Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 692

694 Here I Come

"His body was hit by a rope, and he also fell down multiple times." The rescue team member who came over with the helicopter had a dull look on his face. He looked serious, and there was no excitement in him. 

The excitement from the rescue site had been completely drained away from his body while he was on the way there.

Zuo Cidian had seen many family members who came to the hospital with the ambulance. They had the same look. When he saw the rescue team member's expression, his heart sank as well. 

That was the expression of resignation because they knew that the situation was not good for the patient. 

Zuo Cidian pushed the patient into the elevator. When the door was closed, he opened the buckle and took a look at the patient's abdomen. He could then understand how the rescue team member was feeling. What he said about the patient falling down multiple times was obviously not a descriptive noun, but what had truly happened. 

Zuo Cidian recalled the conversation they had just not too long ago, and he nearly wept.

The same person had laughed and talked about life while also serving as a thoughtful uncle for the young men in his team and complained about how unfair their lives were, and in the blink of an eye…

In truth, Zuo Cidian was not someone who often witnessed death. 

He had worked in the town hospital for more than twenty years. The number of dead people he saw during that period was not as many as the number he saw in Yun Hua Hospital in just a few months. Regardless of whether it was the number of dead patients he saw or his emotions when he dealt with the dead, in that regard, Zuo Cidian was more like a resident doctor than those old doctors who were used to seeing dead people. 

Zuo Cidian tried really hard to hold back his tears, and after a lot of effort, he managed to not make them spill. 

An old man's eye bags, dark circles, as well as his dark and inconspicuous face were extremely useful right then. 

"We'll go to Operating Theater 1. Let Doctor Ling perform the surgery. It's the first operating theater you see when you enter through the door. There's a huge '1' in the middle of the door, and it's written in green ink. It's very obvious. If you run into anyone who wants that operating theater, don't give it to them." Zuo Cidian deliberately reminded the rescue team member a few times.

The rescue team member who sent the patient over immediately understood what he meant, but he still looked around vigilantly and asked, "Are we putting a label on his foot?"

"We're not to that extent yet, but passing him to Doctor Ling would be the best choice."

Zuo Cidian's answer was completely different from the rescue team member's question, but they could both understand what they were trying to tell each other.

Putting a label on a patient's foot meant that they were to place different colored labels on the big toe to label the degree of severity of the patient's injuries to help the doctors save the patients even more efficiently. 

Using such a labeling system for on-site first aid could save more people compared with first aid performed without using the labeling system.

However, the mode of putting on the label was very cruel. Some patients would be given up on due to far too severe injuries, while some of the patients had a chance of being saved if they received normal emergency care. But due to material conditions or insufficient time, there was a possibility that they would be abandoned or not enough resources could be obtained… 

The rescue team naturally also knew about this situation. They probably had participated in this kind of labeling system before. Perhaps they did put the label on the foot, but there was still a labeling system.

Naturally, even this hospital ship, which only contained two operating theaters, also implemented certain types of classifications.

The operating theater was definitely given to critically ill patients. Ling Ran took over Operating Theater 1 and did not come out at all, while Huo Congjun from Operating Theater 2 had been exchanging his position with Doctor Zhou and Zhao Leyi frequently. All three of them had similar skills. Correspondingly, the doctors in the debridement room and treatment room also kept exchanging positions with each other. Therefore, although there did not blatantly categorize the patients according to the level of severity in their wounds, from Zuo Cidian's perspective, the current patient would definitely face different results if he were to be passed to another doctor.

Or rather, only when he was passed to Doctor Ling would he possibly receive a different ending could only possibly appear.

After working as an emergency physician for so long, Zuo Cidian understood that with the patient's current injuries, if there was anyone who could save him, it would mostly be Ling Ran.

Although Department Director Huo was very good, his skillfulness was within the range that Zuo Cidian understood. If he thought that the patient would not die, then he would not run into any accidents if he were sent to Department Director Huo. In fact, some patients might look to be severely injured, but if they were not really severely injured, there was still a big possibility that they could be saved if they were sent to Huo Congjun.

But Ling Ran was different. 

Ling Ran can create "miracles". In fact, he was a doctor who could create "miracles" multiple times.

Compared with Department Director Huo or other assistant lecturer doctors, Ling Ran's treatment scope was much narrower. However, patients who were in his treatment scope could get first-class medical insurance, and some patients who may have had a low possibility of surviving could be saved by Ling Ran. 

Such situations made it hard for the doctors in Yun Hua Hospital to promote Ling Ran's services or discuss it. However, everyone had seen it with their own eyes. 

This was like the CPR which Zuo Cidian had participated in many times, particularly the prolonged CPR. If it had to be put into words, that was definitely one of those medical cases that many hospitals would only find themselves facing once in many years. It was not that other hospitals did not have patients who needed CPR, but under the circumstances where many patients needed CPR, only Ling Ran would spend a long time performing CPR, and he had a high chance to obtain the medical cases. 

Ling Ran and his treatment group had many patients recover from prolonged CPR. 

Therefore, at this time, Zuo Cidian could only hope Ling Ran was able to create another miracle again. 

Only a miracle could save the life of the rescue team member in front of them. 

"Doctor Ling is the youngest, but he has the best skills. There's only hope when he is passed to Doctor Ling. Remember, if other doctors ask you to send him to other places, please don't listen to them, okay?" Zuo Cidian looked at the young rescue team member who might be deceived by others. 

The young rescue team member nodded. "I know. The vice-captain has previously mentioned that there's a doctor named Doctor Zuo who is very kind. Although he looks cunning, he is a kindhearted person. At that time, the vice-captain asked us to look for Doctor Zuo if anything happened to us…" 

Zuo Cidian could no longer hold back his tears anymore, and his tears flowed down along his eyebags. His warm tears could be clearly seen under the light. 

The young rescue team member immediately avoided looking at the eyes, as he was the type to easily cry when he saw other's tears. 

Zuo Cidian suddenly laughed and wiped his eyes. Then, he looked at that rescue team member and could not help but have a thought appear in his head. "So, are you the team member who will get married the day after tomorrow?"

The young team member was stunned and said, "It's me. You even know about this?"

"A normal person can hardly forget about this. Alright, just stay on the ship and help."

The young team member nodded and replied, "Okay."

Zuo Cidian nodded gently and pushed the gurney toward the operating theater after the elevator opened. 

After he walked two steps forward, he saw that the gurney did not start speeding up even after he pushed it, so he immediately turned around and shouted, "What happened?"

"Oh… coming." The young team member immediately followed while pushing the gurney, and he spoke with his deep voice, "So, the captain allowed me to send the vice-captain because he was worried about me? I…" 

"Stop being so dramatic." Zuo Cidian gave the young rescue team member a fierce look. "You came back alone because one person had to come back with your vice-captain, and you should be the one who has the fortune for that chance. You can't possibly let your captain come back, right? These things are not something that you can reason and argue in your head alone. Go back and cry with your wife. When you're here…"

"I was… probably saved by the vice-captain." The young team member's cheeks trembled. "When the rope came to me, the vice-captain pushed me…"

The young team member looked at Zuo Cidian with expectation. 

At the moment, they were getting nearer to the operating theater, and Zuo Cidian was not free to comfort him anymore. He turned around and said, "Now, go and write down the vice captain's contraindications clearly, including his blood group allergies and other things. If you don't know, make a satellite call to other people in your team. They should have this record…" 

As he spoke, Zuo Cidian stepped on the brake pedal of the gurney and whispered, "Wait a minute. No matter who comes, do not allow them to push him away."

Then, Zuo Cidian took a few steps forward before he stepped open the door to Operating Theater 1 and entered. 

One minute... Two minutes.

The young team members became more anxious the longer he waited. He kept thinking about his vice captain's history of allergies, and at the same time, he was worried that others would steal the patient away. 

When someone came over, he even stood nervously in front of the gurney. 


The door of the operating theater ahead of him was opened. There was another gurney that was pushed out by two medical staff. They left through the other end of the tunnel. 

Zuo Cidian waved while he jogged over. 

The young team member immediately pushed the cart forward.


"Brake." Zuo Cidian reminded him and came over. He lifted the brake pedal and whispered, "Write down his contraindications. Then go and ask for his blood type." 

"Oh, okay…" The young team member kept turning back. "You have to save my vice-captain!"

Zuo Cidian only nodded. He had the same thought in his mind, but he dared not say it out loud.