Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 674

676 Giddy Up

The young woman who fell from a crenel while she was taking a selfie was lying face down on the ground. Tears were rolling down her face from the pain.

At the same time, the crowd around them could not help but whip out their phones to take a picture of the young woman. Some even included her inside their selfies.

The young woman and her friend were powerless to stop those people. Moreover, the sun was scorching. They had no choice but to block the sunlight from shining on their faces with one hand. They also did this so that their faces would not appear in the photographs the crowd took and so that they would not need to look at those people. As the saying went, "Out of sight, out of mind."

A middle-aged woman forcefully forced herself through the crowd of younger women. She raised her phone and took a close shot of the young woman on the ground. She then took a few selfies of herself with the young woman as the background. She also offered a few kind words of advice. "Young lady, you can't just ignore your safety while taking pictures. What you just did was so dangerous. I'll take a video of you as a warning for my family members…"

The young woman was unwilling, but she had no choice. The wild beasts in Badaling Wildlife Park were not in the mood to be photographed too, but in the end, even the fiercest ones were included in documentaries.

This was when Zuo Cidian squeezed himself into the crowd as he panted. "Where's the person who got injured? Can everyone else please move aside? Don't be in the way."

The crowd slowly moved aside, forming a small slit for Zuo Cidian to walk toward the young woman.

If it was not for the fact that Zuo Cidian's wrinkled and dark face was the first thing that the young woman saw, she might have fallen in love on the spot.

"I'm a doctor and saw you falling from the crenel just now. I'll examine your injury." Zuo Cidian panted as he introduced himself. He then shifted his gaze from the young woman's face to the fractured area.

Zuo Cidian had seen a lot of patients with Colles' fracture in the emergency room, and he had never paid enough attention to it. After all, it was the most common type of fracture, and Zuo Cidian believed that he could treat someone with Colles' fracture too if he were to set his mind to it.

However, things were different in a tourist attraction. It was tremendously rare to encounter someone with Colles' fracture at a tourist attraction. Perhaps it was not actually that rare, but Zuo Cidian was very glad about it. Ling Ran would be personally teaching him how to treat Colles' fracture!

The young woman snorted through her nose and said, "I think that my hand is injured."

"Yup, you're right." Zuo Cidian kneeled on one leg and observed the injured area. He then said, "I'll perform a basic examination on you. My teacher's coming soon. Do wait for a while."

The young woman had no choice but to let Zuo Cidian do whatever he wanted to as she was in pain.

Zuo Cidian also examined the young woman's other body parts while he was at it. He breathed an internal sigh of relief when he saw that there were only scratches. As he saw the young woman fall from afar, he could not tell if the fall resulted in some strange bone fracture.

Ling Ran only sauntered over after a while. He seemed well-prepared as usual as he looked at Zuo Cidian.

"She suffers from Colles' fracture in her left arm." Zuo Cidian could tell what Ling Ran was about to ask just by looking at Ling Ran's expression.

Ling Ran lowered his head a little and said, "I'll carry out a physical examination for you first."

As Ling Ran was a meticulous person, he was not like these doctors who merely treated the patients' chief complaint. Since he possessed Master Level Physical Examination, of course, he had to put it to use. As they were in the middle of nowhere, if he did not perform a thorough physical examination, he would not know what was going on if there were complications.

The young woman's friend fixed his gaze on Ling Ran for a few seconds. She was too shy to talk to Ling Ran, so she widened her eyes and asked Zuo Cidian, "Didn't you mention that your teacher is coming?"

"Yes." Zuo Cidian looked at Ling Ran and said with a firm gaze, "This is my teacher."

"How could a teacher be so young?" The young woman's friend snorted through her nose and took the opportunity to stare at Ling Ran.

Zuo Cidian smiled. He did not feel the need to explain.

Truth be told, the young woman and her friend did not really need an explanation either.

The young woman's friend paid no heed to Zuo Cidian as she tried to make Ling Ran speak.

"Did you guys see Young Qiu fall over there at the bottom of the fleet of stairs? How did you guys know that she was injured?

"Which hospital are you guys from?

"Why are you guys doing nothing but examining her? If something's wrong, why don't we ask some people to help carry her down…"

This was when Zuo Cidian glanced at the other party and said, "Only her arm is injured. Why would she need to be carried down?"

The young woman's friend froze for a moment. "But she's injured…"

"She's able to walk down even though she's injured. Don't worry." Zuo Cidian looked around as he spoke. "Please move aside, everyone. Don't you guys get bored of watching the same thing for so long?"

One of the people in the crowd said nonchalantly, "If we were busy, why would we visit the Great Wall of China?"

Zuo Cidian thought about this sentence for a while and concluded that the person was not mentally ill.

The crowds who were gathered around the injured young woman and the doctors became even more at ease.

At the same time, they gazed at the majestic Great Wall of China that had more than one thousand years of history.

While the doctors inside the circle examined the young woman and fixed her arm, the area was bustling with noise. The middle-aged woman kept asking the young woman if she was okay after the middle-aged woman sent the photo to her Circle of Friends, and she could not finish replying to all of them. At the same time, she could also post what had happened on her timeline to let everyone know that she was climbing the Great Wall of China.

The injured young woman slowly calmed down too. The crowd was probably almost done taking her photographs. Even though everyone's cell phone camera was still directed at her, from the smiles on their faces as well as their hand movements, the young woman could tell that the photographs they took previously had already brought about the desired effects and that they did not need to take more photographs...

Unless they wanted to take photographs of Ling Ran.

"Old Zuo, we're performing a manual reduction." After Ling Ran was done examining the young woman, he informed Zuo Cidian about what he was about to do. He then grabbed the young woman's thumb and thenar eminence with one hand and her middle finger and index finger with another hand. He then exerted continuous force.

Zuo Cidian immediately went forward to help out.

When Ling Ran treated patients with Colles' fracture in the hospital, he mainly performed manual reduction too. Zuo Cidian had actually seen Ling Ran doing it quite a few times, but he had never really watched it close-up like today.

He never thought that he would have the opportunity to treat a fracture, let alone polish his skills in this field.

"Ow…" the young woman cried out.

Zuo Cidian's forehead immediately broke out in a sweat. He immediately looked over and saw that the injured young woman was gazing at Ling Ran with teary eyes.

"You." Zuo Cidian was infuriated. "Don't lie."

"I… I wasn't lying," the young woman refuted.

Zuo Cidian was not about to get into a debate with her. He paid no heed to her as he said, "You can scream a little more miserably than what you're feeling when you're actually in pain, and no one's going to blame you even if you cry a little. But never ever yell out in pain when you're not feeling pain, as this might cause us to make wrong judgments. Do you understand?"

The young woman hummed softly in acknowledgment as a reply.

Zuo Cidian gestured at Ling Ran. "Doctor Ling, let's get started."

"Okay," Ling Ran said, "It might hurt a little. Old Zuo, pay attention to the direction whereby I exert force…"

The young woman froze for a moment and asked carefully, "How painful is it?"

"Like… this…" As Ling Ran spoke, he exerted force with both hands...

"Ah!" The young woman let out a loud scream.

"Ah, ah, ah…"

There was an echo from the mountains.

"Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah…"

The people in the crowd found it fun, and they started screaming too.

More echoes rang out from the mountains...

When Zuo Cidian finished bandaging the young woman's arm, he realized that the Great Wall of China was full of echoes. He could not help but start screaming too. He was growling so loudly that it was as if he was getting rid of every last bit of resentment in his heart.

The injured young woman who was sitting on the ground looked up and realized that including those who were crowded around her earlier, almost everyone climbing the Great Wall of China was leaning on the crenels and screaming at the mountains. The young woman was at a loss for what to do. 'Have they gotten bored of my tragedy?'