Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Picking Someone

When Ling Ran stood at the doors of the Emergency Department, the first thing he felt was a feeling of agitation that came crashing into his face.

Patients were all over the place and their records were written messily, their perplexed family members were everywhere, and information was thrown about in a chaotic manner. The machines were arranged haphazardly all over the place, while the nurses and doctors moved about helter-skelter...

Then there were the inexperienced interns who stood in the room, completely baffled and out of place.

"This is the Emergency Department." Lei Beisha walked slowly from the corridor. He was practically considered the most relaxed individual in the emergency room, and he introduced Ling Ran to the department by saying, "Sickness comes indiscriminately, be it day or night. Therefore, the Emergency Department of the hospital has no sense of time."

"Huh? Director Lei?" the interns greeted him in a hurry, then looked enviously at Ling Ran. They knew that Lei Beisha most probably came for Ling Ran.

The day before, many students had lined up trying to perform the white rat's tail replantation, but none succeeded. On the other hand, their failures actually proved just how outstanding Ling Ran was.

Despite the countless interns Lei Beisha had encountered, Ling Ran was indeed extraordinary.

Asking the outstanding doctors in the Hand Surgery Department to demonstrate a tail replantation was a tradition that Yun Hua Hospital had for the interns. They used the most well-understood basic medical skill that the interns hadsuturesto prove how naive they were.

The hospital understood the logic of using what you thought you were good at to defeat you. The only medical skill that an intern could say he or she had mastered was suturing. Hence, the hospital arranged for the tail replantation to serve as a warning for the interns.

This tradition was unique as well as extraordinary, and it always worked in torturing the interns to the point where they cried for their parents. It worked from the beginning of its implementation to the present, and no incidents had ever occurred...

...that was, until Ling Ran showed up.

For that reason, even though Director Lei was displeased with Ling Ran's 'silly' choice, he still rushed to the Emergency Department early in the morning. The interns in hospitals were as numerous as weeds, while top-caliber doctors were lacking in every hospital.

After one night, Director Lei had recomposed himself. He nodded at the interns who greeted him and turned to look at Ling Ran. He asked, "What do you think of the Emergency Department?"

"Not bad." Ling Ran's answer was crisp and concise. What else could he say? He could not, after all, say that he cared more about the system, nor could he say that he did not want to pay attention to the Director of Medical Education, right?

In Director Lei's eyes, Ling Ran was the type that would not repent until he was in trouble. However, if such an intern could master sutures so well, there was no telling if he could stitch a coffin out of a piece of paper should he be given one.

Director Lei spoke to Ling Ran with exceptional patience. "I've just introduced you to Director Huo, but don't expect any special treatment. There are many things to be done in the Emergency Department, and they have never liked interns. As for the rest of you, work hard and be nice with your words so that you won't suffer."

The interns were tearing up with gratitude, thinking that the director had finally remembered them. But if he had already greeted the Head of Department, then was it even possible for Ling Ran to not receive special treatment.

When Director Lei left, the interns were still overwhelmed with emotions. They felt impressed but also indignant when it came to Ling Ran.

"Interns, come with me." A nurse moved hastily to the doors. After she finished taking the attendance, she turned and walked speedily away.

The interns were at the bottom of the food chain in the ecosystem of the hospital; their positions were lower than the nurses, so they followed her obediently.

After they passed by the receptionist counter and the transfusion room, the dozens of interns were then led to the office next to the resuscitation room.

In the office, there were seven to eight men in white robes. When they heard the door open, they all turned to look.

"Miss Li, they sent people here again?"

"Oh, new members."

"Miss Li, do you need any help?"

The men in white robes were so passionate towards the nurse that it made the interns shocked.

The small nurse, however, ignored the men in white robes. She turned to the interns and said, "Stay here. If there's no one calling for you, don't leave this place on your own accord. You are not allowed to meet the patients, you are also not allowed to answer the patient's questions and their family members' questions."

After that, the nurse replied the men with an "I'm busy" before she turned and left leaving behind a room full of wailing men.

"Are you interns, too?" The medical student who first entered the room observed the office with much confusion.

Most of the men in white robes did not even bother answering the newcomer's question. Only a mature-looking one chose to answer him flatly, "We're all residents, we're here to help."

"Ah, you guys are here to try your luck in getting to operate on someone." The ones who knew what was going on went straight for the ugly truth.

The mature-looking doctor's face changed, and he ignored the one who spoke. The interns also felt that it was pointless to continue talking to these doctors, so they gathered into a group and whispered among themselves.

"What's the purpose of getting your hands on the operating table?" Ling Ran asked seriously after he found a place to sit down. He seemed oblivious to the cold and tense atmosphere in the office.

Everyone's gaze was trained on him, but not the slightest change was present in Ling Ran's facial expression.

"Wait till you're all housemen, then you'll know how difficult it is for you to get appointed to surgeries," said the mature resident lazily. He then continued, "But if you go to a trashy hospital, no one will even care about the number of surgeries you perform."

The interns who were already troubled by the prospect of unemployment immediately glared at him in anger. The residents did not show any weakness as well.

The underpaid doctors in the office had the same motive as the interns; they were all there at the Emergency Department to get a chance to perform surgeries.

The number of surgeries performed represented the experience required for a surgeon to level up. Junior doctors, the newbies in gaming terms, did not have the chance to get into the operating theater to tackle the difficult casesthe Bosses in games. Therefore, they could only try their luck in the Emergency Department.

The competition was already fierce, but once the interns entered the place, it was just like adding oil to fire on the battlefield.

Only Ling Ran continued to sit alone in the middle. He took out his phone indifferently and played his game.

[Five seconds left before the enemy arrives on the battlefield. Be prepared to launch a full assault]

The words in the game broke the tense atmosphere in an instant. Both parties looked at Ling Ran and were stunned for a few seconds. Once they realized that he did not even care about the situation, they all withdrew their gazes.

The interns who were new there retreated to their places quietly. Their spirits were a bit low and the intern who just mentioned that the residents were trying to get a chance to operate felt more depressed as he said, "We're done for. Yun Hua didn't separate us from them."

"That doesn't mean we're doomed." The interns were also rather confident, and weren't willing to listen to depressing words.

An intern who knew the inner workings of the hospital whispered, "If we're separated from them, we could follow the doctor in charge of checkups and do a few things. We might not be able to do any practical work, but at least we could observe them. But now, look at this! Why would the nurses choose us but not the doctors? I guess we're most probably going to sit in this room till our bums hurt."

"Hey, why are the nurses picking the doctors?"

"Why not? Do you expect the department head to recruit his men here? He's so busy that he needs someone else to help him out, what else did you expect?" The intern who knew the inner workings of the hospital was a bit unhappy. He took out his phone and spoke while he switched it on. "Well, just bear with it for a few days. We can wait till they're finished with everything first. I'm sure they'll arrange some hard labor for us after that."

"You mean we should just wait in vain for the next few days?"

"The residents at least know a bit more compared to us new interns who haven't even received our graduation certs. If even they don't have surgeries waiting for them, it would be much less probable for us. What else are we supposed to do other than wait?"

"If I had known about this, I would've chosen the Department of Internal Medicine. At least, I could have learned to write medical records there."

The intern who knew the inner workings of the hospital was also angry. "In the hospital, the interns' time is the most worthless. I do believe that Yun Hua is the kind of hospital that doesn't like to give chances to interns"


While they were talking, the door of the office was rammed open. In came another small nurse who moved swiftly into the room, she carried some medications with her.

A few of the doctors immediately stood up and greeted her by calling her "Nurse Wang" or "Pretty Wang". The reserved ones sat upright, showing their smiles.

For the sake of getting practical experience, these young doctors had all but lined up in rows to bow to the nurse and show her respect.

Nurse Wang scanned them, and just as she was about to pick someone, she noticed the handsome Ling Ran in one glance. Her eyes very obviously landed on him for a moment.

Nurse Wang asked Ling Ran, "Do you know how to perform sutures?"

Ling Ran was stunned for a moment, then said with a nod, "Yes."

"Then follow me."

Nurse Wong did not wait to listen to his reply. She turned and left in a hurried manner, leaving the others disappointed with her choice

They were also disappointed that they lived in a world where the handsome and pretty ones always had the upper hand.