Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 694

696 Draw Blood

Zuo Cidian sat across the old fisherman and calmed down before he re-examined his injury.

After a brief examination, when Zuo Cidian understood the situation, he raised his head and looked at the old fisherman. 

The old fisherman did not say anything throughout the entire process. He looked at Zuo Cidian with his slightly-yellowish eyes as if he was watching his catch from the boat.

Zuo Cidian was a bit nervous. Strictly speaking, the procedure just now had wasted the patient's time. If he were in the emergency room of the hospital, the patient would probably point it out and complain.

Zuo Cidian felt even more diffident while he was in the hospital ship. This was not his turf. If the patient had pointed at him and scolded him, there was probably no one who would stand up for him.

"Tell me if it hurts." Zuo Cidian moved the old fisherman's arm slightly. He then saw the old fisherman frown, but still did not speak.

Zuo Cidian also frowned.

"Can you speak?" Zuo Cidian could not help but ask. 

"Yes," the old fisherman said briefly.

Zuo Cidian smiled at a loss. He asked, "Why don't you say anything if you could speak? Doesn't it hurt?"

"It hurts."

"Tell when it hurts, don't bother to deliberately hide it. I mean, tell me if it hurts so that I can make a better call as well."

"Ok." The old fisherman still seemed as if he did not want to speak. 

Zuo Cidian let out a smile to ease the atmosphere and asked, "You don't like to talk?"

The old fisherman glanced at Zuo Cidian. His meaning was clear. 

Zuo Cidian smiled. "You have to talk to the doctor. Just like now, you have to express pain. Otherwise, I can't handle your situation properly, and if the bones are not connected well, this will last for your entire life."

"It's better than dying," the old fisherman finally uttered a short sentence, but it left Zuo Cidian speechless.

"Was the accident scene... really that terrible?" Zuo Cidian could not help but lower his voice.

The old fisherman nodded.

"What... was it like? I mean, there seems to be a storm at the scene? Is it still raining?"

The old fisherman only continued to nod. Just when Zuo Cidian thought he did not want to talk, the old fisherman slowly said, "It's like cooking fish in a big pot. When the wind is strong, the fish can fall apart in the pot. Humans are like shredded meat. They have to stay together like a large piece of meat in order to survive. If they scattered, they would fall apart. The boat coming from behind would be dragging out fish meat and scooping out shredded meat... "

The abstract and simple description made Zuo Cidian stunned.

The position where the hospital ship was anchored was far from the storm zone. It can be said that the waves were calm. Zuo Cidian had to recall how storms were like from movies in order to have a relatively objective understanding of the scene described by the old fisherman.

Zuo Cidian could not help but think of the vice-captain who was being rescued in the operating theater, and an inexplicable thought came to his mind, 'Shredded meat saving shredded meat.'

Several pieces of shredded meat twisting into a rope to save another shred in the boiling soup ...

Perhaps the feeling of fighting the waves was so great was because the human body was so fragile ...

"Did you take a scan? Let me take a look at the scan first." Zuo Cidian felt his emotions fluctuating again. He stood up and took some time to observe the scan as well as compose his emotions.

Zuo Cidian switched on the lightbox that was against the wall and inserted the scan. However, he could not help but think about the situation below deck. 

'At this time, the surgery downstairs should have begun. I wonder if they have enough blood plasma.

'I don't know what's going on inside that guy's abdominal cavity. I hope there aren't too many places that are ruptured.

'It shouldn't matter if a little more is ruptured. Doctor Ling's suturing skill is top-notch... Don't think too much about it, I have to first finish my task at hand…'

Zuo Cidian forcefully focused. When he turned his head around, he saw that the old fisherman was still calm and at ease. He could not help but admire him. "Your sitting posture is really admirable."

"I sprained my leg." The old fisherman's mood was stable, and his expression was clear.

Apart from raising his thumb, Zuo Cidian could not say a word.


In Operation Theater 1, two aspirators were sucking blood, so much so that the large glass jar next to it was almost full.

"A hundred and thirty-five ounces," the anesthetist said and obediently shut up.

He reported the amount of bleeding. For surgery, that amount of bleeding was an absolute forbidden value. Generally speaking, 100 ounces was already enough to be classified as a hemorrhage and a few other terms.

Ling Ran and Department Director Huo's expressions did not change at all.

Yun Hua Hospital had seen too many patients with even more serious cases. Many of those who were injured in car accidents had suffered far more trauma than the vice captain's current degree.

However, the vice-captain was still in danger. On the one hand, his physical condition was still unknown to him, and on the other hand, the conditions in the ship were poor.

In terms of equipment, instruments, and medicine, the Yun Hua 893 was not as well-prepped as Yun Hua Hospital. Its quality was also worse than Yun Hua Hospital. They either did not prepare certain rare medication in sufficient quantities or simply did not have it. 

For example, papaverine, which can help patients with various cerebral embolism, myocardial infarction, or amniotic fluid embolism, did not exist in the Yun Hua 893. Of course, Yun Hua Hospital cannot use this medicine at will either, but when it was needed, it can still be obtained, it just more complicated and troublesome to get them.

However, in the vast sea, if the Yun Hua 893 did not prepare medication beforehand, they would not have it. There was no time to transport anything, and it was impossible to prepare all medicines for a medical ship that weighed several thousand tons.

They can only try their best to overcome the situation. 

"There isn't even an autologous-blood recovery machine." Huo Congjun always promoted the use of autologous blood recovery. At this time, when he saw that the patient was bleeding a lot, he found himself completely unused to the situation. "What are these doctors' brains made of? There are so many wounds, and they did not prepare an autologous-blood recovery machine? Do they really want to continue relying on blood bags? "

"How much blood is left?" Ling Ran looked up and asked.

"There're six more bags," the nurse quickly answered, "And there are 13.5 ounces per bag."

Huo Congjun and Ling Ran looked at each other. They felt that it might not be enough.

Blood products also had a shelf life, and there were many blood types. Therefore, even on a hospital ship, it was not possible to store a lot of blood bags. But after one day and night of operations, if they still had 170 ounces to 200 ounces of blood left, and that amount was already much larger than many blood stations on the inland.

In normal surgeries, if the blood loss was below 34 ounces, blood transfusion was basically not needed. When the blood loss was large, transfusing 27 ounces of blood was already considered a lot. Therefore, the remaining blood on board could originally last them for a long time. Furthermore, many patients whose bleeding volume had exceeded the average would die halfway through the surgery, and it was not as if the doctors could save them by transfusing a lot of blood. At that time, no matter how much blood they transfused into the patient, it was useless. 

But the patient in front of them had a strong desire to survive.

Huo Congjun and Ling Ran were moved by his will, and they knew that this kind of patients were most likely to be saved.

"We have to be faster," Huo Congjun whispered, "I'll suture with you."

The main problem now was that there were a large number of broken blood vessels in the abdominal cavity. The patient would only have a chance to survive if they were properly sutured. 

Before the suture was completed, there will be an endless amount of bleeding. 

Ling Ran did not want Huo Congjun's help, and he refused resolutely, "I can suture them faster by myself."

Huo Congjun had no choice but to take a step back.

Ling Ran lowered his head and continued suturing so diligently that he did not even notice the system's notification.

[Mission: Rescue him]

[Mission Details: Rescue the vice-captain.]

[Reward: A monthly pass to relieve soreness!]