Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 699

701 One Should Not Die In Their Middle Ages

"Be careful."

"Stay safe."

"Be careful, it's slippery."

Amid the darkness, the men warned each other as they went from the warehouse at the bottom to the deck.

All the people were of varying heights, and they formed a row along the sides of the ship. They stood facing the east as the wind blew on their faces, and their clothes fluttered. They could only see darkness. When they raised their heads, the ocean was pitch black, and when they lowered their heads, the ocean blended in with the darkness. Only the sounds of waves and the voices of people could be heard.

"After this, I'm going to scold whoever who says that they want to live alone on an island to death," a nurse suddenly said, drawing light chuckles from the people around her.

"It's still alright to live alone on an island. There will be lighthouses, anyway. It's scarier to live alone in the mountains. Tigers are even more intelligent than cats."

"Based on the situation, I believe that the morgue is safer. There was once when I worked until late at night and ended up sleeping in the morgue. When I woke up the following day, I almost scared a hospital leader to death." Lin Honghou recalled the incident and could not help but wish that he had actually scared the hospital leader to death.

A dash of light rose slowly in the sky from the horizon. 

Daybreak came gently, like a campfire at the edge of the sky. It was faint yet bright at the same time, giving those who saw it a sense of anticipation, and filling their hearts with emotions.

The blue sky and rosy clouds formed a gorgeous painting, slowly unfolding itself before the people's eyes.

Slowly, the blue sky turned clearer, and rosier clouds appeared.

"It's here," someone said in a soft voice just as the top portion of the sun appeared.

The crowd went silent once again.

The group of adults held the railings and leaned against the side of the ship as they stood side by side. No one said a thing as they gazed at the sun, which was rising from the east.

"We saved sixty-seven people."

"Twenty-one of them were critically ill."

"All of the patients who were sent here survived."

"Today is indeed the highlight of our lives," Lin Honghou muttered to himself.

Even though he had worked on the hospital ship for quite a few years and had undergone a few training sessions, this rescue mission was the most large-scaled one that he had ever participated in. for visiting.

Most importantly, it was a glorious success.

To have saved the lives of twenty-one critically injured patients, no matter how a person looked at it, it was something to be proud of.

Lin Honghou felt that everyone who was present should receive a medal. Of course, the leaders were the ones who gave them medals, but even if his leaders did not commend him, he would still be proud of his performance in this rescue mission.

This was definitely a tale that he could relay to his grandchildren.

The sun rose slowly, like a meatball in a hotpot. If a person were to fix his gaze on it, it would remain low, and the person would not notice any changes. However, if you stopped paying attention to it for a moment, it would be high up in the sky already when you looked at it again.

Lin Honghou greedily took in the sight before him.

The wind stopped.

Everyone basked themselves in the warmth of the morning sun.

"It's time to go home." There was pride on Lin Honghou's face.

"It's time to go home!" Zuo Cidian seemed emotional.

"It's time to go home," the captain of the rescue team who was the last person to return to the hospital ship muttered softly as he stared at the direction of Baoyuanjiao.


Ling Ran watched the sunrise together with everyone too.

The final surgery ended an hour ago. After everyone cleaned the operating theater and sent the patient to the ward, it was almost daybreak.

That was when someone suggested watching the sunrise together.

Ling Ran liked the idea very much. The rising of the sun and the disappearance of the moon was actually a very orderly affair.

Even when humans did things subconsciously, they would eventually fall into a state of order. This was because human life was orderly in its essence.

To carry out activities when the sun was out and to sleep when it was dark out there. To avoid bathing in the cold river at night, m*sturbating in the vast meadow under the scorching sun and drying clothing items when the wind was strong. Humans had always been bound by an order suited for them. 

Ling Ran watched the sunrise quietly. He did not return to the room to rest.

Since all the surgeries had already been carried out, all that was left to be done were making ward rounds and administering drugs. There would be no need for him to do all these.

Ling Ran grabbed a deck chair one of the crew members brought to the ship and lay down at a shady spot on the deck. He then whipped out his phone and connected it to the WiFi on the ship. He made a few quick taps, and dramatic music rang out. "The enemy's troops will arrive at the battlefield in five seconds. Crush them!"

Ling Ran only took a few seconds to get into his gaming mood. 

It was definitely a great enjoyment to sit back and play a game in such a morning whereby morale was high.

Ling Ran was having a lot of fun, and only when he was on his third game did Lu Wenbin call him.

"Doctor Ling, do you want some freshly-grilled fish?" There was a toque on Lu Wenbin's head to show that he was the chef, and he did not care even though there was some sauce on his brand-new large white coat.

"You caught some fish?" Ling Ran recalled the commotion earlier.

"We caught some using fishing rods, and members of the rescue team went underwater and caught the rest using harpoons," Lu Wenbin said with a smile. Life on the ship was interesting to him too.

Ling Ran nodded. "I'll go over immediately after I'm done with this game."

"Alright," Lu Wenbin said. He then stopped in his tracks and looked at Ling Ran with a hesitant expression on his face. "Doctor Ling, are you using some special WiFi?"

"No, I'm connected to the same WiFi as you guys. Yunhua893, right?" Ling Ran said.

Lu Wenbin furrowed his eyebrows. "It's a satellite network, isn't it? We experienced plenty of delays when we tried to play games, though. The game kept lagging."

Lu Wenbin craned his head to look at Ling Ran's phone as he spoke.

This was when a ball of magical energy, which Lu Wenbin could not really tell its element, swayed left and right as it charged toward the protagonist. Before it hit the protagonist, the rather handsome-looking protagonist had slowly fallen to the ground.

"Huh? Wasn't it a miss?" Lu Wenbin asked.

"This happens sometimes."

"It's because the game is lagging, right?" Lu Wenbin asked in a puzzled voice.

Ling Ran said calmly, "This happens sometimes."

After he said that, he placed his phone in his pocket and said, "Let's go. I want to take a look at the fish you grilled."

"But you're not done with the game, are you?" Lu Wenbin asked.

Ling Ran shook his head. "It's a gone case."

"Who's a gone case?" This was when a patient in a hospital gown wheeled himself toward the doctors.

"It's a game," Lu Wenbin said, "Doctor Ling is playing a game."

"Why would Doctor Ling have the time to play games? You guys are definitely talking about a patient, aren't you? Who's a gone case? You guys can tell me. I won't reveal the secret to other people." The patient in the hospital gown looked anxious as he wheeled his wheelchair over. 

Lu Wenbin had no choice but to go forward and explain things to the patient.

Ling Ran did not have the intention to chat at all. But because of this incident, he went to the ward area and made a ward round.

Most of the patients were in stable conditions. Every now and then, whenever some of the patient's conditions fluctuated, Ling Ran would merely ask the nurses to call the doctors-in-charge. Right now, all the doctors-in-charge in Yun Hua 893 were at least attending physicians, and they had no problem handling the administering of drugs and other things.

When Ling Ran arrived at the special care unit, he saw Zuo Cidian sitting beside the hospital bed of the vice-captain of the rescue team. He was peeling an apple.

Lu Wenbin, who entered the room right after Ling Ran, glanced at Zuo Cidian, then at the apple in his hand.

Zuo Cidian glanced at Lu Wenbin before moving his gaze to Ling Ran.

"I'm here to monitor his vitals," Zuo Cidian said.

"I trust you," Lu Wenbin said.

The vice-captain who was lying in the hospital bed forced his eyes open and said, "Are we there yet?"

"No, we're still in the middle of the sea," Zuo Cidian immediately answered his question.

"How do you feel?" Ling Ran went forward and asked the typical question asked by surgeons.

The vice-captain thought about it for a long while and said slowly, "Even though I broke eight ribs, not all my ribs are broken. Besides, my heart and lungs are totally fine. So, I probably feel pretty good."

Zuo Cidian gave him a thumbs up in admiration.

Lu Wenbin took the opportunity to say, "Well, that's great. Why don't I take a photograph of you?"

The vice-captain considered it for a moment and said with a look of embarrassment on his face, "I'm shirtless, though. What if the photograph goes viral?"