Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 687

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The thirty-five-year-old Lin Honghou was a doctor permanently stationed in Yun Hua 893. At the same time, he was also a senior attending physician at the hospital base. 

In fair terms, regardless of his capabilities or experience, Lin Honghou was considered above average and not weak. He was about the same level as a normal senior attending physician like Zhao Leyi. After all, Yun Hua was already a top regional hospital, and it was outstanding among all hospitals in Changxi Province. If Lin Honghou had not become someone outstanding among his peers, it would have been impossible for him to have the chance of being chosen to join the hospital ship and carry out various important missions.

However, the occupation of a doctor was not a very friendly existence for young people, or rather, they were not friendly existences to young laymen. 

In other industries, when a person worked until the age of thirty-five, while they might not be able to stand at the top, they would still be outstanding, and they could even be considered as support pillars for the mid-level management of their company. If the best were to be chosen among the most outstanding peers in the same province, that thirty-five-year-old best professional in the province would definitely have better skills than the rest. That was if they did not include things like their relationship with others and societal factors. 

If the person were a blue-collar worker who focused on various operational work, that person would be at the peak of his career at thirty-five years old.

However, for a doctor, being thirty-five years old could only be considered the beginning of one's career. 

Even if Lin Honghou had talent, was very knowledgeable, very hardworking throughout his studies, obtained a lot of chances, and accumulated a lot of experiences, when he was placed in the medical system, he became similar to others. 

That was because he did not need to compare himself against peers who were also thirty-five years old, but the forty-five-year-old doctors or even fifty-five-year-old doctors who had worked just as hard and accumulated more experience. 

In other industries, during the period of time professionals aged from thirty-five years old to forty-five years old or even fifty-five years old, they might learn other skills and accumulate experience, and the possibility of them having their skills decline was much higher than if they improved. 

On the other hand, in the medical industry, before they achieved the position of a chief physician, they needed to take the initiative to learn, otherwise, they would lose out. 

Under this circumstance, there was just no way Lin Honghou's skills would be outstanding. 

The hospital ship chose Lin Honghou because they wanted a younger doctor to be permanently stationed there, not because he was more outstanding than other doctors at the hospital base. 

If anyone did a crosswise comparison, when it came to medical techniques, a senior doctor like Zhao Leyi was really just a junior like the ones who sat and waited at the general consultation area during consultation hours.

When Ling Ran went for freelance surgery, there were countless attending physicians who did retraction for him. Therefore, Ling Ran's comment on Lin Honghou's skills was very neutral.

He was pretty normal. 

Lin Honghou's expression became increasingly sullen. 

Compared to an attending physician like Zhao Leyi, Lin Honghou was the type who did not know where he stood in the medical world. As the saying went, "When there is no comparison made, no one will be mentally harmed." Lin Honghou usually spent half a year on the ocean, while the other half was spent on training, so his time in the hospital system was not very long. 

In the hospital, Lin Honghou did not have the sense of distance in skill other doctors from local hospitals would have when they faced senior doctors. 

During his daily medical practice, the diseases he encountered was actually quite simple. While hemorrhage was scary, in terms of medicine, it was actually very easy to treat this type of situation.

Since Lin Honghou had little experience in getting into contact with senior doctors and the senior doctors did not require much of him, that made him slightly arrogant. He raised his head and glared at Ling Ran before he sarcastically said, "Doctor Ling, right? I am so sorry that my standards made you worry."

Ling Ran gave a smile that showed his understanding.

He had seen many weak doctors, so it was not something strange to him.

Nevertheless, Lin Honghou was not used to Ling Ran's smile, so he could not help but snorted and said, "Alright, since you're so great, please guide me."

When Huo Congjun heard this, he thought that this doctor was stupid, and he quickly said, "Ling Ran…"

Ling Ran nodded to Huo Congjun before he gave some guidance to Lin Honghou, "If we talk solely on your suture just now, there aren't many problems. Your suture technique on the vessels was crude, so you might need to practice for a long while for that. Your knowledge about the anatomy of the abdominal cavity isn't great either. Hmm... this isn't something you can improve upon immediately. You can start by learning from the anatomical structure of the spleen…"

Lin Honghou was getting confused the more he listened to this. However, Ling Ran's barehanded bleeding control was still very impressive. Therefore, Lin Honghou pursed his lips at Huo Congjun and the rescue team members at the side before he readily gave away his position and said, "Come, the place is yours."

He wanted to see Ling Ran's skills. Then, he would get ready to find a proper angle to scold him.

As a doctor who had gone to other countries multiple times to provide medical support, Lin Honghou did not actually lack chances to compete against local or foreign doctors.

Of course, he competed against doctors who were of the same age as him or were about the same age. The older doctors would not give him the chance to compete against them. When it came to the group known as doctors, middle-aged men who were in their thirties to forties would be very obsessed with the notion of skills. 

Ling Ran stood at the position where Lin Honghou gave away without any hesitation.

Ling Ran had at least performed a few hundred cases of freelance surgeries with the aim to teach. If he were to speak in more general terms, he might have performed up to one thousand of them. Ling Ran had met humble doctors who wanted to learn and those who wanted to test him, and he never categorized them, just like how he never classified his weak classmates. Ling Ran always treated everyone the same way. 

Huo Congjun slapped his hand against his forehead and said nothing. 

Although he himself was a person who loved scolding others, when he wanted to scold someone, Huo Congjun actually placed a high value on timing, location, and the people around him. 

They had just boarded the hospital ship, and Huo Congjun wanted to understand the situation on the ship, but… since Ling Ran had started offending others, he might as well let it be. 

Huo Congjun adjusted his posture and decided to observe quietly.

Lin Honghou also gradually became quiet, because while he was still thinking about he was going to make things hard for Ling Ran, Ling Ran had already finished handling the last remaining parts that needed to be handled for the spleen. 

Lin Honghou could not find any flaws.

Lin Honghou rarely encountered this kind of situation. Every surgeon had different habits and working styles. When they performed surgery, there would always be certain parts where they could handle well and certain parts where they could not. 

This was just like when a student was solving a question. There would be times where he could solve a hard question correctly, and times where he would get the wrong answer for a simple question.

Lin Honghou originally planned to scold him after he found a silly mistake. For a doctor at Ling Ran's age, it would be best if they did not make too many silly mistakes. In Lin Honghou's impression, when the young doctors in the hospital base made too many silly mistakes, even the senior doctors would not know where to begin scolding them. 

However, Lin Honghou did not find any silly mistakes.

Naturally, Lin Honghou did not panic. Even if a student answered simple questions correctly, if the teacher wanted to scold them, they would just look for other areas to do so. 

Lin Honghou looked around while thinking… 

He watched Ling Ran finish dealing with the spleen. Then, he looked at Ling Ran suturing the injured vein, and he saw Ling Ran start to touch the liver… 

"Liver… what…" Lin Honghou panicked. 'How dare you try to treat the liver? Aren't you too arrogant?'

"It'll be done soon." Ling Ran did not want to explain at this time. The liver was quite a difficult organ to handle at Lin Honghou's level, so he did not need to explain. If Lin Honghou could understand, then it would be good. If he did not, it was pretty normal too.

Ling Ran quickly separated the tissues and made a knot. Then, he cut a very small piece and said, "Send to the Pathology Department."

"Send to the Pathology Department? Do you suspect cancer?" The circulating nurse of the operating theater was stunned.

"Looks like it. It looks pretty similar to the liver cancer patients I operated on recently." Ling Ran explained at this moment before he urged her to make a move and said, "Hurry up and send it over. I'll settle the other parts of the patient first."

It was only at this moment that Huo Congjun had the opportunity to speak, and he said, "Ling Ran performed more than five hundred cases of hepatectomy this year, so just follow his judgment."

"Oh? Oh…"Lin Honghou's voice sounded weak.