Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 712

714 Not Easy

In the operating theater at Donghuang Regional Hospital, Xu Jinyi was smiling so brightly that he looked like a lucky man who suffered from liver cancer but had the money to receive treatment overseas and had now recovered. He extended his hand to ask for a pair of hemostatic forceps, aimed, and pressed both handles of the forceps. He then sighed in contentment. "It's great to be able to carry out surgeries again."

"Department director, you can do it."

"Department director, welcome back."

"Department director, it's a blessing for everyone in our department and the hospital for you to be in the pink of health again."

The doctors in the General Surgery Department of Donghuang Regional Hospital had more than ten years of experience when it came to flattering people, though their words of praise sounded rather awkward. They were by no means unskilled, but they had been at it since yesterday, and it was not like they could repeat the same lines again and again. Hence, they had no choice but to go back to basics and weave the most nauseating speech with the most basic vocabulary.

Xu Jinyi was extremely happy. As he listened to his subordinates' praises, he said joyously. "Mandarin is such a great language. When I was at Anderson Cancer Center, I communicated with the medical staff members there in Mandarin and hired an interpreter to translate my words into English. I really wanted to talk to someone in Mandarin, so I tried to start a conversation with my interpreter. The interpreter refused. His reasoning was that he was hired in the capacity of an interpreter, and chatting was not within his job scope…"

"What happened after that?" The junior doctors perked up when they heard their department director telling a story.

"After that…" The department director smiled as he reminisced what happened. "I lodged a complaint, and his company probably fired him. They then sent me a new interpreter, and she turned out to be an overseas Chinese who was born and bred in the United States. We couldn't hit it off, so I didn't feel like talking to her anymore."

The young doctors immediately became dispirited. Even though they were afraid, they racked their brains for words of praise.

"You are worthy of the title of department director indeed."

"Wow, our department director is really amazing."

"If this were a real show, I would have definitely voted for our department director."

Xu Jinyi laughed. "Little bootlickers, that's what you guys are."

The junior doctors immediately became a little embarrassed. After their department director returned from treatment, he suddenly became a lot more straightforward, and it was harder to deal with him now.

Zhao Dong the associate chief physician who was standing beside Xu Jinyi reckoned that if everyone stopped sprouting words of praise, the atmosphere would become tremendously awkward. He immediately flashed his best smile. "Department director, don't forget those who have been by your side for a long time just because you have gotten yourself some young blood. After all, even though we are old, we can still be put to good use."

"Does this mean that we are old bootlickers?" The other associate chief physician of the department started laughing too. As someone who had twenty years of experience in flattering people, he was able to come up with a response effortless;y.

Xu Jinyi laughed even more loudly. He then sighed and said, "The fact that I am reluctant to part ways with my old comrades is why I'm back here in the hospital. If this weren't the case, I would have retired a long time ago."

The associate chief physicians lowered their heads in unison. What they really wanted was for their department director to retire so that they could take his place.

When Xu Jinyi saw their expressions, he knew what was in their minds. However, he laughed even more happily. He only said after his laughter subsided, "Old Zhao, you'll be participating in the next surgery."

"Huh? Aren't the specialists from Anderson Cancer Center carrying out the next surgery?" Zhao Dong was a little surprised.

"Yes. They allowed us to send an assistant to learn from them. You're the chosen one." After Xu Jinyi returned from Anderson Cancer Center, he invited a team of surgeons from the renowned center to Donghuang Regional Hospital. It was a complete team, with a chief surgeon, first assistant, and second assistant. There were also an anesthetist and a couple of nurses.

This was usually the case when hospitals in China hired freelance surgeons from other countries. Individual specialists from other countries were no longer a rare sight in China, and doctors in the country did not care much for them. This was especially true for doctors in Beijing. The novelty started to fade after they met plenty of foreign specialists.

Certain foreign specialists were not even as meticulous as doctors in China when they operated on patients, and there were often times when their abilities were questioned.

However, foreign surgery teams had always been steady. There was often a stark difference between the performance of foreign surgeons who came to China alone and foreign surgeons who came to China with their teams.

The hospitals in China were also trying their best to accommodate the needs of foreign surgery teams.

This was especially true when it came to the use of high-end equipment. Pharmaceutical sales companies often developed them over a span of a few years by collaborating with excellent surgery teams from other countries. This was why certain foreign surgery teams were already very experienced in using some of the high-end equipment that had just appeared in the market. This was the right time to invite them over to China. Those surgery teams would willingly come over, and the surgeries were often a success.

This was how Xu Jinyi kidnapped a team from Anderson Cancer Center over in the name of technological exchange.

The leader of the team, Lloyd, was an excellent surgeon. The fact that he was able to score a job in the most renowned cancer center in the world was a testament to his capabilities. His workload was extremely high too. However, Lloyd was moved by Xu Jinyi's sincerity.

It was hard for Lloyd to refuse 60,000 USD just for three days of work.

Lloyd's salary as a doctor in the United States was very high. He could even be considered one of the higher-paid doctors in the United States. However, even with a 820,000 USD annual income, it was hard for a person to say no to 60,000 USD.

Moreover, the other members of the team would be getting paid too.

Xu Jinyi was also satisfied with the deal.

This deal would cost Donghuang Regional Hospital around 100,000 USD.

However, 100,000 USD was equivalent to only a little more than 600,000 RMB, and this was nothing for a tertiary Grade A hospital.

Of course, truth be told, 600,000 RMB was not a small sum. Hence, in an effort to reduce expenses, Xu Jinyi had looked for three suitable patients beforehand and asked for a freelance surgery fee of 200,000 RMB from each of them.

They would need to spend 70,000 RMB for a top specialist in China to operate on them if this specialist was hired through connections. The figure would go up to 100,000 RMB if no one in their circle knew the surgeon. Of course rich patients were able to understand why a full-fledged team of specialists from another country cost 200,000 RMB.

And everyone in the General Surgery Department of Donghuang Regional Hospital was rather looking forward to these three surgeries.

All of them would like to witness the capabilities of a foreign team.

Zhao Dong did not expect his department director to give this opportunity to him. He asked, a little baffled and anxious. "How am I qualified to…"

"Just participate in the first surgery and give it a try too. Aside from this, nowadays, you guys are the ones who carry out most of the surgeries in the department. I will definitely operate on fewer and fewer patients in the days to come, so I should definitely offer this great opportunity to you guys instead." Xu Jinyi was sincere as he spoke these words.

Cancer not only changed a person's body, but also his fundamental values.

Xu Jinyi no longer dreamed about becoming an academician. All he wanted to do now was to manage his department as well as carry out some minor surgeries. He would already be very happy to still be alive five years after his surgery, as it meant that the most dangerous period had passed.

The atmosphere in the operating theater became more and more joyful.

After they were given a glimmer of hope, the doctors in the General Surgery Department became more high-spirited. After all, doctors relied on hope to keep going. Without hope, they would have died of fatigue and melancholy.

Xu Jinyi had given all of them a glimmer of hope without being aware of it, and it was a great encouragement for all the doctors in the department.

An IT engineer from a pharmaceutical sales company came over to Donghuang Hospital to adjust the equipment in the demonstration room of the General Surgery Department. This was to ensure that nothing would go wrong when the surgeries were being live-streamed.

For this purpose, the IT engineer ran the livestream of a surgery to test out the equipment.

Xu Jinyi did not pay attention to the content of the livestream. He was only there to make sure that the signal was good.

Lloyd, who was in China for the first time, was very excited about things too. After paying a visit to the surgical suite, he headed to the demonstration room. He then looked earnestly at the surgery that was being livestreamed on the 100-inch television.

The three foreign doctors paid more and more attention as the surgery proceeded.

"Can you give me a copy of this surgery?" Lloyd suddenly requested.

After the IT engineer heard what the interpreter said, he raised his head to look at Lloyd and shook his head. "This is a livestream. If you want a copy of this, you will have to at least wait until the surgery ends." 

"This is a livestream? Where is it?" Lloyd was extremely astonished.

"Yun Hua Hospital." The IT engineer looked at the source of the signal and answered.