Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 678

680 Pure

The water vapor from the rainy day made the Emergency Medical Center's floor-to-ceiling windows at Yun Hua Hospital wet and foggy.

The big white goose at the fountain honked as it excitedly swam in the pool for two rounds, then went to see its own food bowl. After confirming that it was not polluted, it assuredly went to play.

A few silly children stood under the eaves and stared at the big white goose. They wanted to go out and tease it, but they were held back tightly by their families.

On the other side of the room, a large group of medical staff was also staring out the window.

Finally, a Rolls-Royce Phantom stopped at the door.

"Doctor Ling is back!"

Everyone became excited.

When the signature Rolls-Royce Phantom opened the opposite way, Ling Ran and a smiling Tian Qi came out of the car. 

Tian Qi was in a very good mood. She had just returned from her family-owned pearl farm in Tahiti and found out about Ling Ran's return to Yun Hua. She instantly felt that it was destiny. 

Ling Ran's mood was also good. The Rolls-Royce Phantom was very comfortable to sit in. He felt very comfortable during the journey from the airport to the hospital. On the other hand, the thought that there would be countless hospital beds in the hospital waiting for himself gave Ling Ran infinite motivation.

"Doctor Ling, you are finally back." Since Wang Jia was young, she happily went up and welcomed him, disregarding whether the head nurse was nearby.

"I'm back." Ling Ran stood and smiled in one smooth procedure. He used to do the same thing in the past when school reopened.

Zuo Cidian and Zhang Anmin followed from behind and smiled. "Young Wang, when we left. you guys should have had ample of good rest. Did you have a two-day weekend?"

"A two-day weekend, hah! I think I was even busier than Doctor Ling." Wang Jia shook her head wildly. "Today I had to study one thing, the next day, I had to study something else, and some doctors were slow in performing surgery... and the department's bonuses were also lesser..."

Zuo Cidian guiltily looked behind Wang Jia and laughed in embarrassment. "You actually had the courage to say it…?"

"There's nothing that I don't dare to say. If you want to listen to some sweet words, at least be like Doctor Ling who would give everyone more bonuses." Wang Jia raised her voice a little, and indeed, there were no doctors who would come forth and make a joke of this. 

Most of the attendees were first-string attending physicians and resident doctors, as well as housemen and interns who were not factored into the headcount. If they compared themselves with Ling Ran, they would definitely not be confident enough. 

Moreover, this month, when Ling Ran was not around, not only were the nurses' bonuses reduced, the doctor's bonuses were also reduced. The recurring cycle of more than one hundred beds being empty was not something just a few emergency physicians with only one or two specialized skills could fill. Even if they were Emergency Medical Center's assistant lecturers or lecturers, none of them dared to take up the challenge of performing four surgeries every day. In fact, at this point, even if they performed just one surgery per day, they might not even be able to gather enough patients for them to perform one surgery per day. 

At least, the supply of common diseases in the Emergency Department would never be as much as the other departments. 

"Now that Doctor Ling is back, everyone's bonus can return to normal." Zuo Cidian laughed out loud and brushed through the topic.

Huo Congjun took the opportunity to come forth. "Today, let's dine together. We can celebrate the smooth return of our Doctor Ling Ran from Beijing. We'll also celebrate Doctor Ling Ran's achievement in completing many surgeries for elderly patients with liver cancer in Beijing. Thirdly… hmm... thirdly, it's to celebrate... oh, that's it."

"Are we going to the Shao family's restaurant?" Zuo Cidian's eyes lit up.

"The Shao family's restaurant has no place to accommodate so many people." Huo Congjun was a little hesitant.

At this time, Doctor Zhou came out from the inside as he rubbed his sleepy eyes and said, "Boss Shao is in the hospital over the past few days."

"What happened to Boss Shao?" Ling Ran was very concerned.

"Routine check-up." Doctor Zhou spread his arms and said, "The major check-up for Boss Shao always takes at least three days."

"If everyone checked their body like Boss Shao, how much would our workload be reduced?" A doctor next to him laughed.

"Didn't you just say the workload was too small?" Huo Congjun was not so good-tempered to other doctors. He would most probably lecture and educate them like how other parents would care for their children: by relentlessly scolding them!

The doctor who was just laughing immediately swallowed his words and became obedient like a kitten.

"Let's go to Prosperous Fountain Restaurant." Huo Congjun quickly made a decision.

The medical staff immediately applauded for Department Director Huo.

"It's bright and spacious!"

"I want to eat shrimp, the kind that even one palm would not be enough to carry it."

"We'll be using up a lot of money, then."

Everyone actually just wanted to join in for fun. If it were to be a few years ago, the department would not be able to get together all the people, because the hospital was too busy back then.

Nowadays, dinner was subjected to various restrictions, which instead made people find going to Prosperous Fountain Restaurant to be something interesting. But that was all. 

Of course, to visit a restaurant that cost so much money, they could not depend on the department to pay the whole sum. So, after Huo Congjun returned to the office, he picked up his phone and call the two pharmaceutical sales companies.

"Okay, the gathering will be tonight. I'll be staying and guiding the few people who are staying for duty. Those who are willing to stay, register yourselves. The others can now hurry and finish your tasks, try not to leave work for those people on duty later." Chief Physician Tao came out slowly. He was a chief physician who was about to retire soon. He did not like to eat and drink, and he looked like a model citizen. 

The medical staff in the Emergency Medical Center were scattered in groups of two and three. Those who had things to do continued doing them, and those who had nothing to do continued to daydream. 

Tian Qi curiously followed Ling Ran and asked, "Are you going to work right after returning? Shouldn't you take three or four days to rest, or go on a vacation or something like that?"

"I can get familiar with the environment first." Ling Ran smiled and said, "The operating theater's environment is actually very good."

"Is it better than being in a resort?" Tian Qi looked at Ling Ran and wanted to rub his head with her hand.

"The operating theater is clean, the air is good, and the temperature is constant. It is quite reasonable thinking about it." Doctor Zhou helped and added a passing remark to help her in her quest to get together with Ling Ran. He had to find reasons for his laziness every day, so he had accumulated a lot of experience in finding excuses. 

Tian Qi thought for a moment and instead nodded in agreement. "What you said was pretty reasonable. Many resorts are located very far away. It takes a few hours by plane to reach them. If they are only about average quality, I guess being in the operating theater would be better."

"Right?" Doctor Zhou nodded and thought about it. Then, he said, "I want to tell this reason to my wife. When she wants to go out for a vacation next time, I will tell her that."

Zuo Cidian looked at Doctor Zhou like he was a fool. He had a smile on his face. "I was as naive as you when I was at your age."

Doctor Zhou raised his eyebrows. "What?"

Zuo Cidian nodded. "Yes."

Doctor Zhou asked, "I can't save that money?"

Zuo Cidian answered, "No."

Doctor Zhou sighed and obediently went back to the treatment room.

Ling Ran went to the ward area and took one round around it before he sent Tian Qi away, who was preparing to go for a facial. He changed his clothes and went to the operating theater.

Just after entering the door, Doctor Zhou was seen frowning and performing a surgical hand disinfection. 

"Hey, Ling Ran? Hahahaha!" Doctor Zhou laughed involuntarily, and he stopped washing his hands as he straightened his back. He said, "Doctor Ling, hurry, there's an appendicitis surgery going on inside, do you want to do it?"

"I'll do it." Ling Ran's answer was not surprising. Soon after that, Ling Ran became the one who was desperately scrubbing his hands in front of the hand-washing basin.

Doctor Zhou sighed in relief. He gave up on scrubbing his hands and wiped them with a disinfectant towel. He then smiled with his hands on his hips. "You are finally back. When you weren't around, you don't even know what kind of days I've had to go through. It was an abyss of misery filled with untold suffering! "

Ling Ran hummed and said, "Is it confirmed to be appendicitis? Has the patient been scanned?"

"Yeah, do you want to see it?"

"Put it in the operating theater." Ling Ran washed his hands and went into the operating theater. After a cursory look at the scans, he said to Su Jiafu, who had not seen him for a long time, "You can administer the anesthetics now."

Su Jiafu greeted him and started to become busying himself with work. 

Ling Ran positioned his hands vertically in front of his chest and waited by the side.

After a while, Chief Resident Yu Yuan, who received the news, ran over and was prepared to be Ling Ran's assistant.

When she saw that the first operation Ling Ran had to perform after he came back was appendicitis, Yu Yuan was mentally motivated.

"Give me one more stepping stool." Yu Yuan looked like she was about to do something major.