Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 700

702 Gallop

*Wee woo… Wee woo…*

As Yun Hua 893 drew close to the shore, continuous sirens blared at Yun Hua Port. Ships of various sizes could be found there, and someone would always stand out to look into the distance, also paying their respects to the ships that came over by giving them an eye salute. 

Usually, the people in the long port area were few and scattered. Plenty of facilities were there, but today, it was very crowded. There were also a few groups of people who came from unknown departments, and they had formed a line and gathered in a group.

Several large ships sailing past also hung up red flags. Some of them even had people waving them. 

One of the departments set off some firecrackers on the shore. The sound of fireworks rocked the sky. It was not exactly legal.

Everyone was smiling, including the leaders and normally stoic journalists. They all had a sweet smile on each of their faces. 

Some ordinary staff took out their phones and took pictures of Yun Hua 893 from afar. Yun Hua 893 was often on the news over the past few days, and many media outlets made it a general topic. Now, if one were to post pictures of it among his or her Circle of Friends, one would get a lot of likes. 

Ling Ran, Zuo Cidian, and the others were in the cabin. They were playing games on their phones or chatting with each other softly. 

Today's order of appearance was the wounded, the rescue team members, the crew of Yun Hua 893, the medical staff, and finally the doctors who came to provide reinforcements. 

The doctors, including Old Huo, had nothing to complain about. Although it was tiring to perform a surgery on a ship, the doctors were still considered lucky compared to the rough waves experienced by the rescue team and the wounded patients.

No one would want to sail eighty nautical miles to enter deep into the storm to rescue someone.

But duty called for them to do so. 

The ceremony outside did not last for a long time. When the doctors got out of the deck, the leaders left. There were only a few reporters holding their media corporation's DSLR to practice and interview the doctors while they were at it. 

Huo Congjun, as the leader, smiled and spoke politely. Qi Zhenhai, who joined later, was more energetic. He turned around and faced the camera in his best condition, but he saw that all the cameras were turned to Ling Ran.

"See you at the hospital." Ling Ran was familiar with the scene in front of him. He waved at the people, walked a couple of steps, and got into a car sent by Yun Hua Hospital.

Huo Congjun looked at the name of the unit where the camera was attached to, and he did not stop Ling Ran.

Although the rest of the doctors did not go out to the accident site, all of them were tired. Huo Congjun believed that Ling Ran should be tired as well. None of the units remaining before them were major media outlets that were worth any money. It would be better to let Ling Ran go back and have a good rest.

After a little hesitation, the reporters from several media corporations could only watch the car leave.

Ling Ran also went home and had a good sleep.

Sleeping itself was a very happy thing. He could not waste his Energy Serum just because he had many of them. 

If he had enough time, Ling Ran would love to go to bed directly to restore his energy.

The next day, the doctors who participated in the rescue operation were given two days off, which was extremely rare in the hospital. However, Ling Ran went to Yun Hua Hospital early. He intended to perform a ward round before going back home to rest.

Ling Ran was not the only one who did this. Zhao Leyi and Doctor Zhou returned to the hospital for their ward rounds early in the morning on their first day off.

The doctors would only feel at ease when they checked on the patients who had had surgery a few days ago. When it came to this, even Doctor Zhou would perform the ward rounds himself. However, he would send the resident doctors to do the ward round first before he went for the ward round himself, which saved some time compared with other doctors.

"How do you feel?

"Have you farted?

"Come down from your bed and take a walk."

Doctor Zhou said familiar words in a cordial tone. After checking through a few rooms, he completed all his work.

This was because while he was on the ship over the past few days, he had fewer surgeries, so naturally, he did not have to check on too many patients. 

In comparison, there were many patients transferred to Yun Hua Hospital. Doctor Zhou watched as Ling Ran went from one room to another. He could not help but sympathize with him. 

Doctor Zhou ignored the area around him, placed his hands behind him, and followed Ling Ran unsteadily. When Ling Ran finished talking with a patient, he smiled, and said, "Ling Ran, you are too serious. Being too serious is very tiring. Moreover, if you push yourself too much, your work efficiency will decrease."

"I've gotten myself this many patients after I was done with the surgeries." Ling Ran did not respond to what Doctor Zhou said. Ma Yanlin and Yu Yuan who were following him around were expressionless.

After spending more than a year in Ling Ran's treatment group, ward rounds had long since become the most leisurely work.

Ever since Doctor Zhou returned from the sea, he gained a little more insight toward life. He shook his head and said, "You can't be like that. There are many patients. Not only will you not remember your patients, but your patients will also not remember you. This time, you can actually hand over some of your patients to the base or to the provincial hospital. As doctors, it'll be enough if we just do some surgeries and save some people. It's impossible to do all surgeries and save all the people."

Ling Ran listened, but did not answer. 

There were always people around him who said all kinds of things, and Ling Ran was never interested in them. 

He did not even bother to argue with Doctor Zhou. When he saw that he had already reached the next room, he immediately went in to perform a check up. 

Doctor Zhou also followed him with his hands still behind his back. He had the posture of a professor as he continued to talk. "We are from the Emergency Department! The Emergency Department, you know? It's impossible for Department Director Huo to ask us to handle all the patients who are supposed to be in the specialized departments as well, right?"

Zuo Cidian was also doing his ward rounds in the room. When he saw that Ling Ran was here, he immediately stepped forward and whispered, "This is the patient who received hepatectomy and had a malignant tumor removed."

Zuo Cidian turned around and introduced Ling Ran to the multitude of family members and patients in the room, "Doctor Ling is here. Doctor Ling is the leader of our treatment group. He's also the chief surgeon of your surgeries. During the process of treatment, he found out that Mister Liu has early stage liver cancer…"

"Doctor Ling, Doctor Ling… Thank you," the patient's old mother held Ling Ran's hand, and her tears flowed out subconsciously.

"Doctor Ling, I… I… Thank you." The old father of the patient was originally still very serious, but when he saw his wife crying, he could not help but burst into tears as well. He thanked Ling Ran. "Doctor Ling, you saved my son's life tw-twice. Our family is very grateful…"

When the two oldest people cried, the patient's wife in the room could not help but sob. The ward was instantly filled with people crying.

This was especially so for the patient's daughter. After she saw her mother start crying, she immediately cried out loud. Although she was only half as tall as an average person, the volume of her voice was 70% as loud as an average person. 

Zuo Cidian shrugged helplessly at Ling Ran and Doctor Zhou. He then said with sympathy, "If they lost the patient, the elderly would have lost their son, the middle-aged woman would lose her husband, and the young one will lose her father. It would be simple to die, but the people around the deceased will be sad for a lifetime. Middle-aged people are the ones who shouldn't die the most."

Yu Yuan and Ma Yanlin, who were behind Ling Ran, were deeply affected by the words, and they were silent.