Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 707

709 I Want To Perform Surgery

Ling Ran did not rush to see how Zuo Cidian was dealing with the patient who had the Colles' fracture.

The process of learning was a long one. The hard work of the teacher alone could not make students gain knowledge. If investment in education was that simple, human history would have long been completely rewritten by aristocratic rule and even imperial rule.

The study of medicine, especially the study of surgical medicine, was obviously harder and filled with more bumps.

Zuo Cidian wanted to upgrade his skills in Colles' fracture from Novice Level to Specialist Level. 

Forget about his own learning abilities for a moment. In a hospital such as Yun Hua Hospital, which had an accumulation of elites in a province, it would take a lot of effort for a doctor to reach Specialist Level. There were more doctors in Beijing hospitals who had specialized skills, but even those doctors were all already above the level of resident doctors. 

It was not easy for any resident doctor to master a specialized skill, especially in the current hospital structure. The resident doctors may not get any opportunities to perform surgeries independently, and because of it, they can forget about reaching Specialist Level. 

Those who could reach Novice Level should already thank their lucky stars. 

Zuo Cidian currently had a balance between good and bad learning conditions. On one hand, he had more opportunities for surgeries, and Ling Ran was also at ease enough to give him the opportunity to perform surgeries independently, and he would also provide careful guidance. On the other hand, Zuo Cidian's foundation was quite bad.

In terms of time and experience, Zuo Cidian's experience in surgeries was not higher than that of a resident doctor who was of the same seniority level. In this case, when he mentioned a resident doctor who was at the same seniority level, he meant the period of time where they entered Yun Hua Hospital.

During his twenty years in the town hospital, the things Zuo Cidian learned could not play a role in simple operations. At the same time, Zuo Cidian's theoretical knowledge was outdated, and he had also forgotten most of it. This was acceptable most of the time. However, it was disadvantageous at the end of the day, and at some point, he would have to spend a lot of time on things that others took less time to complete.

For example, Zuo Cidian had not only forgotten the same anatomical knowledge and principles that others remembered, but whatever he remembered was also outdated knowledge from twenty years ago. In fact, ordinary surgeries did not require much anatomical knowledge. Many hospital surgeons learned anatomy while performing surgeries rather than understand anatomy beforehand, as was what was thought by ordinary people.

Doctors can still perform surgeries without a proper understanding of anatomy. If they performed the surgery step by step, the results will still be pretty good in certain cases. However, if they wanted to reach Specialist Level, the doctors needed to perform high-quality surgeries independently, and they would also need to produce high-quality surgeries for a long time. It was not possible for them to do so if they did not get a clear grasp of the anatomical structure within their surgery scope.

Therefore, Zuo Cidian not only needed to do revision, but he also had to do a lot more revision compared with normal resident doctors. 

It was a long process to advance from Novice Level to Specialist Level. 

Ling Ran also selected an appropriate medical case from the selection of cases that he had. 

It was the patient recommended by Zhang Anmin: a fifty-eight-year-old individual with hepatolithiasis and clonorchiasis.

After he found out about Ling Ran's decision, Zhang Anmin rushed to the operating area's waiting room and said, "I guessed that you would be interested in this case. The patient's name is Lei Baihan. He has fatty liver, cirrhosis, and clonorchiasis. He's also diagnosed with hepatolithiasis. In terms of liver diseases, his condition should be more comprehensive…"

"Is this patient from the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery?" Ling Ran had previously referred to the medical cases.

Zhang Anmin laughed a couple of times. "All you need is just one word."

What he meant was that Ling Ran could get the patient if he just asked for him. After all, by relying on the power from Huo Congjun and the Emergency Medical Center alone, Ling Ran could take people from the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery. Besides, Ling Ran was now an authoritative figure in hepatectomy. Even if He Yuanzheng was given a dose of courage to refuse Ling Ran's request, he will just get rid of that dose of courage. 

Ling Ran shook his head and said, "We should follow normal procedures."

After that, Ling Ran called Huo Congjun.

Zhang Anmin subconsciously hunched his shoulders. He was truly worried about the doctors in his department. He hoped that Department Director He would not lose his mind and start to scold the junior doctors.


Weird noises were heard from the corner of the operating area.

Zhang Anmin looked toward the direction and saw Doctor Zhou, who pretended to be exhausted to take a rest. In just an instant, he burst into laughter. 

Doctor Zhou looked embarrassed, waved his hand, and said, "Sorry, I slept too much yesterday."

Zhang Anmin's lips twitched, but he tried not to laugh out loud. He stood up and said, "I'll go to check on the patient and prepare him for the surgery."

"Oh, I'm heading to the consultation room too," said Doctor Zhou, but he did not move. Instead, he turned to look at Ling Ran and said, "Don't you have any surgery to do, Doctor Ling? Do you want to take a walk in the treatment room?"

"I want to do some tissue incision," Ling Ran said earnestly. He wanted to try out his skill in Perfect Level Tissue Separation. 

"That's wild," Doctor Zhou supported his face with his hands. He pondered seriously for a few seconds before he said, "You didn't mention it in advance, otherwise, I would have gotten you an appendectomy or something…"

Ling Ran did not utter a word. Yun Hua Hospital really had to run into appendicitis cases because it generally had none. 

Doctor Zhou peeped at Ling Ran and noticed that he was calm. He could not help but smile. "Look at me. We're sitting here and just letting our imaginations run wild. You don't have anything to do, anyway. Let's go downstairs and have a look. Regardless of whether you want to do some tissue incision or not, if you want to do it, carry on."

Ling Ran really liked Doctor Zhou's style. He was not competitive over surgeries; he would even hand them over. 

Ling Ran looked at the clock on the wall and nodded before he said, "Well, I'll go down and have a look, then."

"Great! After you," Doctor Zhou was as happy as a waiter who got to serve a significant customer. 

Yun Hua Emergency Medical Center's treatment room was always full of people. Anyone who looked over would see that doctors, patients, and family members had almost filled every gap. Most of them had sad, anxious, or worried expressions on their faces. If there was a pot of devil's ivy in the corner, it could at least make people feel happy for a while as they stared at it. 

"Doctor Zhou." A resident doctor noticed them. He rushed over and said, "I was just going to call you. There's a patient with abdominal pain. We took a scan…"

"Let me take a look first," Doctor Zhou was calm, and he gave off an expression that said he will deal with whatever that appeared later. Then, he went up and gave the patient a physical examination. He asked kindly, "Old man, how many days have you been constipated?"

"About three to four days."

"We're not counting the times where you were able to poop only a little." Doctor Zhou made a gesture with his little thumb.

The old man looked to the left and right. He was a little embarrassed. "In that case, it's been about a week."

"How long do you mean by about a week? We're not counting the times where you were able to poop only a little, yeah?"

The old man lowered his head and whispered, "Twenty-one days."

"Alright. It's okay, this is normal for us. You don't have to be embarrassed," Doctor Zhou reassured him before he got up and said to the patient's family, "I'll transfer you to the General Surgery Department. They are more professional in this regard…"

The patient's family members listened and were very speechless. "Just now, when you asked how long his constipation lasted, he said three or four days. Doctor, can't we deal with it in the Emergency Department?"

"Our facilities here aren't as good as those of the General Surgery Department. Moreover, the fee for hospital beds in the Emergency Department cannot be reimbursed by medical insurance. You have to pay for it yourself. It's better to go to the General Surgery Department to have a formal admission," Doctor Zhou casually persuaded the family, and he managed to easily get the family to agree to it. 

The resident doctor by the side also breathed a sigh of relief. While they could dig out poop, they could not do it well, besides, they did not actually want to do it as well. 

Ling Ran had already turned around and walked to another direction when he heard that it was constipation. 

Although it was still a type of surgery, he had minimal interest in surgeries where poop would fly everywhere. 

As they were walking, a figure moving as quickly as a cheetah and also had the figure of a cheetah moved past him before she suddenly stopped. 

At this time, Yu Yuan's voice was heard from below him. "Has the constipated patient left?"

Ling Ran looked down at Yu Yuan and replied, "He just left."

"Oh…" Yu Yuan's tone was filled with thick disappointment.