Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 682

684 The Older It Is The More Fragran

Ma Yanlin had been working under Ling Ran longer than Zuo Cidian. 

Since the earliest days of Ling Ran's M-Tang Technique, Ma Yan had already been the assistant. Later on, he also performed more than a few hundred cases of Achilles tendon repairs and finger replantations. 

Compared to the frequency of a normal doctor, the surgeries that Ma Yanlin performed were more than the total surgeries performed by a resident doctor. 

However, the only disadvantage of Ma Yanlin was his status as a houseman. Unlike Ling Ran, who was supported by Department Director Huo, Ma Yanlin was just a normal doctor, and he was also a normal houseman who was an authorized personnel at the Orthopedics Department. If he wanted to learn from Ling Ran in the Emergency Department for the long term, it would be very troublesome.

In current tertiary Grade A hospitals, there were usually more housemen and interns than officially hired doctors, thus it greatly reduced components that could allow the housemen and interns to learn, but a large number of housemen and interns made up the free labor components. Hospitals like Yun Hua Hospital had accumulated more than thousands of interns and housemen. Most of them were just purely housemen and unauthorized interns. 

Under this situation, it was very hard for Ma Yanlin to obtain a chance to perform surgery independently. Even when he was with Ling Ran, he barely got the chance. In comparison, Lu Wenbin had started to work with Ling Ran at the same time as him, but he could already perform the M-Tang Technique independently, even though it was an even harder surgery.

The only advantage Ma Yanlin had was that he was younger than the other people in the team. However, his young age was not as apparent, as he was not as young as Ling Ran. 

But today, after learning by himself for a month, Ma Yanlin followed Ling Ran to perform surgery once again, and he was performing the finger replantation that he was incredibly familiar with. This made Ma Yanlin feel that it was a breakthrough for him. 

When he was performing debridement for Bramble, since he was too familiar with it, Ma Yanlin started to imagine in his mind and kept thinking, 'What would I do if I am the chief surgeon?'

When Chief Surgeon Ling Ran started to perform the surgery, Ma Yanlin started to look at Ling Ran's operation and realized that some of the main steps were quite similar to what he had thought. His confidence went through the roof. He felt that his skills had attained new heights while he tied the knots for Ling Ran. 

From Ling Ran's perspective, Ma Yanlin's skills had indeed matured. 

According to the notification from the system, Ma Yanlin's finger replantation skill was upgraded from Novice Level to Specialist Level.


It might sound like it was only a level higher than Novice Level, but in terms of competition, he had defeated more than 99% of other doctors. 

In a hospital like Yun Hua Hospital, it was considered quite good for a senior attending physician to master a Specialist Level skill. Many attending physicians who were promoted after years of experience could hardly master a Specialist Level skill even if they had worked for four to five years. 

This was nothing out of the ordinary. Some children would definitely get 90 marks for the first midterm test, while some children would never catch a whiff of 90 marks in any test in their entire lives. 

There were many imperfect doctors, but there were also many lousy doctors. 

No matter what, if a doctor mastered a Specialist Level skill, they could survive well. 

However, a surgery like finger replantation was not valued in public general hospitals. However, the medical field and medical skills had never relied on being highly valued to exist. 

Human's fingers could be severed, so finger replantations were needed. 

Even if the hospital and society cared about heart replantation, it would be useless if there were no hearts around, and when someone severed their fingers, they only needed a doctor who knew how to perform finger replantation and not doctors who mastered other skills. 

Ling Ran raised his head and looked at Ma Yanlin before he asked, "Do you want to try becoming the chief surgeon and perform finger replantation?"

"Huh, can I?" Ma Yanlin became excited. He was too tired after accompanying his wife for a week.

"I can let you handle it," Ling Ran said, went to wash his hands and bathed, and opened the Intermediate Treasure Chest.

In the shining blue light, Ling Ran saw a notification. [Virtual Human: An additional four hours.]

"Not too bad." Ling Ran sighed in relief. He had guessed that he might get a Virtual Human. 

There were too many usages for Virtual Humans. As long as it was not simply wasted, one minute of the Virtual Human could promise a good life for a patient for the next year. For those difficult medical cases, the use of Virtual Human for five to ten minutes could extend the patient's life for five to ten years, and he could even promise a better quality of life. 

As a doctor, Ling Ran still liked this system very much. 

Besides, the Virtual Human could also be used in the research field. 

If Ling Ran had sufficient time for the Virtual Human, he could first obtain the answer from the Virtual Human and use it to find the reasons behind it, just like how Galileo did in the past. 

When Ling Ran finished changing his clothes and left the operating theater, he saw that Ma Yanlin had come out and was talking enthusiastically with the patient's family members. 

The surgery was very successful, and the conversation was a pleasant process. 

Ling Ran walked out from another direction and saw Logger Vick standing alone while the wives of Briar, Bramble, and Logger Vick were hugging each other and crying out loudly. 

There were two other patients' family members at the waiting hall of the Emergency Medical Center, and they stared at them either in envy or aversion.

When Ling Ran realized this, he did not want to look at them anymore. 

There were fewer patients in the Emergency Medical Center compared to the Inpatient Department. But for the three families at the spot, the fear for the unknown future will only become stronger.

"Doctor Ling, your car keys." When the young nurse saw Ling Ran going out, she immediately passed his Jetta car keys to him and said, "The head nurse knows the person in charge of a 4S shop, so she sent your car for maintenance. They added engine oil and petrol for you as well. Also, there was someone who drove your car every ten days. There was no problem at all with your car." 

"Oh, thanks. Sorry for troubling you." Ling Ran took out his phone and said, "The maintenance can't be free, let me send a red envelope to the head nurse."

"No need…" The young nurse quickly stopped him. 

Ling Ran shook his head. He still sent out the red envelope and got back his keys. 

"Then… Doctor Ling, please be careful on the road. It's better to drive in the morning too. It's not safe to always call for a car because you're so handsome…" The young nurse's voice grew softer, but she looked more excited. 

Finally, Ling Ran left the main hall of the hospital. 

The young nurse finally released her squeal and shouted, "Yeah! I finally talked with Doctor Ling. Doctor Ling is truly polite and gentle. So cool… Even the car he drives is so cool as well, unlike those people who bought cars from joint ventures or foreign cars to show off…"

The other nurse at the same reception counter felt excited as well. She put her hands on her chest and said sentimentally, "But the Jetta is also from a joint venture."

"Really? Such a cheap car from a joint venture car…? We can be considered to be taking advantage of those foreigners, right…? Argh, Doctor Ling is so handsome…" 

Ling Ran drove his small Jetta and rushed back home at the speed limit. 

He parked his car properly and went to the entrance. He saw no light shining out from the crack of the door. 

Ling Ran then used the key to open the door and entered. He stood at the front yard, and he felt that night at Yun Hua was silent… 

Ling Ran's mind immediately produced a similar model and he got to work examining it. 

There was some dust on the pillars at the entrance.

The door was not only merely locked, it was locked from the inside multiple times. 

Every room was dark. 

Ling Ran quietly walked back to the front door of the yard. He walked three steps to the left and removed a brick below the corridor. Indeed, there was a small note in it. 

He opened it, and he saw Ling Jiezhou's familiar handwriting.

[Son, our relatives had a pig killing ceremony. We went to help them eat it. Juan Zi has the key now. Remember to eat on time.]

Ling Ran rolled up the small note, opened the door of the storeroom, and threw the paper into the second porcelain jar on his left side. 

The paper crunched clearly through the night.