Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 689

691 Rescue

Ling Ran operated on the patient in a leisurely manner.

It was very easy to familiarize oneself with hepatectomy in patients with liver cancer. He had just done so in Beijing for a month, and there were people watching him and learning from him all the time. Hence, not only was Ling Ran working very smoothly, but he was also guiding Lin Honghou very well.

Lin Honghou obediently acted as Ling Ran's assistant.

The operating theater was just like a jungle. After Lin Honghou realized that his skills were far inferior to those of Ling Ran's, he admitted defeat like how dholes submitted to lions. He was willing to eat the lion's leftovers, and he did not dare to challenge the lion the same way dogs did.

It actually did not matter whether he had the guts to challenge the lion, as those who were gutsy would end up dying. This was a very normal thing in society.

However, even though Lin Honghou's body had admitted defeat, his mind refused to submit.

As Lin Honghou watched the way Ling Ran worked at lightning speed, Ling Honghou's mind even had a slight urge to laugh. 'Go ahead and show off your skills. This is just the first day our rescue team is deployed, and we still have a long way to go. You won't be capable of being this fast every day, right? You can go ahead and tire yourself to death if you want to! Moreover, what's the point of showing off like this? So that I can see it? Wow, I'm flattered indeed…'

As Lin Honghou thought of this, even his mood became a little better.

*Ring, ring.*

The bell in the operating theater rang.

Ling Ran raised his head and glanced at the phone without being aware of it.

He was not using the intraoperative pathological examination method today, as the patient was relatively young, and slicing off a little bit more of normal tissues would not affect his prognosis that much. Of course, it would be better if he could remove less normal tissues. However, since the conditions on the ship did not allow it, he should not waste time just to remove less normal tissues.

Even so, Ling Ran was a little sensitive to the ringing of the phone in the operating theater.

The circulating nurse walked over quickly. She picked up the receiver and hummed a few times in acknowledgment. Her expression was becoming more and more solemn.


The circulating nurse placed the receiver back to its original position. She then looked at the group of people in the operating theater and gulped. "The helicopter is sending over two heavily injured patients over. One seems to have a fracture in his skull, and the other fractured both his arms and has lost consciousness…"

Lin Honghou immediately became anxious. "There are only two operating theaters on the ship. I wonder how the surgery next door is going."

"Then, we should speed up too." As Ling Ran spoke, he extended his hand to ask for an instrument. He then said to the nurse, "Focus. It's time to up our speed."

"Okay…" There was a baffled expression on Lin Honghou's face.

Next, he saw that Ling Ran had become twice as fast as he previously was.

He finished suturing the blood vessels.

He placed the hepatic ligaments aside.

He totally ignored the common bile duct.

Even after using every last ounce of strength in his body, Lin Honghou could barely keep up with Ling Ran's speed. He was able to keep going for around thirty seconds before he degenerated into a robot who was only operating the retractor.

Ling Ran's style had always been to only let his assistants do what they were capable of.

And with Ling Ran's current speed, Lin Honghou almost could not do anything at all.

He had not carried out hepatectomy before to begin with, and after Ling Ran sped up, everything was beyond Lin Honghou's comprehension. There were quite a few steps that Lin Honghou did not understand at all.

Surgeons were often known as robots, but in reality, their constitution was far more complicated than that of a robot. This was because their surgical field was limited most of the time. It was just like fixing a machine without being allowed to dismantle it. Moreover, the surgeons could only make small incisions, and the incisions might be located at strange positions.

Just imagine a mechanic who was not allowed to open the front cover of a generator he was fixing. He could only open one of the side covers, and that side cover could not be too big, probably around twelve inches. When this happened, what the mechanic saw was totally different from the sectional view of the generator that was usually available. But this was not even the most troublesome part. the most troublesome part was that every single generator would be different on the inside, with all the components and wiring experiencing natural growth. Some important parts may even be located in the wrong position...

It was only natural that Lin Honghou was not able to keep up with Ling Ran's pace, as he had not made adequate preparation. In reality, at this pace, Lin Honghou had lost his mind.

He had no idea what Ling Ran was doing at all at this point, and was only doing everything Ling Ran commanded him to. He was like a dumbfounded resident doctor.

Lin Honghou had no choice but to gather all his mental strength and operate on the patient with full focus.

His mind did not even have the strength to unleash its fury. It had no choice but to mutter constantly, 'He's definitely showing off his skills. This is too much, isn't it?'

His body was already feeling weak, and it scolded angrily, 'Shut up!'

As they carried on, Ling Ran became more and more at ease.

Meanwhile, Lin Honghou's mind continued to become blanker.

It was to the point that he wanted to yell at Ling Ran to slow down, but he was not even able to find the time to shout.


The ship swayed a little.

Ling Ran immediately moved the pair of forceps he was holding away from the patient. Even though Lin Honghou moved very quickly too, the structure of the liver was too complicated for a calamity to be avoided right now.

The retractor Lin Honghou was using to hold back one of the veins that was deep inside the patient's liver moved, and a surge of venous blood instantly flowed out.

"Hemorrhage…" Lin Honghou's eyes immediately turned red.

"Noted." Ling Ran was well prepared though.

When it came to surgeries, the fact that there was no accident would be an unforeseen circumstance in itself.

Moreover, this was the first time Ling Ran was operating on a ship. Hence, he was well prepared. He effortlessly tossed the pair of forceps he was holding aside. And now that his hand was free, he immediately reached out and pinched the vein where the blood was surging out from.

"Attach absorbable suture to the needle holder," Ling Ran ordered. The moment he received the instrument, he sutured the bleeding point with his left hand and made a knot with one hand.

"What's the blood pressure?" Ling Ran lowered his head to inspect his handiwork as he inquired.

"110/70." The anesthetist rose and reported.

"Then, let's continue the surgery." Ling Ran tossed the needle holder aside and carried on.

Both Lin Honghou's body and mind were baffled and felt defeated. 


Ling Ran used less than an hour to complete the entire surgery.

Operating on patients on a ship was unlike working in the operating theater in hospitals. There was no need for Ling Ran to make it a point to give his assistants opportunities. Hence, Ling Ran finished the entire surgery by himself.

"Is there an ICU in the hospital ship? If there isn't one, send him to the special care unit and provide critical care." After Ling Ran was done, he tossed the pair of scissors he was holding aside and ordered.

"We have a special care unit. We'll be able to send him to the ICU at our base tomorrow," Lin Honghou answered very quickly, and he spoke in the kind of tone a doctor used while speaking to a senior doctor. He was, of course, not as obedient as a true junior doctor, as there was not a working relationship between them to begin with.

However, surgeons built their authority in the operating theater by having superior skills.

Lin Honghou was unable to fight against Ling Ran and had given up doing so.

After a short while, the sound of helicopter blades rang out from the sky.

This was the same helicopter that Ling Ran and Huo Congjun boarded. After it took off from land and sent Ling Ran and his entourage to "Yun Hua 893", the people operating the helicopter started ferrying members of the rescue team to Baoyuanjiao to complete part of the rescue mission after making some preparations. The helicopter was then used to fetch the patients back to the hospital ship.

As the storm at Baoyuanjiao was still ongoing, the helicopter seemed rather battered. However, the patients in the helicopter were well-protected.

The heavily injured patients were sent to the operating theaters at lightning speed.

Huo Conjun had also changed into scrubs and entered the operating theater next to the one Ling Ran was in. He took command of the operating theater effortlessly.

The doctor in the operating theater Huo Congjun entered was even younger than Lin Honghou. He was also less confident compared to Lin Honghou.

At times like this, words of encouragement were not something that could make doctors more confident. Truth be told, the doctors being confident would not change anything.

Even Ling Ran chose to treat the patients with fractured arms and let Department Director Huo deal with the patient with a fractured skull at this moment. 

The doors of both operating theaters were shut, and the people inside were busy once again.

The helicopter only stayed for half an hour before fetching members of the rescue team to where the storm was again.

The ship was fifty-three miles away from Baoyuanjiao. The tide had subsided, and the sea was calm once more.

The sky was blue.

The water was blue.

The waves were low.

It was such a beautiful sight, almost like heaven.