Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 698

700 Sunrise

"Doctor Ling, please take a rest. " Lu Wenbin also moved away from the operating table, and it was Lin Honghou's turn to move next to it. 

Although Lin Honghou was an attending physician, he had very limited chances to perform surgery. Aside from the one to two training sessions every year, the only other times he could perform more surgeries was when he was working three to four months at the base or when the hospital ship provided medical aid once a year on average.

But that was about it. He was not a direct student of any of the senior doctors from the base, so it would never be his turn to perform major surgeries. When he worked outside the base, the rescue team who provided free medical assistance would never have the chance to perform any major surgeries. Even if they did, they could not do many of them, and they would also not let Lin Honghou perform all of them. 

Take, for example, today. This was originally something that Lin Honghou was supposed to be able to do with confidence, but since the number of surgeries that he usually performed was few, forget having his superiors letting him perform those surgeries, even Lin Honghou himself was worried about his standards as a chief surgeon. 

Only when experts like Ling Ran performed the main part of the surgeries and stayed by the side to observe the remaining would Lin Honghou be able to quietly perform some surgeries.

At such a moment, even Lu Wenbin could stand beside him and guide him.

In fact, when it came to the hands and legs, Lu Wenbin's experience was at least ten times that of Lin Honghou. Even if they just treated a normal fracture, Lu Wenbin was also comparable in terms of skill with Lin Honghou. 

Medicine was a type of empirical science. Only when they had a certain degree of experience would the doctors be qualified to talk about theories, use various instruments, or pull off any other noteworthy feats.

It was not strange for barefoot doctors to be better at treating patients compared to resident doctors. Even when it came to making mistakes, barefoot doctors made fewer of them. However, the core focus of medical treatment was never problems like success rate, failure rate, and error rate made by junior doctors. The focus of medical treatment was always about how doctors could provide treatment to the masses. This was an era where even a normal person stood a chance to go to Peking Union Medical College Hospital and ask for treatment from the best doctor in China.

Only doctors could understand the difficulty of moving from a resident doctor all the way to becoming a top-class medical expert.

Ling Ran calmly glanced around the operating theater. He saw everyone doing their tasks in a well-organized manner, and he nodded at Lu Wenbin before he took off the gloves and left the operating theater.

The operating theaters in the hospital ship was not a laminar flow operating theatre, and the air-conditioning was not strong either. When there were many people inside, the patient's risk of getting an infection would increase, meanwhile, the environment inside was not comfortable as well.

Naturally, the air in the corridor was just as bad.

Ling Ran frowned and said to Huo Congjun, who followed behind him. "Department director, the air in the ship has been polluted."

"Yes, I've made some arrangements to send some people back. The people with light injuries could be sent back first, and some of the rescue team members who changed shifts could go back too. We'll observe the severely wounded for one day. Then, we will see how the situation is. If there are still injured people sent over, we will consider medical evacuation, otherwise, the whole ship will have to go back." Huo Congjun made it sound very easy. Yun Hua 893 was always a hospital ship, and it was also a medium-sized auxiliary hospital ship. Sending the injured people back was its main job. If they waited for another ship over before they evacuated the injured, it would be very easy for them to cause harm.

This was especially so for wounded people who had just undergone major surgery, if they were in the hospitals on land, they would need to be observed for two or three days in the ICU as well. Therefore, sending these patients out of the ship to another without any health security systems was basically not possible. 

Huo Congjun was also learning about the operating mode of the hospital ships, and he added his mindset into it the more he learned about how they operated.

Ling Ran only needed to raise a question and get a solution. 

"I'll go and take a shower first, call me if anything happens." Ling Ran left elegantly. At the same time, the reminder from the system popped out in his mind.

[Mission Completed: Rescue him]

[Mission Details: Rescue the vice-captain]

[Reward: A monthly pass to relieve soreness]

Subsequently, a plaster-like sticker the size of a palm appeared in front of Ling Ran and shone in faint red light.

"It'll be able to relieve pain for a month after I put it on?" Ling Ran asked the system.


"It won't fall off while I shower, right?"


Ling Ran nodded in satisfaction before he went into the bathroom to shower. He did not immediately put on the pain-relief sticker.

When the body was sore and in pain, taking a shower was the most comfortable thing to do. It was only natural that he would not allow the system to take this happiness away from him.

Ling Ran happily showered for fifteen minutes. If it were a normal ship, clean water was limited, but the supplies given to Yun Hua 893 while they restocked during the past few days was sufficient. Except for blood products, the things that Changxi Province always lacked, such as clean water and oil, would be given to them by the supply ships when they came over.

Otherwise, they would have nothing else to give them as supplies. 

For medical staff, sufficient food and a continuous supply of water, as well as electricity, could be considered as precious entertainment over the past few days. In fact, except for the time allotted to meals and baths, the medical staff did not have any time for themselves. Up to today, there were at least half of the people in the hospital ship who did not close their eyes and sleep. Even Ling Ran had taken two bottles of Energy Serum.

His workload was far heavier than other doctors and nurses, and he also spent more energy than them, so much so that it was already very difficult for him to persist for twelve hours even with a bottle of Energy Serum.

Of course, for the other people on the ship, Ling Ran's performance was considered extremely scary.

The reason why he could give instructions without any difficulty in the operating theater was because of his unbelievable energy, which was always at the peak, along with his good looks. 

After wiping his body and putting on clothes, Ling Ran stood in front of the mirror and suddenly asked, "System, what is the ranking of my skills for hepatectomy?"

The system immediately answered, "The standard of the hepatectomy you mastered now is ranked first in Yun Hua City, first in Changxi Province, third in China, and sixth in the world. There is a possibility that you will move up by one rank after performing five hundred to one thousand cases of correct hepatectomy."

"My hepatectomy is at Master Level, right?" Ling Ran recalled his other skills. He had Master Level M-Tang Technique, which was ranked at seventy-seventh in China. In comparison, his ranking in hepatectomy was obviously one level above his M-Tang technique.

The system gave an affirmation.

Ling Ran thought for a while and asked, "What would my ranking be if I had Perfect Level Hepatectomy?"

"The second in China, the fourth in the world," the system answered, stopped for a while, and said, "Your hepatectomy skill is nearly at Perfect Level."

Ling Ran then came to a realization. "So, if I perform another five hundred to one thousand hepatectomies, I can possibly promote my skill to Perfect Level?"

"Yes, it is possible."

Ling Ran nodded in satisfaction. This meant that in the past one year, the hepatectomies he performed, which numbered from hundreds to nearly one thousand, had obviously improved his skill level in hepatectomy. But when he thought about it, it was only logical. Compared to the beginning when he first started performing hepatectomy, the skill that Ling Ran mastered at the moment had a much higher success rate.

"If it's so, I will do some reading for a while." Ling Ran casually pasted the pain-relief sticker on himself, and he felt that he was not tired anymore. So, he went back to the waiting room, laid against the bed, took out an Ipad, and randomly clicked on an article. Ling Ran felt relaxed and at peace, just like how an army would feel when they rested and reorganize themselves during a war. Taking a nap during a bombardment was wise, afterall.