Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 695

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Ling Ran exercised his neck. His muscles were sore now.

The main reason was that the work pace on the ship was too tense, and the environment was not comparable to working on land. If he were in Yun Hua Hospital, even if Ling Ran was performing a series of operations, he would have an appropriate amount of time to rest in between surgeries, especially surgeries like hepatectomy. He might usually appear to perform surgery after surgery, but in actual fact, he always had twenty to thirty minutes of time between surgeries where he basically did nothing, perhaps even more. 

Patients undergoing elective surgery would not mind waiting for such a short time. In fact, Ling Ran would take a lot of this break time to look at the MRI scans before he used a Virtual Human.

Even in liver cancer surgery, which had the heaviest workload of all, Ling Ran also had a habit of taking a break. To Ling Ran, the time for the Pathology Department to send the report over was the time to rest.

However, on the hospital ship, the patients who were sent over were all people who truly needed emergency treatment, and each of them was injured worse than the last. 

Two ships had collided before hitting a reef. Fortunately, when the ships hit the reef, it gave the wounded some hope of survival because the ships went up the reef. But the bad thing was that it created more danger and put greater pressure on the doctors who were treating them. 

While the Yun Hua 893 was on its way, the rescue team that arrived at the accident scene earlier had accumulated a large number of patients, and those patients who were being transferred right then were mostly critical patients. With only two operating theaters in the hospital ship as a basis, forget about Ling Ran, even Huo Congjun only had a very short time to rest, since they had to deal with so many patients. Even Doctor Zhou had not found time to slack off. 

After Ling Ran had concentrated for a few hours, his condition inevitably started declining. 

After receiving the mission from the system, he snapped to attention. 

He needed to give his all with every surgery. If he thought about saving his energy and allocating his stamina for subsequent surgeries, he would have to pay for the patient's wellbeing and quality of life.

He would just have to solve whatever problem he faced when the next surgery rolled around. If he just saved or allocated his energy, or do any other thing, he would not be able to solve any future problems. That would only create problems in the present.

"Control the body temperature. How is his blood volume?" Ling Ran quickly sutured and tied knots, as if he had returned to the time when he had just learned Master Level Simple Interrupted Suture Technique. The difference was that he now understood all the various situations during surgery and had the corresponding capability to respond to those situations.

Even without the corresponding skills from the system, Ling Ran had accumulated enough knowledge after working in the Emergency Medical Center after working in it for more than one year, and he could make various intraoperative diagnosis during the surgery. 

The anesthetist on the hospital ship was a little amateurish in terms of skill. He took some time before he reported, "I can basically maintain his blood volume at seven... whereas the temperature ..."

He looked around the operating theater in a troubled manner and whispered, "Shall we increase the room temperature?"

Not having the corresponding equipment in the operating theater to regulate the patient's temperature was considered a problem in terms of the medical treatment ideals they held, but they could also be described as poor.

For patients with massive bleeding who required massive blood transfusions, maintaining their body temperature was very important. Yun Hua Hospital had the corresponding requirements in this regard, and they had also issued a series of papers with this as its topic. 

Huo Congjun looked around and asked, "Is there an electric blanket on the boat? Bring it over, disinfect, wrap it up, and send it over here so we can use it."

A health worker hurriedly went out to find an electric blanket. When the operation had progressed to this extent, it had already surpassed what the Yun Hua 893 could manage. The health worker was confused throughout the whole process. He just did whatever he was told to do, and he was as obedient as a koi fish. 

As a member of the local rescue center specializing in rescuing the people caught in disasters of the sea, the normal missions that the Yun Hua 893 usually had to face were just patients numbering in the single-digits, and they were mainly to be transferred or temporarily housed before being transferred after they were treated. Difficult surgeries had never been part of its crew's training goals.

It was also impossible with setting up performing difficult surgeries as the crew's goal. Ever since Yun Hua Rescue and Salvage Center took over this hospital ship, the total number of operations they performed in it over the past few years had been fewer than a thousand cases. When providing free medical treatment, it was necessary for it to follow a treatment group from a larger hospital ship. When they reached the place, they mostly did minor operations.

Such a surgical volume and level of surgery could not support high-ranking doctors. It would be difficult to even maintain its state of operations. Imagine a doctor who was good at hepatectomy. If he or she were to arrive in this sort of hospital ship, that doctor may not even get three or four cases of hepatectomy a year. With two to three years down the line, it would be inevitable for the doctor's skills to be rusty. Not only would the doctor's skills turn rusty, but the entire medical team would also encounter the problem of no longer being as skilled as they were in the past. Even if they were paid highly, it would be difficult for them to maintain a team. Besides, they were not able to get high pay for this type of work. 

Huo Congjun used to be a military doctor. He was very accustomed to a hospital ship's atmosphere. He knew that their work was extremely vigorous, but the conditions were really bad.

Nowadays, even the medical staff in a military hospital would find it hard to not have their skills decline, and it would be even more difficult for the medical staff of a hospital ship to retain their skills. 

Huo Congjun looked at Ling Ran, who was fully focused on operating, and he examined the scan that was just taken. He felt that the kidneys could wait, so he took a break and asked Lu Wenbin to come over so that he could give up his place. He asked, "When will the supply ship arrive? Is there any more blood being sent over?"

"The nearest supply ship will arrive in a little more than two hours, and they only brought 54 ounces of B-type blood," answered Lin Honghou once he rushed over from the treatment room to help.

Huo Congjun frowned and said, "That's definitely not enough."

"Four blood packs are not enough?" Lin Honghou was surprised.

"Won't the others who'll be sent in later need them as well?" Huo Congjun pursed his lips. He had been the director of the Emergency Department for many years. He never put hope on "possibility", because if hope was lost, it would cost someone else's life.

At this moment of such a large-scale rescue, Huo Congjun certainly could not let the wounded who were saved at the accident scene to die here because of insufficient blood supply.

Lin Honghou gulped and whispered, "How about we mobilize the crew? There would be about ten people with B-type blood on the ship. If one person gives 13.5 ounces, we will get 135 ounces. It will be enough for us to last until we replenish our stock when we reach the shore later."

One of the complications of blood supply was that blood types were different, and the consumption of different blood types would also be different. In this rescue mission, which involved anywhere from several dozens to one hundred patients, two wounded people of the same blood type could consume a large amount of that certain blood group in their blood storage. With how urgently they needed blood right then, it would be very hard for them to have enough blood if they only had one blood supply.

Lin Honghou guessed that even if they asked for help from the shore now, Yun Hua's blood station would probably take some time to get the right blood type. A certain amount of time would pass if they chose to wait for it to be transferred over. 

Huo Congjun also knew about the situation. He frowned slightly and said, "The rescue at the scene is not over yet, and the wounded will definitely be sent over. The crew may have to work for a continuous period of one to twenty hours without rest."

After drawing blood, it would definitely not be suitable for the donors to work for a long period of time. Even if work intensity was reduced, their work efficiency would be affected. Huo Congjun could not expect all the crew members with type B blood to have the determination to overcome the fatigue in their bodies. 

"Then what should we do?" Lin Honghou looked somewhat annoyed, because he had all his suggestions vetoed. But unless they gave up on the wounded patient in front of him ...

He watched Ling Ran, who was still seriously performing the surgery. Although he had only known him for a few hours, he did not feel that he could take the wounded patient away from Ling Ran.

"How many crew members does the supply ship have?" Huo Congjun asked suddenly.

Lin Honghou responded subconsciously, "We definitely have a full crew for such an important mission. Besides, there may be some of them who are only here for show. There are also new medical staff who have just joined our ranks, and there are at least one hundred of us…"

"Draw blood from them." Huo Congjun looked up at the clock on the wall and said, "Have them arrive at the fastest speed, if possible, ask if they can send a speedboat to let the crew members with blood type B bring the blood type B bags over here first. Go and mobilize the people to make preparations to draw blood. Have the blood bank and the Medical Laboratory Department be up and running, and try to get the blood collected in one hour..."

"We're asking the crew members with blood type B to bring the blood type B bags over via speedboat?" Lin Honghou looked at Huo Congjun and suddenly felt scared.

Huo Congjun responded as if this was the obvious solution to take, "When we're racing against time, we can't take so many things into consideration. Back in my days, my teacher could draw blood while performing the surgery. By the way, mobilize the people. Don't draw the blood of those who are sent to the scene or are staying in the hospital ship. Draw blood from all those who are going to leave the ship and return to the shore before they leave, and get 13.5 ounces from each person."

"Yes." Lin Honghou was so nervous that he almost saluted.