Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 703

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At Yun Hua Hospital, Fragrance Yard honked loudly as it guarded its territory. Its gait was steady like that of a noble's.

Its territory was full of food as large and small animals from other territories would often drop some food there. This was especially true when small animals show up accompanied by large ones. Whenever that happened, tremendously large amounts of food would drop to the ground at an extremely high rate.

Hence, Fragrance Yard faced two problems. The first one was its ballooning body, which was causing its physical capabilities to wane. The second one was the frequent attempts of animals like sparrows and magpies at entering its territory to steal its food.

Fragrance Yard was not too worried about the first problem since it believed that having a plump body meant that it was a happy swan.

However, Fragrance Yard was very concerned about the second problem.

It circled its stash of food day and night, binging on them whenever it felt slightly hungry. Even when it was not hungry, it would refuse to let any other animal snatch its food from it. As a result, it always circled its territory at lightning speed with a firm gaze. It was so valiant that it reminded people of a Tyrannosaurus rex.

Zuo Cidian went over to Fragrance Yard. While he gazed at its wings, his mind was filled with Colles' fracture.

He had been treating patients with Colles' fracture all day, but there was still one more patient with Colles' fracture in the emergency room. If it were not for the fact that he was worried that he would vomit on the patient's body, he would have probably treated that patient too.

"It's so nice to be a swan. It's really tiring to be a human. After my day shift, I will have to work the night shift. And after my night shift, I will need to be on-call. This repeats every single day. Truth be told, if I were to be twenty-five again, I probably wouldn't be able to take it either. It's too tiring. It's way too tiring to be human…" Zuo Cidian gazed at Fragrance Yard and poured out all his troubles.

"My dad isn't tired." A child who was standing at the other side of the large swan and tossing corn kernels to it replied Zuo Cidian.

Zuo Cidian turned and glanced at the source of the voice. When he saw that the young boy was only six or seven years old, half the fury in his heart dissipated. He said with a friendly tone, "Why isn't your dad tired? Did he tell you this?"

"Yes." The child continued tossing corn kernels.

Zuo Cidian thought about how it was not easy to be a man. A man had to work hard outside and denied being tired at home. When he thought about this, Zuo Cidian flashed a bigger smile and asked, "What does your dad work as?"

The young boy thought for a moment and said, "My father said that he's a rich man's son."

"Hehe… is that so?" Zuo Cidian suddenly did not feel like looking at the swan anymore. This swan lived the life of a rich man's son too. It got all the food it wanted, and all it had to do was to eat and have fun. It was even causing trouble everywhere.

Zuo Cidian thought as he gazed at the swan's wings. 'You will need me one day.'

Zuo Cidian then turned and returned to the emergency room.

"Are the patient's family members here yet?" Zuo Cidian asked as soon as he entered the emergency room.

"All of his sons and daughters are here," the young nurse at the nurse's desk said. She then asked, "Isn't Doctor Ling coming over?"

"Doctor Ling might come a bit later. He's still resting today," Zuo Cidian replied with a smile. As a resident doctor, it was best if he did not offend anyone. Naturally, this meant smiling a lot.

The young nurse pouted. "I'll be off work in the afternoon."

Zuo Cidian pretended that he did not hear that and giggled dumbly.

The young nurse beside him said with a determined tone, "Doctor Ling is probably very tired. Just think about it. He was out at sea, and conditions there are tough. I heard that he didn't get to rest at all and carried out many surgeries in one go…"

"Doesn't he do the same when he's in the hospital?" a few young nurses beside them said in unison before bursting out in laughter.

Zuo Cidian smiled.

All the young nurses stopped smiling and looked solemnly at Zuo Cidian.

"I'll go ahead and operate on the patient." Zuo Cidian waved in dismissal and hurried to meet the patient as well as his family members.

The patient was an elderly man, and he fell because he made a mistake when he was square dancing. At least, this was what he told the nurses.

Zuo Cidian also did not press on for the reason. Colles' fracture typically occurred when patients fractured their arms while they supported themselves by placing their hands on the ground during a fall. Children who fell when they were having fun or young athletes who had just finished a difficult routine often did the same. The difference was that children and young people were usually fine after that, and could stand up as if nothing had happened at all. But when elderly people did the same, their bones fractured easily due to deteriorating bone quality.

Even though Colles' fracture was not a condition found exclusively in elderly patients, it did occur primarily in elderly people. Zuo Cidian had also treated plenty of elderly patients with this condition. After he performed a rough examination to confirm that the patient was indeed suffering from Colles' fracture and nothing else, he started to explain things to the patient's family members.

That was one of the differences between Zuo Cidan and other doctors.

Most of the time, Zuo Cidian was willing to spend a lot of time communicating with patients. Meanwhile, young resident doctors in the hospitals were not interested in doing the same. One of the reasons was that young people were often bad at communication, and talking to elderly people or people outside the medical field often made them anxious.

Aside from this, young resident doctors who had just started working often strived for excellence, and they preferred to spend their time improving themselves.

There was no need for Zuo Cidian to do this.

Zuo Cidian was forty-three years old this year, and he had just started carrying out tasks exclusive to experienced resident doctors. Even if he were to race against time, he would not have much time left.

Aside from this, qualification and seniority played a big role in the hospital.

Qualification meant a doctor's academic background and experience. The university where a doctor graduated from, his teachers, whether he was at the hospital since the beginning of his career, and what difficult surgeries he had carried out were very important.

The importance of seniority made things even tougher for doctors. Those who are climbing up the ladder under ordinary circumstances often had to wait for the batch of doctors who were older than them to get promoted and take over those doctors' positions. Theoretically, if Zuo Cidian wanted to become a chief physician, it would only be his turn after someone among Doctor Zhou, Zhao Leyi, and the rest became a chief physician. But he was older than Doctor Zhou and Zhao Leyi...

This was why Zuo Cidian had long since given up on rising through the ranks.

Instead, he chose to learn earnestly from Ling Ran and train himself to be more skillful. Because of this, Zuo Cidian was willing to put his excellent communication skills to good use. He had slowly developed his own style of dealing with patients where he placed a lot of emphasis on history taking.

As Zuo Cidian spoke kindly and explained things in a systematic manner, the patient and his family members slowly started smiling.

"Colles' fracture isn't considered a serious kind of fracture. With your condition in mind, we'll try our best to perform external fixation, which will lead to better prognosis and recovery. However, the exact method we use would need to depend on the severity of the injury.

"Anesthesia? If you don't want us to administer general anesthetics, we can perform a brachial plexus block. Yes, it's a type of regional anesthesia, and it is safer compared to general anesthesia.

"After the surgery, the most important thing would be to prevent infection. Yes, it's usually quite simple. You would need to perform some simple rehabilitation exercises. At that time, the people at the Rehabilitation Department will be helping you out."

After Zuo Cidian provided a detailed explanation, he asked the patient's family members to sign the informed consent forms. He then hooked the patient to a drip and administered an intravenous infusion of cefuroxime axetil. Last but not least, he called a nameless houseman over to help him out and entered the operating theater.