Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 709

711 It Has A Name

"For this depth, general anesthesia is better. Call the anesthetist." Yu Yuan read the X-ray scan again, and she sounded quite confident.

However, the patient was extremely nervous. "I don't want general anesthesia, I don't want surgery."

"Giving you general anesthesia is for us to help you take it out, we're not performing surgery on you," Yu Yuan answered in annoyance, "I can't take it out for you if you're this tense."

"You're really not performing a surgery?" The patient looked at Yu Yuan doubtfully. 

"No surgery." Yu Yuan also knew the pain a person had to suffer through after surgery. Although it was just a light bulb, if it was taken out through surgery, it would cause an anal fistula if it was not well-handled. This meant that an incision would need to be made on the abdomen, the intestines would need to be pulled out, and the defecation process would need to be completed through an intestinal stoma. It would indeed completely change the way a person lived as well as greatly affect the person's daily life, work life, and social life especially. 

If there was any other option, Yu Yuan would definitely want to try it. 

At that moment, Yu Yuan's facial expression was sincere and firm.

The patient lay on the gurney and looked at Yu Yuan. His tense nerves were slightly relieved, and he said in a low voice, "I heard… it's not easy to take out, right? If it's really hard, then you can just break it…"

"We can't break it. It will become a big deal if it cuts the intestines." Yu Yuan shook her head. "Don't think about it too much, I'm more experienced than you."

The patient was stunned. "You've had experience with this?"

"Of course, I've been in the Emergency Department for so long. Don't tell me that you thought you were the only person who's stuffed things into his body." Yu Yuan stopped talking for a little while before she reorganized her words and said, "But sure, stuffing light bulbs in there is quite rare. Anyway… if you want to take it out, the plan to use general anesthesia will be better."

The patient kept hesitating, and he asked, "How are you going to take it out?"

Yu Yuan arranged her words and slowly explained, "We'll administer general anesthesia first before we inject Skelaxin. When the medication works, I will take it out with my hands. If I really can't take it out, I will use an instrument to expand the rectum, then put a gauze on the light bulb and try to pull it out for you… That's the general plan."

"It sounds like it can work. But I thought doctors take things with forceps." The patient also tried hard to think of a solution.

Yu Yuan shook her head a little. "Yours is a light bulb. It's too smooth."

"Yeah," the patient answered, "it's really smooth…"

"Yup," Yu Yuan answered.

"Then, I have another question." The patient looked slightly relieved.

Yu Yuan nodded. "Go on."

"Other patients, I mean, people who stuff things inside their bodies, what are the things they stuffed in them?" The patient looked as if he was having an academic discussion.

Yu Yuan coldly looked at him without saying anything. She looked exactly like a fierce young leopard.

The patient wisely shut his mouth. He continued leaning against the pillow and shouting in pain.

In a short while, Su Jiafu came over from the Operating Area. He did not say much. Instead, he just asked a few questions, filled up a form, and performed anesthesia.

When the patient's breathing became calm and they were certain he was anesthetized, Su Jiafu heaved a long sigh and showed a smile. He moved his body on the stool and asked, "I heard it's a foreign body. It's a light bulb? How much is the voltage?"

"You can see the description when I take it out later." Yu Yuan pursed her lips before she said, "Add more Skelaxin."

"Roger. Oh yes, what are you going to use to take it out?" Su Jiafu laughed, at the same time, he added more Skelaxin.

Yu Yuan stretched her hands and swung in the air before she said, "Have you ever heard about the story of a small-handed midwife?"

Su Jiafu, "I've heard…"

"Same theory." As Yu Yuan spoke, she started to work. Every press and release was so professional that it made people relieved.

A few people watching around the area were stunned. There was always legends about small hands in the hospital, like the one in the Gynaecology Department who did not need obstetrical forceps, but only a small hand to pull the baby out, and the one in the General Surgery Department who did not need curved forceps, but just a small hand to draw the vermiform appendix out.

It was just that nobody had ever connected Yu Yuan with the term surgery expert before.


Ling Ran did not want to watch Yu Yuan's surgery, so he just walked around in the Emergency Medical Center.

Among the members of Ling Ran's treatment group, Yu Yuan was always the doctor with the best foundation. She graduated with a Master's degree, had high qualifications, and was able to gain certain advantages in the group. 

However, Yu Yuan's skills in surgical operations were really bad. She could make mistakes even when she did a very simple surgery. When she performed surgery, the chief surgeon could even be more nervous than when he performed the surgery himself. Therefore, it was very hard for Yu Yuan to obtain the chance to perform again. Even during the period that she was the chief resident, the time she served as an assistant was longer than the time she served as a chief surgeon. So, she pretty much had a very easy time as a doctor. 

Ling Ran only recently gave Yu Yuan more chances to perform endoscopic surgery. As for normal emergency surgeries… Ling Ran was also in the middle of familiarizing himself with them. Hence, he could not even think about passing down his technique because there was no technique to speak of. 

In comparison, the way Zuo Cidian treated Colles' fractures made him feel more at ease. He was already at advanced Novice Level, and he was just a step away from Specialist Level. It was just a small surgical method in the orthopedics field, and if he mastered it, his improvement would be speedy.

When it came to the number of cases, when a doctor in the Orthopedics Department became the attending physician, he might not have treated one hundred cases of Colles' fractures either, while Zuo Cidian had basically achieved this number.

However, treating a hundred cases of Colles' fracture did not mean that he was going to be better than an attending physician who had been treating one hundred Colles' fractures as a side project while also performing other surgeries for four to five years. Therefore, Zuo Cidian's improvement could be considered normal.

As Ling Ran thought of this, he slowly walked to the treatment room. When he looked over, he saw Zuo Cidian performing manual reduction for a patient.

Then, Ling Ran quietly stood to the front and saw Zuo Cidian's thumbs pressing so powerfully against the patient that they became pale in color, but slowly, he drew them to the patient's shoulders… 

Zuo Cidian panted slightly. Orthopedic surgeries were tiring, especially when there was no assistant. The chief surgeon would use up more strength during that time. 

Ling Ran observed Zuo Cidian's movements, and while he was thinking about how to guide him, he heard the system's notification. 

[Mission Completed: Train a rookie]

[Mission Aim: Increase the skill level of a doctor.]

[Reward: Intermediate Treasure Chest]

Ling Ran almost quirked his eyebrows. 

It was still somewhat of a stretch for Zuo Cidian's movements to achieve Specialist Level, so… 

Ling Ran calmly waited for a few seconds, and just as he expected, his phone rang. 

"The king asked me to patrol the mountains…"

Zuo Cidian could not help but look over. When he saw Ling Ran, he subconsciously felt nervous for a few seconds.

Ling Ran smiled faintly, and he picked up the call, "Hello?"

"Doctor Ling, I took the light bulb out with my bare hands. Hahaha, do you want to come and take a look? It's a big light bulb." Yu Yuan sounded very proud.

"You took it out so quickly?" Ling Ran read the X-ray scan just now as well. No matter how he thought about it, it was still a troublesome task.

"The advantage of having small hands." Yu Yuan continued to be proud.

Ling Ran then thought about how if removing foreign objects was also a skill, Yu Yuan's skill could be considered as Specialist Level.

"I'll go over now." Ling Ran put away his phone before he looked at Zuo Cidian.

Zuo Cidian was still bending the bone. Since he used up too much strength, his tendons were exposed, and he was trembling as he answered, "Okay."

Then, he used all his strength to politely say, "Doctor Ling, please remember to rest. Don't tire yourself."

Ling Ran looked at Zuo Cidian kindly. "You too."