Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 679

681 Game

Huo Congjun slowly entered the operating theater.

He was seen taking his seat on the stool that was left behind by a busy Su Jiafu. He stared at the surgery with the eyes of an old military doctor, and he asked, "Ling Ran, don't you want to rest for a while? Didn't you say you just came to take a look?"

Su Jiafu's eyelids kept twitching, but when his eyes met the old military doctor's, Su Jiafu lowered his head and reflected upon himself. 'I was too careless. Rebuker Huo does not usually come to the operating theater. Now that Ling Ran is back, how could he not come? Why did I leave my stool now? Do my instincts actually want me to die of a heart attack because of exhaustion?'

Ling Ran answered at that moment, "I ran into a case of pure appendicitis, and the patient requested laparotomy."

Doctor Zhou secretly sighed in relief.

He was so afraid that Ling Ran would inadvertently mention him. 

Although staying lazy for a while would make him happy for a while, Doctor Zhou pursued the goal of happily staying lazy for his entire life. If he was targeted by Department Director Huo, he would definitely need to work on a night-shift today, and that was not accounting the other things Huo Congjun would do to him. By then, he needed to pray that there were no patients at night…

Doctor Zhou could not help but pray.

"Are there still patients requesting for laparotomy? To save money?" Huo Congjun asked, but he was not conflicted by the patient's origins. 

In truth, there were only a few people in the operating theater, and Huo Congjun did not bother to ask about the patient's origin. If the one who had always been lazy was so lazy that laziness had grown embedded into his spirit, could he expect him to be hardworking again?

Doctor Zhou quickly answered, "The condition of the patient's family does not look good, and he did not even buy the most general of town medical insurances. The patient strongly requested for laparotomy, so we can only perform laparotomy for them. "

"Alright," Huo Congjun answered. "There will be no next time. In the future, if it's not due to medical research purposes, try using laparotomy for appendectomy only as a last resort. If the patient insists and his stamina permits it, transfer him to another hospital. "

Unlike surgeries like thoracoscopy, patients who received laparoscopic appendectomy would always benefit more than patients who received laparotomy. 

Huo Congjun clicked his tongue and said, "In the past, we always had patients requesting slightly less potent medicines and inferior techniques to save more money… Hmm… it is not a good memory, but, at that time…"

Huo Congjun could not help but fall into a reverie.

Ling Ran quietly waited for the number on the screen to reach the baseline before he looked at Su Jiafu.

Su Jiafu gritted his teeth, took a look at Huo Congjun, and glanced at the stool under Huo Congjun's butt. Then, he sighed and turned around to look at the screen before he said, "It's ready. Cardiac rhythm 75, blood pressure 112/80. The patient has high blood pressure. She has not received any treatment and never took any medicine."

He deliberately mentioned it to Ling Ran. After all, he had just taken over this case. 

"We'll begin with the surgery." Ling Ran nodded.

Ling Ran extended his hand, and the handle of a scalpel was immediately placed on his palm.

Ling Ran took the scalpel and cut down gently. Then, a coin-sized incision was made.

Before the time of abdominoscopy, the outcome of appendectomies using laparotomies always focused on the size of the incision. Ling Ran was not bothered by this too much. However, compared to the appendectomies using laparotomies that normal doctors performed, his incision was very small.

A few medical staff who entered the Operating Area but did not have any surgeries to perform at this time naturally gathered together. They were like villagers who paid a visit to another house as they stood with one hand on their waists and puffed out their chests. They watched while discussing in a low voice.

"Finally, we can see Doctor Ling's surgery again."

"His first surgery when he came back is an appendectomy. If I were him, I would not touch any organ below the liver."

"Really? Then, let me ask you. If you're finally not single and your partner is a beautiful girl, but she asks something from you: If you can touch a d*ck, she will marry you. What will you do?"

"Whose d*ck? Mine, or the beautiful girl's?"


*Slap, slap.*

The nurse cooperated so well with Ling Ran that she slapped the device on Ling Ran's palm.

The atmosphere in the operating theater was so relaxing, serious, happy, and complicated that the people who had just stepped in would think they were performing liver transplantation.


Ling Ran extended his hand, took the device, and threw it aside. His expression was also as serious as if he was performing a liver transplantation.

This was the life he was familiar with. Earnest, focused, clean, tidy, no nagging, and no annoying people around him,

The scrub nurse also performed much better than she used to.

In fact, the level of the nurses in the Emergency Medical Center of Yun Hua Hospital had greatly improved over the past year. 

A few groups had even voluntarily organized activities to watch educational videos. The nurses' activities at the station now involved less laughing and joking, but were more serious, which was what Ling Ran liked.

For the nurses, especially at the position of a scrub nurse, every achievement in on-the-job training, familiarizing themselves with the surgical methods, and familiarizing themselves with the doctors could bring great improvement.

When Ling Ran just started performing surgeries, he used to shout the names of the devices. Now, while he would still accurately call out the names of the instruments he wanted, however, as he performed surgery in Yun Hua Hospital more frequently, the need for him to call out the names of the instruments were gradually reduced. 

The nurses did not just familiarize themselves with the skills he always used, but they slowly got used to Ling Ran's surgical habits. Just like it was in a simple surgery like appendectomy, the familiarity of the nurses toward it might surpass those of the young doctors.

Yu Yuan, who was at the sidelines, was even getting bored. 

In fact, she did not even get to perform retraction as Ling Ran cut open the patient's skin and used blunt dissection on the abdominal muscle, adipose layer, and such. He directly used his hands to hook the skin, clip it with the forceps, and took out the dark-colored appendix. 

Appendectomy without suppuration was troublesome as the appendix needed to be found. Since the appendix was found now, it basically meant game over. 

Yu Yuan lowered her head and looked at the five-legged stepping stool. Then, she said in indignation, "Then… I'll perform abdominal closure."

"The patient is a woman, right? Let me perform the closure." Ling Ran requested for a needle holder and performed a buried heavy reinforcing suture.

Yu Yuan was holding the needle and the suture thread across him. She still did not have much to do. 

"Alright." Ling Ran put down the device and announced the completion of the surgery. 

At that time, there were still doctors coming over after they received the news. Such comments in the operating theater could be heard. 

"Still, watching Doctor Ling's surgery is therapeutic."

"We can expect bonuses."

"The wards will become lively again…"

In short, the doctors from the Emergency Department in Yun Hua Hospital were still looking forward to Ling Ran's return. In fact, for a doctor like Ling Ran, as long as they accepted his expertise and handsome looks, everything else will just happen naturally. 

For doctors who did not want to accept his expertise and handsome looks, most of them had been educated by reality, and they would become obedient in the end. 

"Wash your hands and eat." Huo Congjun was happy when he saw Ling Ran completing the surgery successfully. Then, he said, "You will have a lot of time to perform surgeries later on. Doctor Zhou and the others will take over from here."

As he spoke, Huo Congjun patted Ling Ran's shoulder and pushed him out of the operating theater.

Doctor Zhou said, 'What?'