Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 681

683 Come Back Home

"Briar" and "Bramble" laid side by side in the treatment room, and they were both silent.

Both of them were still wearing their "bear skins", and accompanying them was the bald in-law, Logger Vick.

Logger Vick stared straight ahead in shock. He looked remorseful, and he also did not dare not look at the wounded hands. 

The three sisters also came, gathered together, and their faces had lost some of their lively lusters. 

"Can we enter the operating theater?" Ma Yanlin wore a white coat with a stack of informed consent forms as well as other documents. Yu Yuan was also following behind him. She was still the chief resident, and naturally, she basically lived in the hospital. It did not mean that many would come to visit.

"Is there anything else to prepare?" The older sister stood up with an anguished smile. 

"Have you guys made a decision? Who will undergo the surgery first? Or which one will be operated on by another doctor?" Ma Yanlin asked questions that he did not like to ask. In the past, Zuo Cidian often did the dirty work. Ma Yanlin did not think much of it, but now that he was doing the work himself, he felt completely uncomfortable.

"That... In this respect, we haven't thought about it yet." The eldest sister was also very helpless. This kind of question easily sparked conflict within the family. She looked at the two wounded members and whispered, "Can it be decided by the doctor? In foreign countries, this kind of thing would be decided by the doctor."

"Do you want the doctor to decide the order according to the injury? So, is it decided that both patients would be operated by Doctor Ling? Or will the one who is more heavily injured receive surgery from Doctor Ling while the one who has lighter injuries be passed over to the Hand Surgery Department's doctor? "Ma Yanlin was not swayed and gave a few more detailed choices, but the decision still had to be made by the patient's family.

This was a typical Chinese medical tradition.

In China, it was the family members who had the greatest rights to decide on the medical treatment they wanted the patient to receive, and not the patients themselves nor the doctor. In many cases, the medical plan must be modified in accordance with the opinions of the patient's family members.

When the patients' family members were not able to settle on a decision, Ma Yanlin would have even less courage to make the decisions for them. He could only urge them and say, "You have to make a decision quickly, and it is also my responsibility to you to perform the surgery as soon as possible."

"Let me call Associate Hospital Director Liu." The older sister was Logger Vick's wife. As part of the party who wounded the patients, it was really not her place to make the decision. 

The actor of Bramble, the third brother-in-law, coughed twice at this moment and said, "Big sister, don't call. For God's sake, the doctors have said it quite clearly. I will undergo the surgery later, let my brother-in-law do it first, and ask Doctor Ling to perform it. "

At this time, Bramble looked at Ma Yanlin and said, "It's just a few hours' difference, the difference wouldn't be too huge, would it?"

"The risk would definitely be higher." Ma Yanlin did not dare to say that there would not be any difference. If there was a difference once the surgery was over, he was afraid that the patient and the patient's family would eat him after dipping him in Lao Gan Ma, how spicy it would be?! [1]

"If the risk is higher, so be it. Alright, let brother-in-law do it first." Bramble also made a decision.

At this time, the third sister looked at the other people and lowered her head.

The actor of "Briar", the second brother-in-law, let out a long sigh, "Forget it, let me be cool this time. You are younger than me, so I should let you have the surgery first, I will do it later."

"You do it first. You are into designing, you need your fingers."

"You also play games often, and your fingers will be broken if they are not connected properly."

"It's okay, you first!"

"You first!"

"Stop quarreling, both of you." Logger Vick stood up with a swoosh and said, "It's all my fault, how about this…? Let's just flip a coin."

The big sister's anger erupted. She raised the axe and furiously said, "Mister Pi, I think your brain needs some fixing. I asked you to cosplay for the children, and you give me an eleven-pound axe? Now, you're thinking about flipping a coin? Aren't you smart? I really want to take a look inside your head and see if it's loaded with sh*t!"

The actor of Logger Vick, who was the eldest in-law, hunched his shoulders, as if he had been smashed by Red Wolf with a pan.

"It's not sh*t." Yu Yuan silently walked past Logger Vick and made a judgment.

The family members looked at Yu Yuan inexplicably.

Ma Yanlin said, "It's time to go in. If you guys continue quarreling, we could have already finished one operation."

The family members then seemed to have realized the situation. They quickly requested for them to enter as soon as possible and rearranged the order.

They also consulted their friends before deciding on the hospital and doctors. They were also not about to change their decision easily. 

In the end, Briar went into the operating theater first. Then, Bramble was also sent for surgery preparation and received debridement by Ma Yanlin to speed up the progress.

Ling Ran was sitting in the operating theater while facing the microscope. He played with the patient's slender blood vessels as if his entire person had entered into a microscopic world.

Briar, who was under regional anesthesia, was naturally tenser. He looked at Ling Ran. He seemed to have something to say, but was also afraid to disturb him. 

At this time, Ling Ran looked up and said, "The axe is pretty sharp."

Yu Yuan, who served as an assistant while standing, nodded. "He has pretty good luck."

Briar chuckled in his mind. 'I'm pretty lucky? When you're lucky, will you be cut by your brother-in-law's axe?'

Unfortunately, neither doctor could see his expression.

Briar's face was covered by a draping.

Yu Yuan's voice came again. "Today's mantis shrimp was quite delicious."

Briar, who had been attentive to the sounds around him so that he could collect information, was stunned. 'Is mantis shrimp a code for something?'

The nurse next to her said at the same time, "It's quite fresh. I heard them say that they were fresh catches sent from the dock..."

Yu Yuan nodded. "It needs to be fresh to be delicious."

Briar could not help but made a muffled sound as he tried to remind the doctors to be serious.

Yu Yuan, who had been a chief resident doctor for almost a year, only looked at the monitor and saw that all that the data was normal. Then, she turned her head around to see the patient.

The patient hesitated before he said, "How's my hand?"

"We'll need another hour." Yu Yuan's head retreated from the area of the draping, and she continued to perform the operation with Ling Ran.

Before entering the operating theater, Briar had been told by the nurses about the precautions. At that moment, he could only shut his mouth. He desperately tried to sense his wound, while at the same time, he was also extremely worried that the wound would hurt.

An hour passed in the blink of an eye.

For doctors and patients, countless things could happen within an hour.

"Doctor Yu, you can take over the rest." Ling Ran quickly completed the suturing of two fingers, and he went immediately to the operating theater next door.

For the medical staff in Yun Hua Emergency Medical Center, this was almost a routine.

Bramble's operation was next door. The debridement had been completed by Ma Yanlin. When Ling Ran took over, it was easier to perform the suturing.

Ma Yanlin was also at the side. He cooperated and observed the surgery seriously.

In the period of time when Ling Ran was away, Ma Yanlin, in addition to accompanying his wife, spent most of his time in honing his skills in surgery.

Ling Ran's speed was consistent. He completed the surgery step by step. The last knot was also made slightly over an hour later. 

Almost at the same time, the system prompt also jumped out.

[Mission Completed: Train a rookie.]

[Mission Aim: Increase the skill level of a doctor.]

[Mission Reward: Intermediate Treasure Chest]

Ling Ran was stunned for a moment. It was only then that he realized that this task was preemptively completed by Ma Yanlin.