Ling Ran nodded at the patient before him and asked, "Do you want to bring the fishbone home?"

There was a sharp fishbone on the tray in front of him. It was sparkling beneath the spotlight.

"Do I get to bring it home? I'll do that, then." The middle-aged man sitting in front of Ling Ran gritted his teeth. "I want it to suffer for three days too!"

After he said this, the middle-aged man took out a tissue from his pocket and carefully wrapped the fishbone inside. He then put it back into his pocket.

"The fishbone is sharp," a kind-hearted young nurse reminded him.

"No sh*t." The middle-aged man smiled and left. He suddenly yelped after taking a few steps.

He turned.

The nurse looked calmly at him.

The middle-aged man took another step forward. His face was contorted. However, by the time a person was middle-aged, they cared about their reputation a lot. They would not admit defeat even though they were in pain.

The nurse raised her chin a little, and her face was contorted too. It was tough working in the hospital, and no one wanted their patient to lodge a complaint to the Medical Affairs Department.

The middle-aged man turned, reached his hand into his pocket, and took out the fishbone wrapped in tissue. He was a good man.

The young nurse lowered her head and stroked her hair. She suppressed her laughter. It was another good day.


As Ling Ran sent away the other party with his gaze, he covered his mouth with his hand and yawned.

Ling Ran could not help but feel emotional. Ever since he received the mission, he had carried out a few hundred surgeries. However, up until now, he had only managed to relieve one hundred patients' pain. Moreover, half of them were patients he treated in the emergency room.

Even though many of the patients were still recovering and it would take quite a long time until they would be relieved from pain, the large number of patients he treated and their slow progress in recovery made Ling Ran rather alarmed.

"Doctor Ling, should I call the next patient in?" The makeup on the face of the young nurse working in the Emergency Department of Donghuang Regional Hospital was immaculate, and she flashed a beautiful smile at Ling Ran.

Ling Ran shook his head. "There's no need for this. I'll take a rest today."

As he spoke, he paid no heed to his surroundings and left the emergency room.

Zuo Cidian, who was accompanying Ling Ran, immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

They did not get extra freelance surgery fees by working in the Emergency Department. Hence, it was very meaningless for him to help out in the emergency room. Of course, it was always good to put in some practice. However, all the patients in the emergency room merely suffered from minor ailments, and Zuo Cidian was really getting impatient. In Yun Hua Hospital, these patients existed so that housemen and medical interns could put in some practice, and a doctor would never get far in life courtesy of working in the emergency room.

Zuo Cidian gazed at the ceiling. Now that his boss was qualified to carry out freelance surgery in Beijing, as an underling, he should probably aim high too. He would at least like to buy a house located near a school before he retired. His son would have grown up by then, but he could let his grandson live in that sort of house, and Zuo Cidian would feel like he had achieved something in life.

Zuo Cidian lowered his gaze and stared at Ling Ran's back. A few seconds later, he tottered after Ling Ran.

Since his boss was still young, he definitely should not follow too closely behind him. Zuo Cidian reckoned that it was more polite to walk a few steps behind Ling Ran. This way, Ling Ran would not get easily annoyed by him either.

"Doctor Ling, where are we going? Should I call a cab?" Zuo Cidian maintained a short distance away from Ling Ran.

"Let's just saunter around." Ling Ran was walking at a leisurely pace.

Zuo Cidian froze for a moment. Coming from Ling Ran, the word "saunter" sounded somehow ironic.

"Has the patient just now offended you?" Zuo Cidian asked probingly.

"No." Ling Ran shook his head.

"Then… why are we sauntering around?"

"Because I don't feel like operating on patients anymore today." Ling Ran shrugged a few times to loosen his muscles and massaged his shoulder for a while using the massage manipulation method he mastered. He suddenly had an idea and said, "I'll ask Dong Sheng what he's doing today. If he's free, let's go and look for him."

"Sure." Zuo Cidian agreed. He then turned and called the department director of the Medical Affairs Department who he just got to know to ask for a car.

Right after this, Zuo Cidian sent a WeChat message to Dong Sheng and asked for his address. They then decided on a time to meet up.

An hour later, Ling Ran sat comfortably under a towering banyan tree while Dong Sheng the young novice monk earnestly massaged his shoulders and neck...

Ling Ran was the one who taught Dong Sheng how to massage. Compared to Juan Zi who worked in Lower Groove Clinic, even though both of them were taught the same thing, Dong Sheng was much better at it. The old ladies in Lower Groove generally said that Dong Sheng was more skilled and how they did not want to die from how hard Juan Zi clutched their necks.

Unlike in the beginning, Ling Ran had been teaching Dong Sheng the more difficult techniques.

At that moment, even though Ling Ran was merely sitting down, he could feel the muscles in his shoulders and neck slowly loosening.

"You rank somewhere in the middle among those who possess Specialist Level Cervical Spine Manipulation." Ling Ran commented like it was the most natural thing in the world to do.

"Special liver?" Dong Sheng was baffled.

Ling Ran did not bother explaining. He asked with a smile, "How's life in the Institute of Buddhist Studies?" 

"It's very fun. The masters are really friendly." The young novice monk smiled as he spoke and continued, "Everyone really likes it when I massage them too."

"Huh? Do you massage your masters too?" Zuo Cidian seemed a little surprised.

Dong Sheng nodded like what he did was the most natural thing in the world to do. "Of course. Back when I was at the temple, I often massaged my master too. Out of all the masters in the Institute of Buddhist Studies, I like Master Li and his friends the most."


"Because Master Li and his friends smell just like my master."

This was when Dong Sheng started talking about his daily life. He emphasized on certain things. "When I first got to the institute, I was very worried. However, I felt at ease after I caught my master's aroma. After that, I started smelling the masters one by one. There are quite a few of them who smell like my master, so I feel like my master is right beside me all the time…"

When Zuo Cidian heard this, he started thinking about how he should buy some Mayinglong shares.

After Dong Sheng massaged Ling Ran and Zuo Cidian, he led both of them on a temple tour.

Even though all of the buildings looked very ordinary, it was a change in environment for the two doctors who had been burying their heads in the operating theater ever since they arrived in Beijing. 

This was especially true for Zuo Cidian who was feeling refreshed. He could not help but say, "This is how a work trip should be like, looking at temples and burning some joss sticks while inhaling fresh air."

Ling Ran nodded too. "The environment of the hospital is a little lackluster indeed."

"I know, right? People would get sick if they stay in the hospital all the time. It's really time for a rest." As Zuo Cidian spoke, he got excited and said, "Doctor Ling, have you been to the Great Wall of China before? He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man…"

Ling Ran thought about it for a moment and said, "Let's go, then."

"Huh? Are we really going?" Zuo Cidian was super astonished. "I thought that you will find it a waste of time…"

"The Emergency Department of Donghuang Regional Hospital doesn't look like they need me very much anyway." Ling Ran pouted. He would like to reorganize Donghuang Regional Hospital, but it would not be possible without help.

As Ling Ran was thinking about this, a new mission notification popped into his field of vision.

[Mission: Train a Rookie]

[Mission aim: Increase the skill level of a doctor.]

[Mission Reward: Intermediate Treasure Chest]