Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 696

698 Ill Do It

In the afternoon, the hot sun shone on the surface of the sea and made those who lied at the corner of the ship feel as if they were able to see the fish in the water. 

Two crew members could not hide from the sun even if they wore caps. They leaned against the side of the ship as if they had given up all hope until they heard the sound of the engine from a speed boat coming to them from the direction ahead. 

"They're here." One of the crew members took a pair of binoculars and took a look. Then, he immediately shouted into the walkie talkie, "07, 07, I'm 08, the blood is here, the blood is here. Over."

"Roger. Coming now. Over." Lin Honghou's voice sounded a little distorted. 

When Lin Honghou climbed to the deck, the insanely fast speedboat already came from the other side of the waves as if it jumped over. It arrived near Yun Hua 893. 

"Blood type B?" Lin Honghou tugged at the brim of his hat and could not see the surface of the sea surface under the sun clearly.

"Yes. This is the first time I am able to tell a person's blood type with my own eyes." The crew member standing ahead sighed with a myriad of emotions in him, as if he had learned a new skill. 

Lin Honghou could not help but purse his lips and said, "There are four bags of blood on the ship. It should be sufficient for the time being. Let the people who came first do their work, and perform biochemical tests on them while you're at it. Once we're running out of blood or are about to leave, take their blood."

"Aye. Let's go and help. Later, we're all going to be giving up our blood, so don't tire yourselves out!" The crew member who stood at the front looked with the binoculars before he strode forward and shouted. 


At the operating theater, when news of the arrival of the speedboat was heard, the atmosphere in the operating theater became relaxed. 

The part-time health worker who had been bringing blood bags back and forth, while also preparing various devices even heaved a long sigh. Then, he said, "It's good now. The injured person should survive. This should be the vice-captain for the rescue team, right? I met him a few times. He's quite a nice person. If he can survive, it's probably because of God's grace."

"He's someone who saves others, and it's only logical if he survives. If he doesn't, the world is too dark and cruel." The young scrub nurse passed the surgical devices to Ling Ran. Her voice was soft and gentle. 

The health worker snuck a peek at her before he immediately looked away and acted mature. He said, "There isn't so much light and darkness in the world. Some people are destined to survive, while some who have bad luck will just die." 

After such a philosophical sentence, the health worker started to make himself appear imposing. At this moment, if he managed to criticize any boss in the system, he would at least have a sense of satisfaction. 

Ling Ran lowered his head and sutured. When he performed surgery, he did not like to chat, and neither would he stop others from chatting. But in any case, he would not join them. 

Huo Congjun lowered his head and helped. The times he went to the frontline to fight in Yun Hua Hospital was rapidly decreasing now. Working as the department director for the Emergency Medical Center meant that Huo Congjun's administrative tasks were going beyond just providing medical treatment. Nowadays, Huo Congjun spent more time on management. Even when he participated in rescue efforts, he was also responsible for on-site management. For the current situation, he still used his mind to think about the subsequent mission distribution, so he similarly did not care about the content of the conversation. 

Lu Wenbin was now doing aspiration and retraction repeatedly. He would even need to serve as an assistant occasionally, all that depended on what Department Director Huo wanted and whether any assistants wanted to come over. He also needed to listen to Ling Ran's instruction. Therefore, even if Lu Wenbin was interested in engaging in conversation, he was not free to talk.

For the young nurses, they would not be interested in the philosophical problems of part-time health workers. 

The operating theater suddenly became silent, and that was the favorite environment for Ling Ran. 

"Department Director Huo, you can start handling the kidney." Ling Ran finished suturing another blood vessel and gave up some space. 

"Okay." Huo Congjun squeezed himself to the position without saying anything. He lowered his head and started his operation. 

He was not a specialized doctor from the Department of Urology, but in the current environment, he was the most professional one. 

Kidney contusion was not a big problem, but the urethra at the side was obviously bruised. After abdominal closure, it was normal for it to cause troublesome conditions such as urethra rupture and abdomen contamination. 

Huo Congjung handled it carefully and sighed in relief. 


The door of the operating theater opened, and two people walked in. 

"The operating theater can't fit in so many people." The circulating nurse did not care who was the one who entered. She just scolded whoever it was who entered with a harsh tone. After all, this must be said, if the person who came was someone powerful, she could always apologize later as the great ones usually would not be mad at a responsible young nurse. 

"We're sent by the provincial hospital for help." The one who came in was the chief surgeon brought by Qi Zhenhai from the provincial hospital. Qi Zhenhai was already a chief physician who was also a medical Ph.D. holder, and he was in his early forties. He was just one step away from becoming a department director. 

Although it was just one step away, he did not get that position no matter how much he tried to take that step. 

"Huh?" Huo Congjun gasped, and he looked at Qi Zhenhai. Then, he snorted unhappily and said, "The provincial hospital sent all of you here?" 

"Department Director Huo." Qi Zhenhai grinned and greeted him. He said, "Our department director is old, so he won't be coming over. Even the top management thinks that I'm younger and stronger, so it'll be easier for all of you to order me around."

"All of you may go and help at Operating Theater 2. Right now, two of our attending physicians are performing surgery over there." Huo Congjun did not want to waste more breath with him.

Qi Zhenhai's conduct and way of doing things was not quite accepted by Huo Congjun. However, he was still a chief physician in the provincial hospital. His technical skills were much better than Doctor Zhou and Zhao Leyi. Huo Congjun was almost reaching his limit as well, and if he sent Qi Zhenhai to Operating Theater 2, he could reduce some of his pressure as well as give more benefits to the patients. 

Qi Zhenhai nodded and did not leave immediately. He gave a signal to his attending physician while he stayed and watched. 

Huo Congjun ignored him and continued to work as an assistant for Ling Ran. 

"It seems similar to a dying stomach, huh?" Qi Zhenhai stared for a few seconds, chuckled, and said, "Doctor Ling, how do you feel now? Do you need any assistance?"

He sounded as if he was testing waters. 

Since they were both at Yun Hua, Qi Zhenhai naturally heard about Ling Ran's success However, since Old Huo was here, Qi Zhenhai just quietly treated Ling Ran's successes as things that happened in other hospitals. 

But since Qi Zhenhai met Ling Ran this time, he wanted to size up Ling Ran. This kind of feeling was just similar to how soccer babies from different sports clubs would try to compare the size of their clubs' soccer balls when they met each other. 

Huo Congjun understood when he heard that. He smiled sarcastically and showed no intention of acknowledging him. 

He had seen Qi Zhenhai's skill before, and there was no way Qi Zhenhai's skill would improve by leaps and bounds within a few months' time. It was impossible for him to be like Ling Ran, after all. 

So, Huo Congkun felt that Ling Ran should be able to suppress Qi Zhenhai easily.

In fact, things progressed just as easily as he thought it would. 

Ling Ran performed the surgery silently. He sutured and restored the messy blood vessels in the vice captain's abdominal cavity according to the human anatomy. Then, he also added protection to the spleen, liver, and other damaged organs. 

The surgery was performed slowly as the damaged area was too big and the trauma was too serious. 

The most difficult thing was that during this period of time, most of the patient's vessels will bleed at any moment. Usually, it was hard to judge whether a blood vessel was in a good or bad state. But as time moved on, once the patient's blood pressure changed, it will burst at any moment. 

Ling Ran stopped the bleeding immediately after he declared that they had to stop the bleeding. 

The entire surgery was a repeating process between bleeding control and loss of blood 

Qi Zhenhai stood at the side and watched for ten minutes, even though he did not realize it. He did not leave even when his attending physician returned. 

At this moment, Qi Zhenhai felt as if he was experiencing the same feeling as when his teacher showed off to him during the time he studied his Ph.D. He had been young, rash, and ignorant… 


Zuo Cidian stepped open the door of the operating theater. 

The circulating nurse said without turning around, "It's fully occupied."

"I just want to take a look." Zuo Cidian looked around and whispered, "Is it successful?"

Huo Congjun nodded gently at him. 

It was only then that Zuo Cidian sighed and said, "Um, I'm type B as well, if there is nothing over here, I can go and donate my blood too…"

"No need." Ling Ran suddenly raised his head and said, "There should not be massive bleeding in the upcoming steps."

"I see… that's great then." Zuo Cidian could not help but lighten up. 

Qi Zhenhai frowned. The bleeding was not under control yet, but he believed that Ling Ran would not say anything without proof. This meant that Ling Ran had made full considerations for the entire surgery.

Qi Zhenhai could not help but feel a chill down his spine. How could such a young doctor have such medical skills…?

"Take over. I'm going to the operating theater." Qi Zhenhao did not want to look anymore. He turned to say something to Zuo Cidian before he left.