Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 675

677 Willing

"Doctor Ling, Doctor Zuo, you're here." Dong Sheng rested in the watchtower. When he saw that Zuo Cidian and Ling Ran had returned, he quickly stood up.

"Young monk, why didn't you go up there together? Since you stay in the temple, you always hike, right? You should be able to climb up, right?" Zuo Cidian was halfway through setting a Colles' fracture, so he felt so amazing about it that he talked really fast. 

"Doctor Zuo, you can just call me Dong Sheng." Dong Sheng smiled faintly before he explained, "Because I always hike, so I knew that while the place you went to seemed near, it's actually quite far for hiking. Since I'm not a doctor, I just waited for you here."

Zuo Cidian was stunned when he heard this, then he subconsciously touched his legs. 'That's right, this is the natural trembling that comes because I'm too tired. This is the feeling of fatigue…'

"You… why didn't tell us?" Zuo Cidian's excitement and arrogance of going up and down the Great Wall slowly faded away, and pain, as well as soreness, attacked him. He felt that he might not be able to stand on steady feet, so he placed his hand on a brick that had [Love <3] carved into it to support himself, and he shouted in pain, "Ah, my old legs, my old hips, my knees…"

"You're really old, huh?" Somewhere not far behind him, the girl who got injured walked down with her companions supporting her by her arms. She looked at Zuo Cidian and shouted in surprise. 

"What do you mean by 'really old'?" Zuo Cidian was stunned. Then, he showed a smile on his face. "You girls still think I actually look pretty young, right?"

The girl's companion shook her head. "What we think is that since Doctor Ling is so young, it's impossible for him to teach an old guy medical skills and make you call him teacher behind him. If you're really older, it's very annoying…" 

Zuo Cidian's smile slowly froze, as if it had been stuck on him using glue that would last for one thousand years before it was buried under the Great Wall.

"Don't say that." The girl who was injured tugged her companions' hands, then she said to Zuo Cidian, "Doctor Zuo, thank you very much just now. We're just spewing nonsense, so don't keep it in mind. You actually don't look so old, at most… at most… at most… you look like you're only forty-five at most."

The multiple at mosts made it clear that she had already reduced what she thought was his age a few times, and the figure she gave was after she pocketed her conscience, ignored the facts, and reduced some numbers out of sympathy. 

Zuo Cidian who realized this point looked even more solemn. "I'm forty-three years old this year."

Two girls were stunned.

The girl who was injured said in a dumbfounded manner. "Daniel Wu is forty-four years old."

Zuo Cidian stared at her for a few seconds before he laughed out loud. "Thank you for comparing me with Daniel Wu."

"You're welcome." The girl who was injured behaved dumbly and nodded her head stupidly.

Zuo Cidian turned around, wiped his eyes, and talked to Dong Sheng, "Little monk, we'll go down now."

"Okay. Doctor Zuo, you can just call me Dong Sheng."

"I know, why do you keep talking about this? Forget it, I'll go on my own…" Zuo Cidian walked to the front and walked increasingly faster. 

Five minutes later, Little Monk Dong Sheng, who was walking at a normal speed, curiously asked Zuo Cidian whose hands were against the wall crenel, "Doctor Zuo, why aren't you moving ?"

"I'm… enjoying the scenery…" Zuo Cidian said as he trembled slightly like he was impressed with the beautiful scenery in front of him.  for visiting.

"Oh," Dong Sheng obediently answered, "Then, you must be more careful, there's a lot of poop in the lookout tower at the back." 

Zuo Cidian was stunned. It was no wonder why there were so many tourists behind him, and all of them covered their faces as they left. Only those who put their hands on their belly would stay and plunge themselves into the lower level of the lookout tower at the back… 


Zuo Cidian was slightly reluctant to send the girl who was injured to the health service division of this tourist spot. It was impossible that there would just be one broken arm in such a big tourist spot.

Naturally, Zuo Cidian was unable to hike the Great Wall. He was not a tourist who came out for travel. He was a new resident doctor who was forty-three years old, a middle-aged man, needed to work for twenty-five hours, was so tired every day that he even doubted his life, but still could not go home because of new patients in the emergency room and had no one waiting for him at home, no warm dishes, no one to care about him even if he did not go home, no skills, wanted to learn skills but had limited talent, and had been working for twenty years.

Now, Zuo Cidian could not even guarantee that when he was back in the hospital later, he would still get a chance to practice. Therefore, he wanted to wait for a few more patients to come over when Ling Ran was still in a good mood.

Zuo Cidian squatted at the entrance of the health service division in the tourist spot, and he kept waiting and waiting… 

Finally, finally… When the day almost came to an end, a man carried a woman on his back and walked very slowly, step by step, toward Zuo Cidian.

Zuo Cidian immediately stood up. The man carried the woman on the left side, meaning that her right leg or right arm could be in pain. The man carried the woman by her knees, meaning that there might not be any problem with the woman's legs, and the woman's left arm was around the man's neck. So, this was a shred of indirect evidence to verify his assumption from before. The woman's body was also slightly trembling, and it was probably because of the pain due to the tremors… 

From Zuo Cidian's place, the woman's right arm could not be seen, meaning that her right arm might be injured.

Zuo Cidian decided to walk forward to welcome them. He first quickly went back to the infirmary and asked for a wheelchair, opened it, and pushed it forward quickly.

If there was anything that could be considered an advantage about Zuo Cidian, his inborn talent would be his ability to be able to utilize all equipment from another infirmary, including borrowing every instrument such as well the wheelchair, by just staying half a day over there. 

Zuo Cidian showed a smile on his face while he walked closer to the man who carried the woman on his back.

That man was big and tall. It was not obvious when Zuo Cidian looked at him from afar, but when he observed him closely, he found that his thighs were wider than a normal person's waist. Zuo Cidian's bloated tummy might be wider than his thigh's diameter, but it still made him feel a little fearful. 

If a strong guy like this caused a medical dispute, he could not be held back with normal arms and legs.

When he looked at him even more carefully, Zuo Cidian felt slight sympathy toward him. This strong man was starting to have his legs shake, but the injury of the woman on his back still remained unknown. If he carried the woman all the way from the watchtower, it would be extremely exhausting.

Zuo Cidian thought as he pushed the wheelchair forward. At this time, as the wind blew, some weird sounds were heard.

"Giddy-up, giddy-up…"

When Zuo Cidian recognized the sound, and his gaze became trained on the man's back.

That woman who was on the man's back was not a woman with an injured arm. She obviously had her back straightened and was riding on a big horse.

She was seen holding the man's neck with her left hand while she put her center of balance to the left as she swung her right arm in the air. She moved her body forward and backward constantly while she patted the man's waist. Her body was moving up and down, while she kept acting out her own drama. "Giddy-up… giddy-up..."

The man raised his neck from time to time like a dying draught horse. He did not imitate the part of the horse well, but he could act the dying part very well. 

As both parties got closer, those giddy-ups were getting clearer.

The man whose legs were as wide as a person's waist looked at Zuo Cidian. "What! Are! You! Looking! At?!"

His eyes were filled with embarrassment, anger, and a desire to kill to make them shut up… 

That woman also raised her arm, as if she would swing it down at any moment and shout another giddy-up again… 

Zuo Cidian lowered his head and looked at his trembling legs. Then, he looked at the wheelchair in front of him. Slowly, very slowly, he turned the wheelchair around, and he slowly, slowly sat on it.

Then, Zuo Cidian moved the wheels with his hand and pushed himself away to leave the spot as fast as possible. 

Since someone had actually sat down in the old wheelchair from the infirmary that carried Zuo Cidian, it made a screech like an old bike that had been kept in a garage for twenty years and was trying to avoid being chased down by a motorbike. 



The wheelchair made a turn on the small floor and looked very happy.

Only when another giddy-up was heard as the wind blew did the wheelchair tremble like its actual age.