Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 685

687 Normal Phenomenon

Zuo Cidian followed Doctor Zhou in a hurry, and he was accompanied by Lu Wenbin as well as Zhao Leyi.

Doctor Zhou and Zhao Leyi each carried a box. Zuo Cidian knew that the boxes contained the medical devices that they often used and always carried along when they went out.

There were two attending physicians and two resident doctors. Theoretically, two emergency surgeries could be performed. During peak hours, even three emergency surgeries could be carried out together with the help of nurses.

Of course, if major emergency surgery was required, it was necessary to have a doctor who was at least at the level of an assistant lecturer to lead. After all, the number of critically ill patients whom Doctor Zhou and Zhao Leyi handled was still limited. When they operated independently in the hospital, they still needed to pay extra attention, so it was completely unnecessary to send them out to practice because they would not be of much use. 

While Zuo Cidian thought of this, he whispered just as the car was started, "Doctor Zhou, what's the exact situation? Where's Doctor Ling?"

The reason for the hospital's choice to send Zuo Cidian and Lu Wenbin out among all the other doctors had to be that they wanted them to cooperate with Ling Ran. Zuo Cidian was not so arrogant that he thought he could provide consultation independently. Even if he were to coordinate with other doctors, it would not be his turn to provide consultation yet.

Doctor Zhou sat in the car, tidied his outfit, and lay on the armchair like he was boneless. He lazily said, "The exact situation is still unclear. Doctor Ling has already gone up with the first batch of reinforcements, we are the second."

"Doctor Ling is in the first reinforcements team?"

"Whoever told you that the first batch is the first reinforcements team?" Doctor Zhou looked at Zuo Cidian strangely. "Before the first batch is the emergency rescue team, and before the emergency rescue team is the emergency support team, and before the emergency support team is the vanguard team. So, the first batch isn't the first reinforcements team."

Zuo Cidian was stunned. He suddenly felt that it was very difficult talking to Doctor Zhou and that it was easier letting his own imagination run wild. In the next second, he changed his mind and thought that perhaps Doctor Zhou was also letting his imagination run wild. 

When Zuo Cidian had this thought in his mind, he did not ask Doctor Zhou anything anymore. 

Doctor Zhou showed a faint smile on his face. He sat in the car calmly while looking at the increasingly bleak scenery through the window. Then, he slowly lost consciousness and fell into his dreams. His sleep was neither deep nor shallow, neither light nor heavy, and he did not snore or hold his breath. 

The small car sent them to the dock in a short while, and they were immediately sent to the ship.

"We're departing," the young man who led the way spoke into the walkie talkie, and soon, the ship's body trembled slightly. 

"Um... we still don't know the situation. Is there still a need to keep it a secret?" Zuo Cidian felt slightly anxious in his heart. He had been having an easy time treating Colles' fractures in the hospital, and if he left like this, the newly delivered Colles' fractures must be passed to the Orthopedics Department. Zuo Cidian felt that even if he needed to go for an emergency consultation, he should tell them about it. 

The young man who led the way hesitated for a while before he said, "Actually, it's fine if I tell you about it. I think the news will report about it soon too. Near Baoyuanjiao is a cargo ship that clashed with a fishing boat, and the ships are stranded near the reef. Due to the storm and other reasons, there are many wounded patients now. The plane from the rescue team could only send three seriously wounded patients back, so it won't be able to send the remaining wounded patients back in time. Coincidentally, there is a hospital ship nearby, so they are sending the doctors and wounded patients over to the ship."

Zuo Cidian understood once he heard this, and he could not help but have his expression turn serious. 

"Don't the hospital ship have their own doctors?"

"I don't think they'll have enough of them." When the young man said this, he thought about things for a few seconds. Then, he looked at Zuo Cidian and said, "You put on the sign of the Emergency Medical Center in front of the hospital, so you have to bear the social responsibility at this time. You can't just take the subsidies happily, but push away the responsibility when it's your turn to work… You're the person-in-charge for this team, right? Don't ask too many things. Most importantly, do your job well. Whatever the superior assigns to you, you just need to complete the mission…" 

Zuo Cidian knew that there was something off when he heard the beginning of the conversation, but he was not able to change his words even if he wanted to.

When the young man said the latter half of his sentence, even if Zuo Cidian did not admit that he was the team leader, it was not possible anymore. 

Was he supposed to let Zhao Leyi or Doctor Zhou and be rebuked?

Therefore, the forty-three-year-old resident doctor Zuo Cidian could only obediently listen to the lecture by a young man who was just around ten years older than his son.

Zhao Leyi glanced at Zuo Cidian and turned around without any sympathy. He did not feel happy even when he saw Ling Ran now, so it was only natural that he was even more displeased when he looked at Zuo Cidian.

Doctor Zhou still looked like someone useless. He wanted badly to just lay down on an armchair, so he would not bother to help Zuo Cidian. The young man was right, why did Zuo Cidian have to ask so many questions? What could you do if you knew so many things? They still had to do their work, and there was no way they could run from it. 

The ship sailed away from the port while moving further into the sea. 

Zuo Cidian listened to the loud sound of the engine, and just like the lecture by the young man, the sound seemed to be sealed in his brain. It followed him everywhere. 

At the same time, Ling Ran was in the helicopter and arrived at the hospital ship which was located eighty nautical miles from Baoyuanjiao.

The hospital ship that had the words "Yun Hua 893" hanging over it silently floated on the blue ocean. The sky was calm and the wind blew gently. If there were some little fishes and islands that decorated the sea, the scene would look exactly like the promotional poster of a travel agency.

In fact, the surroundings and scenery looked really good, but at that time, nobody was free to enjoy it. 

The helicopter slowly landed on the deck, and Huo Congjun carried his briefcase while he rushed down.

Ling Ran also followed closely behind him. Next to him was an officer who put on a technical jacket. He a few years younger than Huo Congjun, and he looked serious.

"How's it now?"

"Where are the patients?"

Ling Ran and the officer in the technical jacket asked their questions almost at the same time.

"The patients are below the deck…" The vice-captain immediately came over and led the way for Ling Ran and Huo Congjun. 

The officer who wore the technical jacket stayed back and asked a few questions in a whisper. 

"Are there any operating theaters around? How's the condition in them? Do they shake?" When Ling Ran stepped on the ship plate, he felt doubtful. Surgeons were afraid of tremors the most during surgery. In such a condition, even a single movement could break the blood vessels. 

The vice-captain first looked at Huo Congjun before he answered Ling Ran by saying, "The operating theater is located below the main deck, and that is the region that has the least tremors. The location where we anchored the ship is currently far away from the storm. The surgery condition should be fine during the day..."

After he said that, Huo Congjun introduced Ling Ran to the vice-captain. "Doctor Ling is one of the leaders for the five of the treatment groups at Yun Hua Hospital Emergency Medical Center. He has completed thousands of surgery independently, and the success rate for his surgeries is very high. If you want to find a doctor with good skills and is able to complete highly difficult surgeries, Doctor Ling should be the first choice."

The vice-captain instantly became respectful. "It's truly impressive that you did more than one thousand surgeries. I couldn't tell—"

"Collect blood again!" A loud shout suddenly rose from the corridor ahead of them. A nurse was seen running out from the corridor while crying. 


The door of the operating theater was opened and closed again Contaminated blood was seen on the floor. 

"Let's go to the operating theater straight away." Ling Ran did not ask any questions or show any desire to wait. He directly headed to the operating theater.

The vice-captain immediately stopped him. "Doctor Ling, you must wait until the previous surgery is completed before you can go in."

Ling Ran ignored him. Instead, he went straight ahead and stepped open the door of the operating theater.

Although the door had opened for only a few seconds, Ling Ran had seen very clearly that the people in the operating theater had lost control of the situation. 

He did not even need to look at the amount of blood in the bottle. Just by looking at the gauze on the floor, he knew that the patient was in critical condition.

Big hospitals encountered situations where they could not control the bleeding in the patient much more frequently than small hospitals. 

After all, small hospitals would not treat critically-ill patients, so the doctors and the hospital were less capable of handling risks.

In fact, there were almost no patients who would die in small hospitals, and the Health and Welfare Committee Organization also did not allow them to have patients dying in their hands. The critically-ill patients had to be sent to the superior hospitals, and this was a rule that had been established for years. 

Meanwhile, patient deaths were considered normal in large scale tertiary Grade A hospitals. 

Bleeding control was a similar problem. The doctors in small hospitals could destroy a patient even if he or she did not have massive bleeding, but if they transferred the patient quickly enough, the patient would just die in Yun Hua Hospital.

While in a big hospital, massive bleeding was seen as the natural enemy in the operating theater, and it was the leading cause of death. Ling Ran had to save one or two patients with massive bleeding every month.

When he saw the scene in front of them, Ling Ran rushed into the operating theater immediately.