Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 710

712 Glutinous Rice Dumplings

Yu Yuan sat on a stool. Her legs were pushed together while she swung her feet in the air. Her hands were placed on her knees, and her back was straight. She craned her neck and looked like a small-sized cat crouching on a chair.

Her collar was spotted as well. 

Ling Ran looked at Yu Yuan in surprise. He glanced at the patient before he looked at the light bulb on the tray.

The light bulb was indeed so big that it surprised people.

Similarly, the doctors and the patient were very surprised.

"I managed to take it out without damaging the light bulb. The injured walls of the intestine can be handled. After the anesthesia of the patient ends, he can go home after a night of observation." Yu Yuan showed a victory sign. Her knuckles were long and thin, which made her hand look so small.

"It's good that you managed to take it out." Ling Ran also felt at ease. Even if it were a small light bulb, when it could not be taken out, it could turn into a big surgery, because the foreign body must be taken out. If it could not be removed from the rectum, then it must be taken out from the intestines through laparotomy, and it would take a long time for the intestines to recover from their injury. It was also very expensive. 

If it were in European and American hospitals, the doctors in the Emergency Department would take it out through laparotomy for safety reasons. The patient would need to rely on fluid transfusion for nutrients for a number of days, which was worth up to thousands of RMB per day, but the doctors did not care about that. The increment of insurance or the expenses of the patient were also not part of their consideration.

"Don't you want to know how I took it out?" Yu Yuan suddenly became desperate to talk.

Ling Ran was indeed slightly curious. "How did you do it?"

"The first step is the most important step. General anesthesia is necessary. This is something many doctors don't pay attention to. I even checked some doctors' cases online. Many of them choose to do regional anesthesia before removing the foreign body, then they experience failure for many hours. Regional anesthesia places too many limitations on the surgeon. It's alright if it is a little object like carrot or loach, but if it's so big that it reaches the diameter of a light bulb, then general anesthesia must be applied. This will provide the highest success rate…"

Yu Yuan then described the process where she removed the foreign body. Actually, the difficulty of the problem was that the foreign body was smoother, so she needed to take additional measures under the situation where she could not grab it using sponge forceps.

In short, there were two steps: Grab and pull.

However, if it were so easy to grab it and pull it out, the patient could have solved the problem at home. Experienced people would not need to come to the hospital and pay for people to watch them.

In a situation where it was not easy to grab the foreign object, it would not be so easy to solve the problem.

Lastly, Yu Yuan relied on her small and agile hands to complete the process of taking out the foreign body. Yu Yuan was still very proud when she talked about the process. "It can't be done with just a pair of small hands. I had to take note of a lot of small details…"

Ling Ran did not want to listen anymore. He now said with a very firm tone, "In short, your foreign object removal skill should be at Specialist level…"

"Rectal foreign body removal," Yu Yuan corrected.

Ling Ran said, "Huh?"

Su Jiafu who stood by the side was also stunned, "There's a name to this task?"

Yu Yuan glared at him. "Of course, this is an important skill in the Emergency Department!"

"Alright, Specialist Level Rectal Foreign Body Removal Skill." Ling Ran nodded and thought secretly. 'Zuo Cidian lost fair and square.'

*Knock, knock.*

The door of the debridement room was knocked twice.

"Come in, please. " Yu Yuan looked around before she stood next to the tray with the light bulb and slightly raised her head.

The one who opened the door and entered was He Yuanzheng.

"Wow, so many people are here." He Yuanzheng looked at the crowd in the room and could not help laughing out loud. "Did you just perform a debridement surgery? I am here to send—"

"Rectal foreign body removal!" Yu Yuan corrected He Yuanzheng immediately. 

Su Jiafu was annoyed and frustrated when he heard this. "Could you not mention that term constantly?"

"Which term?"

"Rectal foreign body removal."

"You said it this time." Yu Yuan looked as if she had won, and she raised a victory sign.

Su Jiafu looked at her small hands and thought, 'She has small hands, and her heart is even smaller. She's also sitting on my stool. If I, the anesthetist don't seize the time to rest, I will easily die…' 

Su Jiafu said after he shook his head a little, "You just took out a light bulb."

Yu Yuan chuckled and pointed with her chin, "A light bulb the size of two fists."

He Yuanzheng was confused when he heard this. He lowered his head and looked at his fists. 'A light bulb the size of two fists? Rectum?'

Su Jiafu sighed. "Yu Yuan's fist."

"My hands are small." Yu Yuan was very proud. "I took them out with my hands."

He Yuanzheng sighed in relief. He then looked at Yu Yuan and sighed before he looked at the light bulb on the tray, frowned a little, and said, "You still did great. You can consider this your special skill."

Yu Yuan was waiting for a comment like this. She had been a doctor for so many years, and she rarely received compliments when she performed surgery. While she felt excited, she also immediately said happily, "Department Director He, in the future, if you have… ah… if any of your friends are in need, just give me a call…" 

After she finished speaking, Yu Yuan knew she said the wrong thing, so she held the tray and left.

He Yuanzheng moved his body a little before he showed a smile again. "Doctor Ling, I heard you're interested in that patient who has clonorchiasis and hepatolithiasis. "

"Yes." Ling Ran did not say much, and he even did not explain anything. 

He Yuanzheng smiled. "I immediately came over when I received the news. Um, Doctor Ling, this medical case is actually slightly special."


"First of all, the patient's liver functional reserve is not good. His levels of bilirubin, albumin, and PTA are quite low, while his Child-Pugh score is only barely reaching B… He also has problems like cirrhosis, clonorchiasis…" He Yuanzheng mentioned everything before he said, "We are currently still considering whether we should operate on the patient."

Having a Child-Pugh score at A was preferable for doctors. When the score was B, many perspectives needed to be considered. If the doctor did not have very good skills, normally, he would just give up. for visiting.

Ling Ran did not look like he was worried. He said, "Give him to the Emergency Department, then."

"About that…" He Yuanzheng said in a hesitant fashion, "The subjectivity of Child-pugh scores is very higher. If we make it stricter, this patient will probably only score a C."

"We'll judge according to the situation." Ling Ran's heart was very stable now. His Perfect Level Tissue Separation could help a lot in hepatectomy. Correspondingly, liver function could still be adjusted. Ling Ran did not hear so many problems from Zhang Anmin, so he was not in a hurry to make any decision.

He Yuanzheng smiled and said, "I'm worried that you'll say I'm pushing the patient to you. Alright, I will talk to the patient…"

When he saw that Ling Ran was insisting on the patient, he did not say anything else. He Yuanzheng felt that he had said everything that he needed to say. If the surgery could not be performed well later, it would not be his problem.

Ling Ran nodded. After He Yuanzheng left, he opened the Intermediate Treasure Chest that he just obtained.

A blue test tube appeared in the air in the shining golden light. 

[Skill Serum: All skill levels increased by 1 for two hours.]