Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 673

675 Echo

Ling Ran sized Zuo Cidian up.

The mission from the system was called "train a rookie". But based on logic, was Zuo Cidian considered a rookie?

Ling Ran reckoned that a medical student who was kept in the storeroom for twenty years was not really considered too old.

After all, being a doctor was not too physically taxing. A person just had to stand for ten hours straight without collapsing, run around for the better part of the day without feeling tired, skip two meals without complaining, stay in the hospital for forty hours without throwing a tantrum to become a qualified doctor. And Zuo Cidian had proved himself worthy by putting on a good performance all the while. Even if you were to compare him to a car that had been kept in the storeroom for a long time, he would be a car that was still in good condition. 

But Ling Ran would need to think long and hard about which skill of Zuo Cidian's to elevate.

He immediately discounted the possibility of elevating a Specialist Level skill of Zuo Cidian's to Master Level. Even though Ling Ran had been performing cholecystectomy for quite some time and possessed plenty of abdominal anatomical dissection experience, he had not reached Master Level Cholecystectomy yet. Thus, it could be concluded that to fill in the gap between Specialist Level and Master Level with experience, one would need to perform many cases of surgery.

Not only that, but that person might also have to be the chief surgeon in those surgeries.

In comparison, it was easier to elevate one's skills from Novice Level to Specialist Level.

Ling Ran gazed at Zuo Cidian and pondered if he should train Zuo Cidian in suturing. But the practice would take quite some time.

As for finger replantation surgery, it was too physically taxing. Not to Ling Ran, but to Zuo Cidian who was already more than forty years old. He would not be able to endure carrying out a finger replantation surgery for seven or eight hours straight. It was a shame, as there were plenty of patients who require finger replantation surgery.

Ling Ran did not even consider hepatectomy and orchiectomy, and these were very complicated surgeries. With Zuo Cidian's comprehension, he might not be able to elevate these skills even if Ling Ran were to try for a few years.

Truth be told, Zuo Cidian's comprehension was a huge problem. Even though he had high emotional intelligence and was extremely good at dealing with other people, he lacked comprehension skills when it came to medicine-related matters. Even if Ling Ran were to guide him step by step, he probably would not improve speedily.

This was the reason why one should learn some skills when he was young.

"Let's go to the Great Wall of China." Ling Ran decided not to put much thought into it. After all, elevating a doctor's skill was not something that could be rushed. He did not necessarily have to elevate Zuo Cidian's skill either. There were many doctors in his treatment group, and there were also many other colleagues in the Emergency Department of Yun Hua Hospital. There were also many doctors in other departments. He could also try doing it to the doctor in Lower Groove Clinic.

Zuo Cidian was not aware that Ling Ran was considering making a decision that could change his life. He arranged for a car to fetch them and prepared some snacks with ease. He also kindly helped Dong Sheng write a letter to ask for a day off. Since Dong Sheng had never written anything like this before, he naturally was not as familiar with the format as Zuo Cidian. He was also not as good at lying.

The inside and outside of the Great Wall of China were full of people.

After the car ride, Ling Ran was a little lazy to climb the Great Wall of China. He forced himself to go up a fleet of stairs and looked up from there. He saw a lot of people walking up the Great Wall of China, just like a colony of ants.

Zuo Cidian suddenly felt extremely poetic. "The northern sight, all the land is under ice…"

At that very moment, they saw that the fleet of tourists in front of them suddenly moved quicker. As these tourists moved, they seemed like they were getting into formation. Sometimes, they formed the number "4", and sometimes, they formed the number "0".

Ling Ran suddenly thought of something. "Since there are so many tourists at the Great Wall of China every day, many people must be getting injured."

"Of course." Zuo Cidian was very experienced in this. "With so many people, it's easy for these tourists to crash into one another or trip on one another. Besides, people who are on vacation might not be used to the food and weather here, so it's normal for them to have diarrhea or catch a cold."

When Dong Sheng heard this, he could not help but bring his palms together and say, "Amitabha."

Meanwhile, Ling Ran nodded slowly and hummed in acknowledgment. "Why don't we do this? You guys go ahead if you feel like climbing the Great Wall of China. I'll go and take a look at the infirmary…"

"Doctor Ling." Zuo Cidian immediately grabbed Ling Ran's hand and said, "It's not easy for us to get to have some fun, so why don't you just get some rest? The air here is fresh too, and it's good for your lungs. There's no need to be in a rush to treat patients. Their infirmary has their own doctors too."

"I know. I'm helping you out," Ling Ran said.

"What?" Zuo Cidian was puzzled.

Dong Sheng was even more bewildered. He glanced at Ling Ran, and then at Zuo Cidian. "Doctor Zuo, are you getting sick?"

As he spoke, he whipped out a tube of Mayinglong ointment from his pocket and asked, "Do you need this?"

Zuo Cidian quickly shook his head. "No, I'm okay…"

Both of them turned to look at Ling Ran in unison.

"I'm taking a look to see if there are patients with any ailments that are suitable for you to treat so that you get to put in some practice," Ling Ran said.

Zu Cidian coughed a few times and said with a smile, "Someone who doesn't know you might think that you are looking for a certain kind of patient so that you can teach me a certain skill."

Ling Ran could not help but raise his chin and look at Zuo Cidian. He affirmed what Zuo Cidian just said. "This is exactly what it is."

Zuo Cidian froze for a moment. "Then, why didn't we just stay in the emergency room?"

"There's a lot of doctors and patients in the emergency room, and you might not get your chance." Ling Ran paused for a moment and continued, "I feel that it would be more effective to teach you one on one."

"Of course, certainly…" Zuo Cidian finally understood what was going on. Ling Ran was about to give him a private lesson.

When Zuo Cidian thought of this, he was no longer in the mood to have fun either. He raised his head and looked at the tourists before him with an anticipatory gaze.

The long fleet of tourists moved forward slowly, quietly, and safely.

"These stairs are really steep. It's easy for people to fall."

"Do you think that there would be girls jumping down the Great Wall of China during an argument with their boyfriends?"

"There isn't even anyone with a stomach ache?" Zuo Cidian muttered. As he said this, he suddenly realized something. 'Why would I want there to be a patient with a stomach ache? Doctor Ling is not an internist.'

In the blink of an eye, Zuo Cidian shook his head. 'There might be something wrong with the liver or intestines of patients with a stomach ache… Hmm... it would be better if their liver is the faulty one, as Doctor Ling doesn't really deal with intestines…'

Dong Sheng gazed at Zuo Cidian's expression, and he felt like he was looking at a kind monk who cared a lot about the welfare of other people. He could not help but ask, "Doctor Zuo, are you very worried about the tourists?"

"Hmm… I'm pretty worried." Zuo Cidian nodded a little.

Right then, a young woman in front of them, who was standing on a crenel, suddenly yelled.

Immediately after that, the young women swayed and fell down.

"There's someone!" Zuo Cidian slapped his thigh and fixed his gaze on the young woman as he muttered, "There's a high possibility that it's a Colles' fracture."

"Colles?" Dong Sheng did not understand what was going on. "Do you know her?"

"Colles' fracture." Zuo Cidian took a deep breath, and he seemed relieved. He then looked at Ling Ran. "Doctor Ling, does this mean that I get to learn how to become an orthopedist?"

Ling Ran nodded. "Go ahead and take a look at what's going on."

Zuo Cidian immediately squeezed through the crowd. He started imagining a beautiful future for himself. A rich, middle-aged orthopedist who had a car and a house. He would get to travel in business class coaches and stay in five-star hotels. He would also get to drink Maotai and eat pork trotters whenever he wanted to. He would be able to afford a driver, a babysitter, and a cook. He would also have a beautiful girlfriend and make his ex-wife regret her decision to leave him.