Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 686

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Right then, Chief Surgeon Lin Honghou looked worried and anxious while he was in the operating theater. Through the corners of his eyes, he saw doctors who wore white coats, but he did not know them. He only knew that they were doctors serving the normal populace in society, and he immediately said, "There's nothing here for you to do. We don't need help."

Huo Congjun used to be a military doctor. When he saw this, he knew that this chief surgeon's anger was about to explode. 

Of course, when the surgery was performed until this moment, even the normal doctors from a general hospital would also be on the verge of exploding in rage. However, military doctors might be even more irritable. 

Huo Congjun coughed and said, "Ling Ran, since there is nothing to help, we may leave first. There should be another operating theater over here. Go and familiarize yourself with the situation first…"

He did not know whether Ling Ran heard him, because he stood firm and stared for tens of seconds until Lin Honghou could not hold it in anymore and was about to scold them, but right then, Ling Ran followed Huo Congjun and left the operating theater. However, he was going to wash his hands, so he shouted while walking away, "The patient is dying."

Huo Congjun immediately said, "The patient will be okay if the bleeding point is found. During intraoperative hemorrhage, most patients will seem as if they are in imminent danger, but as long as the bleeding is controlled, the patient will be fine. Ling Ran, don't panic, let's go over first…"

"He is looking in the wrong direction," Ling Ran replied in an even more straightforward manner. 

Lin Honghou was already about to explode with rage. At that moment, he could not hold his anger anymore. He threw away the hemostatic forceps in his hands to the corner with a bang and said angrily, "This is a rescue site, not a place for you to show off. Officer Wang, what are you doing now? You can't just look for a person to cause trouble right now even if you can't get someone suitable to provide aid... We're in a very tense situation to save the patient right now…"

"The bleeding point should be near the spleen." Ling Ran interrupted the conversation and went out to wash his hands. 

The operating area on the ship was quite simple. It was lousier than the operating area in the Emergency Department of Yun Hua Hospital. It did not have a laminar airflow system, the floor height was lower, and the area was only about half of Yun Hua Hospital's Emergency Department. However, the instruments and devices set up were still quite complete. 

If anyone were to grade this hospital ship based on the requirements of an operating theater, this ship was only at the level of a second-class hospital. However, after considering the fact that it was a moving ship, this was indeed not an easy feat for them. 

Besides, in order to save more space, the traffic flow planning in the operating area of the ship was more reasonable. When Ling Ran walked a few steps out of the door, he could find the hand-washing basin. 

Lin Honghou was rather unhappy. He shouted angrily at Ling Ran's back, "His spleen is bleeding? If the spleen is bleeding, how would I not find it? Everyone here knows that spleens bleed a lot during a hemorrhage. I have searched through everything once already…" 

He shouted loudly. After he shouted a few sentences, he turned around and scolded the officer of the rescue team. Yet, deep in his heart, he just tried to hide his diffidence.

For a surgeon, the threat of an intraoperative hemorrhage was just like the threat of STD toward a prostitute. 

Intraoperative bleeding was always unavoidable. No matter how strict the protective measures were, weird things would always happen. The only things that a surgeon could do were to reduce the probability of it happening and hope that no fatal massive bleedings occurred. 

Although Lin Honghou was not even forty years old, he had mastered many skills that could handle different circumstances. However, he could still not be considered experienced when dealing with intraoperative bleeding. 

Lin Honghou had already spent fifteen minutes looking for the bleeding point in the patient in front of him. From a surgeon's perspective, Lin Honghou's confidence was coming to an end.

"Give me the hemostatic forceps again." Lin Honghou sounded very rude as he continued his work. 

During the time he put his hands into the patient's abdominal cavity, he could not help but look at the direction of the spleen. However, Lin Honghou still immediately denied this possibility. 

When he was performing exploratory laparotomy, he already checked the spleen. Since he did not find any bleeding at that time, why would he need to check again?

Time also did not allow Lin Honghou to second guess himself.

Lin Honghou went about clipping every part in the abdominal cavity. The bleeding amount was indeed reduced, but the problem was not solved yet. The bleeding still could not be stopped. 


Ling Ran stepped open the door of the operating theater and walked in. 

Then, Ling Ran stood at the opposite across Lin Honghou across the operating table without any fear. 

Through Perfect Level Barehanded Bleeding Control, Ling Ran could already judge where the bleeding was and how the organ was bleeding. However, in order to play safe, Ling Ran still called out the Virtual Human for around ten seconds. 

That ten or so seconds were already more than enough. 

Ling Ran experimented twice on the Virtual Human in succession before he put away the Virtual Human. Then, he spoke to Chief Surgeon Lin Honghou and asked, "Can I try?"

It was mainly because Lin Honghou's surgical area was too large, and all the operating theaters in the hospital ship would be used one after another in rapid succession. If Ling Ran did not say anything to voice his intentions, it would be very difficult for him to look for a chance to take part in any surgery.

Lin Honghou had calmed down at this moment. He had released most of his anger just now. For now, he could not be bothered to talk. 

"Wait a minute." Ling Ran did not want to waste his breath as well. He walked to the operating table and observed for a few seconds. Then, he directly put in his hand into the patient's abdomen. 

Lin Honghou's lips quirked up a little. He decided to scold Ling Ran again after a few seconds had passed. 

After a few seconds, the contaminated blood in the patient's abdominal cavity was visibly reduced after it was aspirated by the aspirator. 

The aspirator was also used just now. However, since the patient was still bleeding continuously in his body, the effect was not obvious.

Lin Honghou was instantly stunned. 

"What the…" Lin Honghou stared at Ling Ran's hand and arm. His whole body became stiff. 

"Doctor Ling is among the first group of experts we invited. He is also a famous expert in the country…" The young officer who had meekly accepted the fact that he had been scolded just now immediately started to boast about Ling Ran. 

Lin Honghou looked gloomy, then he kept staring at Ling Ran's arm and started to think intensely. 

"Please suture faster." Ling Ran raised his head and stared at Lin Honghou. His arm was still in the patient's stomach. Ling Ran was already displeased with the fact that Lin Honghou only watched instead of taking action. 

"I…" Lin Honghou kept quiet after he said one word. He could only blame himself for sounding too arrogant just now and offending everyone in the operating theater, thus, he did not even have a chance to accept his loss gracefully. 

Since he had nothing to say, he could only lower his head and work. 

With Ling Ran's help, Lin Honghou managed to expand the surgical field over the abdomen wider and locate the bleeding point before he continued to stop the bleeding using sutures…

When Ling Ran finally removed his hand from the patient's abdomen cavity, Lin Honghou's face turned as red as a monkey's butt.

Lin Honghou did some mental preparation before he finally said this, "I'm sorry for what I did just now…" 

Huo Congjun looked at Ling Ran, coughed, and used a soft tone that everyone could hear and whispered, "Be kind."

Ling Ran thought carefully about the concept of being polite before he nodded at Lin Honghou and said, "With your current level, it's normal if you cannot find the bleeding point. You don't have to feel sorry about that."