Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 684

686 Hospital Ship

One arm. 

Two arms.

Three arms… 

As Zuo Cidian began to focus on practicing the treatment of Colles' fracture, his mind was full of all kinds of broken arms.

As the department director of the only emergency center in Changxi Province, Huo Congjun could get quite a lot of resources from all over the country, especially from small local hospitals with sub-par standards and would tend to refer their patients to them. These hospitals would usually be more subservient. In addition, Huo Congjun also frequently used the method of reducing medical expenses to easily attract a large number of patients.

For doctors in small hospitals, if they had a place they were certain to accept the surgeries that they themselves could not perform, they would be willing to transfer the patients to that hospital.

After all, when their abilities allowed them to do so, doctors also wanted patients to be treated as well as possible.

Similarly, Yun Hua Hospital had advantages in this respect.

Even for doctors who were from the same field, when the three-level medical treatment system is taken into account, they would still advise people to go to the best local hospitals when they really needed to seek medical advice.

When Department Director Huo searched for patients and expanded his search to the whole territory of Changxi Province, endless patients kept coming in. 

Without visiting the hospital, normal people would never be able to imagine that so many people would fracture their arms.

And there will always be people who will visit the hospital because of arm fractures every single day. 

Zuo Cidian knew that he should not be happy, but as he constantly treated patients with Colles' fracture, he could not help but have a smile spread across his face.

The feeling of succeeding in whatever he did was understood by people who have experienced it.

For Zuo Cidian, developing his skills in the field of orthopedics was what he longed for the most. However, the old Zuo Cidian did not place his focus on Achilles tendon repair or finger replantation. Microsurgeries sounded incredibly daunting, but it was actually the most basic type of surgery in the surgical system. The reason was very simple. Microsurgery relied on the doctors' hands and eyes, so doctors would be really tired and felt half dead after these surgeries. Furthermore, no consumables were needed under the microscope, so the doctor would not have much additional income.

When a type of surgery continuously increased the labor intensity and reduced the income of doctors, the hospital would naturally lose doctors, and those who joined the medical system later would not be willing to join those surgeries either. 

If Lu Wenbin and Ma Yanlin still worked hard while fantasizing about entering sports medicine, Zuo Cidian, who was forty-three years old, did not give it much thought. 

If he were placed in the town hospital and could treat Colles' fracture, he would be the best among all the doctors.

In Zuo Cidian's impression, the strongest colleague he met in the past often still struggled to read medical imaging scans. He could still understand X-rays, but he could not understand the MRI scans from other hospitals at all.

Of course, Zuo Cidian could not understand MRI scans now as well, but he had learned how to deal with Colles' fracture.

Zuo Cidian was still very excited, even though Ling Ran mentioned that he was at Novice Level. A broad smile was seen on his face. 

The old lady who sat across Zuo Cidian looked at him and suddenly said, "Older doctors are still the more mature ones. After going for treatment for so many days, you're the only doctor who has a smile on your face."

Zuo Cidian, who was smiling, was stunned. He soon realized it. He said, "With a smile on our faces, even if we can't cure the illness, at least we will still have a better mood."

"Yes, I don't even expect to be cured now. But at least, I'm happier than I should be." The old lady stretched out her arm and looked calm.

Zuo Cidian's smile finally faded. "You'll be in an even better mood if you manage to treat your injury, though."

"Can this fracture be cured?"

"Yes, it's only a Colles' fracture." Zuo Cidian thought he was going crazy with how much he wanted to say that sentence. Now that he finally said it, he felt pleased all over. 

"It's good if it can be cured. I believe in you, doctor." The old lady was in a much better mood. She patted her son next to her and said, "Look, this is how a good doctor should be."

"Doctor Zuo, you have worked hard. You're a doctor who has a benevolent heart." As an obedient son, he gave him a thumbs up. 

The other patients and their families who were waiting to see the doctor also agreed. After all, everyone wanted to see service staff who smiled at them. Today, Zuo Cidian showed a smile that ordinary doctors did not want to show or regarded the act of smiling as something disdainful. 

"It's nothing, I am just good-natured," Zuo Cidian chose his words carefully. He talked to her as he treated the patient. He even moved his body slightly to show Ling Ran and said, "My current skills are taught by Doctor Ling. If you talk about doctors with benevolent hearts, Doctor Ling is the one who deserves it"

Ling Ran looked ahead and did not utter a word. 

The patients and their families naturally preferred to be taken care of by Zuo Cidian, who was willing to talk to them. 

For a moment, the atmosphere in the treatment room was extremely good.

The next day, a patient even sent a large silk banner over. 

A kind doctor. These words were written in large font, and it made many doctors who saw them feel jealous.

The cost of a silk banner was not much, but for doctors, the silk banner sent by patients was a major recognition for themselves. Many doctors, even assistant lecturers, might not have necessarily received silk banners before, and it was not suitable for them to pay and make one for themselves to deceive the world that they received one either…

Zuo Cidian took the silk banner, took a few photos, and sent it to his Circle of Friends. Then, he lost all interest in it. 

After a busy day, in the evening, Zuo Cidian went back to the first-string doctors' on-call room. Zuo Cidian looked at the photos on his phone, and a smile that only middle-aged men would have after they had practiced it for a long time showed up on his face. 

"I'll sleep and wake up early for work tomorrow," Zuo Cidian announced to the mirror and soon fell into a deep sleep.

Zuo Cidian woke up at five o'clock in the morning, washed up quickly, and rushed to the Emergency Medical Center's treatment room.

On his way there, Zuo Cidian was still imagining himself walking into a world where he dominated over it because of his accomplishments in it. At this time, money was no longer important. What really mattered was status and the people around him currying to his favor. 

"Doctor Zuo, get changed quickly," Doctor Zhou shouted and pulled Zuo Cidian out of his daydream.

Zuo Cidian became anxious. He took the white coat beside him as he asked aimlessly, "What happened?"

"We're going to the sea." Doctor Zhou looked solemn. 

He wore a brand new white coat, which made him feel energetic. If anyone did not pay attention to him, they would think that his usual laziness had been set aside. 

Zuo Cidian was confused, "The sea?"

"The crew members on a ship ran into an emergency, and they need us to go to the site." Doctor Zhou paused for a moment and said, "The other party won't make it to the hospital. He said that there is a fully equipped operating theater on the ship, so he asked us to go there for consultation."

Zuo Cidian managed to hear a lot more details with his keen ears, and he also made a lot of assumptions in his heart when he saw Doctor Zhou's current attitude.