Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 680

682 Preemptively Completed

The medical staff of Yun Hua Emergency Department started to mill into Prosperous Fountain Restaurant, one after another, twenty minutes late. Some drove, some carpooled, some called for a car, some had s*x before they came, and some took public transports. 

When everyone reached, the well-prepared restaurant immediately served their food. Each pharmaceutical sales representative even brought a box of beer to drink with the doctors who were willing to drink. 

Huo Congjun also held a transparent glass cup and drank a toast whenever someone gave him a shot, and he was very happy. 

In the hospital medical system, surgeons were always the most carefree group of people. There were many surgeons who could drink without getting drunk, and they were completely different from the anesthetists who would be drunk on oxygen. 

There were also many kinds of pharmaceutical sales representatives. Those who were good at drinking would shine at this moment. Usually, they would find doctors whom they could rarely see and drank with them so that they would not be rejected outside the door when they came over next time. 

"Doctor Ling, let me toast to you." A pharmaceutical sales representative with big boobs smiled as she came to Ling Ran's side and introduced herself. "I'm Su Qin. It's spelled S-U Q-I-N. You can either call me Young Su or Young Qin, I'm…"

"I don't drink." Without even waiting for her to finish, Ling Ran said without raising his head. 

"Not even a sip? That's so uninteresting." The pharmaceutical sales representative with big boobs, Su Qin felt confident and kept urging Ling Ran to drink. Most of the surgeons that she knew were willing to take a sip as long as they were not on night shift duty. 

In reality, it was very stressful and depressing to be a doctor. Even if they became an assistant lecturer, they would still feel gloomy. Even though they might be a bit more relaxed when they bullied others, they would still not feel relaxed. 

Certainly, most of the department directors were always very happy. Once a doctor became a department director, it meant they were successful. The assistant lecturers who were usually shy and silent would suddenly show their bold desires and became more courageous in their actions as they drank. 

Yet, Ling Ran's gaze remained calm. 

Becoming a doctor was his choice, and performing surgeries was his hobby. But drinking was… 

Ling Ran only shook his head gently. He could not be bothered to reject her again. 

Su Qin was still reluctant to give up. She ignored their gazes, held the cup, chuckled, and said, "Doctor Ling, give me a chance to serve all of you."

"Okay," Ling Ran replied and stopped moving his chopsticks. He raised his head and asked, "Do you know how to peel mantis shrimps?"

Su Qin was stunned. "I… guess I can."

Ling Ran then looked at the mantis shrimp.

Although mantis shrimps were tasty, it would prick and injure the fingers very easily when someone tried to peel them. For surgeons, the fingers needed to be protected. 

Su Qin gritted her teeth and picked up a mantis shrimp.

"Please wear gloves, just peel for those who do not know how to peel them," Ling Ran said and took a mantis shrimp. Then, he started to peel it skillfully. 

Su Qin held the mantis shrimp. She could not help but be stunned. 

Zuo Cidian who was by the side raised his hands. "I do not know how to peel the shrimp."

Lu Wenbin looked at Su Qin and raised his hands too. "I do not know how to peel shrimps too."

Su Qin had planned to take down Yun Hua Emergency Medical Center even if she needed to drink until her stomach bled. She put down her wine glass silently, smiled, and started to serve the doctors, "Since everyone likes to eat shrimps, I'll peel them for everyone."

Then, Su Qin put on the gloves that her company distributed, took one mantis shrimp, and started to peel it seriously. 

One shrimp, two shrimps, three shrimps… 

One plate, two plates, three plates...

It was not just Zuo Cidian and Lu Wenbin, everyone around the table immediately fought for the peeled mantis shrimps, and some people automatically ordered another few pounds to be served on the table. 

Su Qin then peeled mantis shrimps for the whole night. Her stomach was not bleeding, but her hands were in so much pain she felt as though she had peeled mantis shrimps for the whole night. 

The other pharmaceutical sales representatives kept staring at her after drinking too much. He came back after vomiting twice. Then, he said in envy, "Didn't I tell you that it's a new era now? There are now two types of pharmaceutical sales representatives. One of them is the type who can drink, while the other is the type who can peel mantis shrimps."

Everyone around the table laughed. Huo Congjun, who was drunk, laughed even louder.

Su Qin breathed a sigh of relief secretly. For her, as long as she achieved her goal, there was no difference between her stomach bleeding or her fingers bleeding. 

"Every day, you walk the path others have arranged for you, and finally, there's a time where you will leave home after you've lost your way…"

Tengri's voice could be heard. The room instantly became silent. 

Department Director Huo smiled when he heard his personal background music. He took out his phone, picked it up, made a few noncommittal hums, and his expression became more serious as he said, "We'll get ready to receive them immediately." 

After hanging up, Huo Congjun was not as tense. He took a sip of water and said, "Ling Ran, there are two relatives of Associate Hospital Director Liu who had their fingers amputated. Do you want to perform them at the hospital? If you don't want to, we'll transfer them to the Hand Surgery Department. You must be tired after traveling for a day. Go back and have a good rest, I'll find you another one who needs finger replantation tomorrow…" 

There were a few associate hospital directors in the hospital. As the department director of Emergency Medical Center, Huo Congjun was not considerate to all associate hospital directors, except Associate Hospital Director Zhou. 

Ling Ran looked at the time and said firmly, "I'll do it."

The state of comfort he would be in by sleeping after performing surgery was Ling Ran's favorite tempo. 

"I'll follow you." Zuo Cidian was still quite enthusiastic. Since they were back in Yun Hua Hospital, Zuo Cidian needed to face many competitors, but he also knew that his basic skills were rather weak, so he could only make up for it by working harder than most young doctors.

However, when Ling Ran saw Zuo Cidian's thick eyebags, he shook his head and said, "Ma Yanlin should be at the hospital, you can just let him prepare at the operating theater."

The Emergency Medical Center was the one who came out for the gathering. Ma Yanlin was still part of the Orthopedics Department. Even though he had already decided to transfer, he had not actually been transferred and there would always be a wall separating them; Ling Ran could only use him during surgeries. 

Zuo Cidian wanted to show his strong will and capability to perform the surgery, so he quickly stood up, then, he started swaying. 

The doctors beside him immediately grabbed him and diagnosed him swiftly. 


"Brain hemorrhage? Unlikely, look at his eyes."

"Heart attack?"

"Maybe it's just a limp."

Zuo Cidian tried hard to open his eyes and flipped open his eyelids. Then, he said, "I'm still okay."

"Don't let your guard down now."

"Old Zuo, you're getting older now, so you should be more careful. You should stop fighting for those surgeries."

"Right, you should rest more after coming back from Beijing."

Zuo Cidian mouth trembled a while before he took a deep breath and said, "I know. But how did the two relatives of Associate Hospital Director Liu sever their fingers together?"

He asked Huo Congjun about this. 

A few people at the side stopped gossiping. 

"Wait a minute, let me go and ask." Huo Congjun just realized this. The Emergency Department did not provide a promotion such as offering one person to have treatment free of charge if they came in twos. It was weird that Associate Hospital Director Liu sent two relatives who coincidentally had severed fingers. 

After half a minute, Huo Congjun's gaze left his WeChat. He raised his head and said, "I heard that their fingers were severed while playing a game."

"What kind of game would be that extreme?" Senior Resident Doctor Zheng Pei started to tell dirty jokes at the level of an assistant lecturer. 

Huo Congjun remained silent for a while and said, "They said they were the three brother-in-laws. One of them pretended to be Briar, another was Bramble, and the third one was Logger Vick…"

"They severed their fingers with an electric saw?" Most of the doctors there had children. When they heard this story, they instinctively felt chills down their spines. 

Huo Congjun immediately shook his head. "It's not that violent. It's just an axe, the kind for cutting wood."