Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 702

704 Happy

"It's a similar mission." Ling Ran sighed in his car as he stepped on the accelerator. The tiny Volkswagen Jetta's engine rumbled loudly, and it effortlessly overtook the motorbike by the road.

When he arrived home, it was not even time for lunch yet. Excluding commute time, Ling Ran only spent half a morning at work making ward rounds.

"With there being many empty beds, I don't get to receive many Patient's Sincere Gratitude Basic Treasure Chests." Ling Ran concluded. He could not help but shake his head. He then plopped down on the reclining chair and whipped out his phone.

Right now, Ling Ran kind of understood why Doctor Zhou was so lazy. If it were not for the fact that he was more interested in being a doctor, he reckoned that laying down all day and playing games was a pretty good way of life too. This was especially true when he was at home. The internet connection was good, and it was warm inside.

"Ling Ran, you aren't going to put in some practice today?" Doctor Xiong, who was doing clinic hours in the consultation room, was just done feeling an elderly woman's pulse. He teased Ling Ran as he wrote the patient a prescription.

"I'm taking a break today," Ling Ran said steadily.

Even though he had applied a pain relief patch on his body, since this was his first time using it, Ling Ran decided to take things slow so that his health was not affected.

Only doctors knew how fragile the human body was.

There was a regretful expression on Doctor Xiong's face. "Young people nowadays really like to waste time. If you have the time to play games, why don't you massage some patients?" Doctor Xiong clicked his tongue.

Truth be told, Doctor Xiong was envious of how Ling Ran could make more than 20 RMB in a few minutes just by putting up a sign at the front door advertising his massage service. It was as if for Ling Ran, money was falling from the sky. If it were not for the fact that things were going well for Doctor Xiong, he would have lamented the unfairness of the world. He had to argue with Ling Ran's father for a long time just to get a 50 RMB pay rise.

Of course, Doctor Xiong still found the world unfair.

"Ling Ran, if I were you, I would massage people all day long. I would have massaged every single person who walks through the door from morning to night without stopping even for a single moment. I have done the math. As long as you don't take long breaks in between patients, you can make four or five hundred RMB an hour. This equals more than 10,000 RMB a day."

"Don't you think that he needs to sleep too?" Juan Zi walked over and grabbed the prescription that Doctor Xiong had just written. Her left leg weighed in at 77 pounds, and her right leg was 77 pounds too. Her footsteps were so loud that it was as if a thousand men were marching.

Doctor Xiong lifted his large teacup and took a sip. "If I could make more than 10,000 RMB a day, I wouldn't be sleeping. Why would I still sleep? Just think about it. How else can a person make so much money?"

"By going for freelance surgery," Ling Ran replied. He was merely answering Doctor Xiong's question.

Doctor Xiong almost spat out his tea. He coughed a few times and sized Ling Ran up for a moment. He then asked, "By the way, I forgot to ask you about it. How much do you get paid for freelance surgery nowadays?"

"6,000 to 8,000 RMB." Ling Ran did not hide his income. He did not see a need to do that.

Doctor Xiong's internal organs were practically trembling. "6,000 RMB a day?"

"6,000 RMB per surgery."

"Then, how many freelance surgeries do you carry out in a month?"

"I've never counted." Ling Ran made a rough calculation and continued, "Twenty or thirty. Sometimes, I would do thirty or forty. It depends on the type of surgery I do."

Doctor Xiong quietly did the math. He could not help but slap his chest and lamented, "I shouldn't have studied internal medicine back when I was young."

"You wouldn't be qualified to perform freelance surgery right now even if you did study to become a surgeon." Juan Zi shook her head as she looked at Doctor Xiong. She then extended her plump hand which weighed in at 44 pounds and asked, "How many fingers am I holding up?"

Doctor Xiong was extremely exasperated. "All the flesh on your fingers is scrunched up together. How am I supposed to tell?"

Juan Zi laughed. "See, I told you that your vision is deteriorating. "Uncle Wang, how many fingers am I holding up?"

Uncle Wang, who was receiving fluid transfusion beside them, squinted to look at Juan Zi's palm and said, "Four."

"You're right!" Juan Zi stealthily uncurled one of her fingers, and no one realized it at all.


In the afternoon, Doctor Miao came over to the clinic to work. When he saw Ling Ran, he was so overjoyed that he looked like a child with eyebags.

Doctor Miao seemed even uglier than he used to be, but the number of his clients was increasing. During his first hour in the clinic, three women and a man who had made an appointment came to make inquiries.

In the end, Doctor Miao performed double eyelid operation for two clients before suturing the wound of a patient whose hand got clamped by a crab and had his skin torn. After giving the patient an injection, he looked for Ling Ran excitedly.

"Doctor Ling, you're finally here. I've been paying close attention to the rescue mission you participated in for the past few days. Oh, by the way, you watched me suture the patient just now, right? How do you find it?" Doctor Miao looked at Ling Ran with an anticipatory gaze.

The patient just now was also sent to the clinic by Golden Deer Health Services Pte Ltd, and his injury was common among those working in the seafood industry. Even though the medical bill was less than 100 RMB, to show his skills to Ling Ran, Doctor Miao applied the cosmetic suture technique.

When Doctor Miao asked Ling Ran this, Ling Ran shut his eyes for a few seconds and recalled certain things. "As someone who possesses Specialist Level Cosmetic Suture Technique, you're probably in the upper range already. If you want to level-up, you would need to consider the characteristics of the patient's dermis…"

Ling Ran explained things to Doctor Miao in a calm and collected manner as he continued playing a game on his phone. His gameplay did not affect his thought process at all.

Miao Tansheng listened earnestly and nodded every now and then. His mind was working nonstop to process Ling Ran's words.

After obtaining so many Master Level and Perfect Level skills, Ling Ran had become more knowledgeable and skilled at suturing. As he explained things to Miao Tansheng, he was also summarizing the information he had.


A woman on a motorbike drifted her vehicle beautifully into the courtyard of Lower Groove Clinic. 

"Doctor… Doctor Ling…" Lu Jinling hopped down from the motorbike. She took off her black helmet and held it between her right arm and her torso. With her long and straight legs, she cut a glorious and prideful figure.

"Ouch, use less strength please!" An elderly man who was receiving fluid transfusion was pinched so hard by his wife that his entire body was trembling.

Lu Jinling did not bother to pay any heed to the expressions of the people around her as she fixed her gaze of Ling Ran. She said with her slightly husky voice, "Doctor Ling, how are you feeling after coming back from the sea?"

"Pretty good. My muscles are aching a little, but it's no longer a problem right now." Ling Ran pinched his neck and exercised his shoulders while he was at it.

"That's great. The sea is dangerous. You should have given me a call, and I would have sent a few men there to protect you." As Lu Jinling spoke, she inched closer to Ling Ran and observed him carefully. She was screaming internally. 'How could such a handsome man exist? No matter how many times I've seen him, he still looks so good!'

As Miao Tansheng who was standing in front of them listened to their conversation, he stepped forward with a slight sense of urgency and said with a smile, "Director Lu, we meet again. I'm Miao Tansheng, a surgeon from Lower Groove Clinic. Thank you for taking care of us all along. I find the business philosophy of Golden Deer Health Services Pte Ltd very admirable…"

Lu Jinling glanced at Miao Tansheng and turned away in disdain. She was too lazy to even grade Miao Tansheng's ugliness. She merely flashed a slight smile. "Do work hard."

"Yes, of course. I plan to strive hard so that Lower Groove Clinic can become one of the top fifty business partners of Golden Deer Health Services Pte Ltd…" Miao Tansheng seized the opportunity to establish his presence, and he was so anxious about it that his eyebags were almost bursting.

"Is your company doing well?" Ling Ran asked Lu Jinling out of politeness as Miao Tansheng kept mentioning the name of Lu Jinling's company.

Lu Jinling immediately flashed a smile. "When it comes to ambulances, we provide the best service in all of Yun Hua City. Right now, we're planning to expand our business to include other hospitals in the province. It's just that we've not come to an agreement with any of the hospitals yet. Hospital leaders nowadays are hard to deal with…"

Ling Ran smiled. "I know quite a few hospital leaders, and they're pretty amicable."

"You're a renowned doctor, of course, things would be different for you." Lu Jinling stealthily acted with a hint of coquettishness, and she was so happy that her heart was jumping for joy. "Hospital leaders are very different when treating doctors compared to suppliers. Fortunately, we're merely operating an ambulance company. We just need to find a few of the leaders and be good with words when talking to them, and there would still be hope. I've hired a professional manager. He should know what to do."

When Ling Ran heard this, he pondered for a moment and said, "If you just want to talk to hospital leaders, I know a lot of hospital leaders in Changxi Province."

Since Ling Ran traveled all over the province to carry out freelance surgery, he had naturally encountered plenty of hospital leaders. The leaders of hospitals such as the First People's Hospital of Wuxin City and Second People's Hospital of Wuxin City knew him extremely well.

Even though Lu Jinling was extremely keen on the idea, she pretended to hesitate for a moment because she wanted to seem like a reserved woman in front of Ling Ran. She then said with a slightly husky voice, "I'll do as you say, Doctor Ling."