Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 708

710 Kindness

Ling Ran felt slightly apologetic. 

He could understand Yu Yuan's feelings of losing her opportunity. The patient earlier was probably either the sort whom Yu Yuan had been longing to operate on the most for the past few days or the patient's body contained something Yu Yuan had been wanting to collect for many years.

Although Ling Ran did not really understand Yu Yuan's collection and did not want to understand it, at the end of the day, as a doctor, Ling Ran could understand the feeling of other doctors who wanted to perform surgery.

"We recently got a full group of doctors available for work. If you want to perform general surgery, you can go and play in the General Surgery Department for a few days." Ling Ran thought from his perspective, so he generously provided a way for Yu Yuan.

If this had been another department or treatment group, it would have totally been impossible, even if the department was not busy. Everyone would also not be busy, but if they had one less resident doctor, they would end up having more workload. 

Besides, the bonus for the departments and treatment groups was dependent on the number of cases. If Yu Yuan went to the General Surgery Department, the doctors in the General Surgery Department would feel comfortable. But if she left the Emergency Department temporarily, the doctors in the Emergency Department would not be too happy.

However, Ling Ran did not consider this. Besides, the Ling Treatment Group always worked way past their quota. All medical staff in the Emergency Medical Center had an extra bonus of at least one quarter to one-third of their original sum because of Ling Ran, so if Ling Ran wanted to make arrangements, no one could refute his decision. 

On the other hand, the highest income in Ling Ran's treatment group was actually the income from freelance surgeries. When the young doctors followed Ling Ran for a round of freelance surgeries, they could earn one thousand to two thousand RMB. Within a month, they could even earn higher than their salary. With the bonus from the department and the treatment group, together with some strange income, Ling Ran's treatment group had the highest income in the department, and their earnings could even compare with the Orthopedics Department. 

For the doctors in the Emergency Department, since they could earn like the doctors in the Orthopedics Department, why would they still need to save up on money?

Yu Yuan could not help but feel tempted. She could not help recall her life as a houseman to the moment she joined the General Surgery Department… She had not managed to perform many surgeries during that time…

Yu Yuan could not help but shake her head. "It's okay. I am now a chief resident, I'll wait until I finish with my term as a chief resident."

Chief residents spent twenty-five hours a day in the hospital, and that extra hour was accumulated by them running around the hospital. 

This position was formed when they imitated the hospital setting in foreign countries. Its goal was to use high-intensity surgeries to improve the doctors' skills, and they were similar to the extra tuition classes before the national college examination.

From practical operations, although being a chief resident was exhausting, it still improved doctor's average level, and it was impossible for them to not improve. A normal doctor performed twenty to thirty surgeries in a month, while it was pretty normal for a chief resident to perform twenty to thirty surgeries in a month. Besides, a chief resident was the Dharma protector for the night shift. In many hospitals, departments with a chief resident on-duty would distribute the surgery to the chief resident first.

Although Yu Yuan felt exhausted being a chief resident, she felt that her skills were improving quickly, so she naturally did not want to leave her post on her own. 

Meanwhile, even though Ling Ran was already an expert, he could not ensure Yu Yuan's number of surgeries in the General Surgery Department.

After her brain measured both the pros and cons in a minute, Yu Yuan could not help but sigh, "Actually, the Emergency Department can always encounter general surgeries, especially for the colorectal cases, they are mostly emergency cases. It's just that we don't usually handle those."

"Wait for Department Director Huo to create a few more surgeries, and we can start developing this kind of surgery." Ling Ran knew the reason why there were so few of these kinds of surgeries. Colorectal surgeries were all contaminated surgeries. After performing one such surgery in the operating theater, the cleanliness rating in the operating theater would decrease. Therefore, contaminated surgeries would usually be performed in operating theaters with a lower cleanliness rating. 

There were four operating theaters in the Emergency Department. They could use them for contaminated surgeries, but post-operative cleaning was very troublesome. After all, the operating theaters in the Emergency Department were not for colorectal surgeries.

Most importantly, everyone did not have the initiative toward improving the situation. Everyone in the Emergency Department, except Yu Yuan, did not have any special longing toward the work of digging feces, and they would not ask for it.

Yu Yuan also knew about this, so she could only say, "It's okay if there is not any. Actually, I'm making a conclusion about the hepatectomy cases that you performed recently. I'm thinking that if we conduct a follow-up on the patients, we'd make a good research article."

"Sure. Go look for Old Zuo." Funding was required to write a research paper or to perform patient follow-up. In Ling Ran's treatment group, these matters were usually handled by Zuo Cidian.

Yu Yuan also thought about the same thing. She nodded, and just when she was ready to leave the room like a leopard, the reception nurse ran over suddenly.

"Doctor Yu, thank god. I was so worried that you might not be around." The reception nurse trotted over. When she saw Ling Ran, she could not help but had her face turn red. She said in a low voice, "There's an emergency case."

Yu Yuan laughed, "Because we are the Emergency Department."

"Doctor Yu!" The reception nurse stamped her feet and looked at Ling Ran again before she said, "Doctor Yu, follow me, please."

Yu Yuan followed her without thinking much. The reception nurse normally would not come to look for a particular doctor, so the situation now was indeed slightly strange.

Ling Ran hesitated for a few seconds before he followed them too.

He could freely accept any case in the Emergency Medical Center now, so he also did not want to let go of any interesting case.

In a while, a few of them met the patient in front of the reception door.

A middle-aged man laid on the gurney. He had his hand against his forehead, and he grunted through his nose. He sounded as if he was severely injured.

"Just delivered by the ambulance. Male, 48 years old, his chief complaint is that a light bulb was inserted into his rectum, and he could not take it out. " The reception nurse came to the front and told Yu Yuan in a low voice. After she finished reporting this, she peeked at Ling Ran before she ran away with a red face.

Yu Yuan was slightly stunned. She used her body to hide him a little before she lifted the blanket over the patient's body and cast him a glance. "Is the light bulb still intact, or is it broken into pieces?"


"You are certain it's not broken, yes?" As Yu Yuan spoke, she performed a physical examination on the spot. 

"No." The patient snorted again, but he was not in obvious pain.

Yu Yuan understood everything. "Alright, go and get an X-ray first, then I'll see if I can take it out for you."

"Doctor, I don't want a surgery…" The man raised his head laboriously. "I absolutely don't want surgery!"

Yu Yuan replied, "If I really can't take it out…"

"I'd rather die than undergo surgery," the man said. "If we have surgery, then I'll need to put on a fake anus, and not only is it useless, it's smelly…"

"I understand. We'll take a scan first." Yu Yuan sighed before she called an intern over and made him push the patient away.

Yu Yuan herself went to the debridement room. She washed her hands, put on the gloves, called a nurse to set up the instruments, and asked Ling Ran, "Doctor Ling, do you want to do it?"

"No." Ling Ran shook his head and left the debridement room temporarily.

A few minutes later, the man was pushed in again. He showed a serious face and made no noise.

When the door of the debridement room was closed, the man's face fell. "Doctor, I can't stand it anymore. I'm hurting so bad..."

"Let me see." Yu Yuan hinted at the intern to lift the X-ray scan so that she could read it quietly.

In the black-and-white X-ray scan, a traditional, round light bulb was seen to occupy the end of the rectum.

The intern could not help but ask, "How did this…"

Yu Yuan speedily turned around and looked at the intern, "Why do you want to know?"

"I…" The intern was rendered speechless. 

"The current main problem is how to take it out." Yu Yuan raised her head like a leopard looking at a giraffe.