Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 714

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"Prepare for the surgery." Ling Ran, now in a fresh pair of underwear, walked into the operating theater with a lightness in his step.

A clean shower room, clean underwear, and clean operating theater was the life for Ling Ran. Even the patient who was lying on the operating table also looked cleaner.

Of course, his liver was full of worms. However, considering the worms were oviparous and they lived in the patient's liver since they were young, then grew, mated, gave birth… To a certain extent, they were the clean type of worms.

When the incision was made, Ling Ran also tried to reduce the blood loss so that he could actually see what he was working on. At the same time, he would use a clean gauze and forceps to stretch the incision open.

For the sake of postoperative recovery, surgeons only exposed the part of the liver meant to be removed.

This was textbook procedure.

Ling Ran surveyed the table, satisfied. He kept track of every preparation task while observing the numbers on the monitor.

"The patient is quite fat, so we have to reduce the usage of the endotherm knife as much as possible. " Ling Ran extended his hand to ask for a surgical skin marker pen. After he cross-checked the patient and made sure it was the homestay owner Lei Baihan, he slowly drew the lines.

The marker pen was pressed into his flesh. The tip of the pen was like velvet, writing with it felt pleasant.

Ma Yanlin was stern. "It's the best without endotherm knife. Barbeque can cause cancer."

He was referring to the smell from the burning of human fat.

Zuo Cidian paid it little heed and said, "Indulging in sexual pleasures will also cause cancer, but you still used up the whole box of condoms, right?"

"I bought because it's sold at a discounted price. It's cheaper if I buy more." Ma Yanlin's face became slightly red.

The circulating nurse turned around, coughed, and said, "May I remind you that the camera is still on."

"Voice recording isn't," Lu Wenbin said as if he did not care, "If the voice recording button is pressed at the other side of the camera, then only the voice will be recorded."

"You mean pressing this green button?" The circulating nurse pointed.

Lu Wenbin bent his waist and took a glance before he straightened his body and spoke with a serious tone, "Among us, someone will be famous. "

Ma Yanlin and Zuo Cidian looked at each other, and both felt diffident. 

The operating theater became silent.

Ling Ran only realized this problem a few minutes later. 

He originally filtered the conversations among the assistants automatically, but now, the situation was slightly weird, so he could not help but ask, "Why aren't you talking now? Nervous?"

"Not nervous." Ma Yanlin was the third assistant and played the role of pulling the retractor, so he would not feel nervous. After all, there was no way he would not pull the retractor according to standard just because he was nervous. 

Zuo Cidian forcefully smiled. He was really nervous.

"The livestream is recording audio." Lu Wenbin pointed out the problem.

"Does it affect your performance?" Ling Ran's mind immediately went to the surgery.

Lu Wenbin was stunned. "Well, just a little, I guess…" 

"Turn off the sound." Ling Ran turned around and made an order without any delay. For him, when he was performing the surgery, everything that could affect him must be reduced. A simple operating theater could provide the best surgery effect. On the contrary, a complex operating theater was completely irrelevant with the concept of simple, nice, and orderly.

The circulating nurse hesitated for a few seconds before she said in a low voice, "Doctor Ling, there are now twenty-four broadcast signals, and everyone probably wants to listen to your voice during the surgery."

Ling Ran did not raise his head. He operated while saying, "I don't want to speak during the surgery."

The operating theater fell silent for more than ten seconds.

The circulating nurse understood what he meant, and she immediately turned off the voice recording button. She looked pretty upset while she thought secretly, 'I should not have mentioned this. I didn't even know Doctor Ling's thoughts. I'll deserve all the scolding when I get back later.'

In the silence, Ling Ran completed the preliminary exposure of the liver.

The liver, so soft that it looked like a rotten apple, could be seen.

"This liver…" Zuo Cidian was stunned. "A pork liver is more pleasant than his liver."

"The pork liver they serve is usually the liver of a one-year-old pig, can this fifty-eight-year-old liver be compared?" Lu Wenbin defended the pigs.

"Can it be done?" Zuo Cidian was worried as he looked at Ling Ran, and he said in a low voice, "It's already so rotten. Even after surgery, it'll probably be hard for him to recover."

He actually did not want to talk about recovery, but he was afraid that the patient would die from hepatic coma.

Livers could repair themselves. Even after removing a part of the liver, the organ will mostly recover after healing for some time. 

But if the patient had bad liver function, it was impossible for him to wait for the liver to recover. He might suffer from hepatic coma and die. 

The development of modern medicine made the safety of hepatectomy become higher. Normally, the mortality rate of hepatectomy was 1%, which was better than the previous twenty years. Even so, it was still a high-risk surgery.

Lei Baihan, who was on the operating table, faced an incredibly high risk.

They could already guess the condition of his liver from his assessment. The fact that his liver was graded with a B or C was already bad enough, and unless it was absolutely necessary, those with a Grade B liver were not qualified to go under the knife.

Correspondingly, they could also tell that Lei Baihan's liver was in an extremely bad condition from the medical scan.

But they only had a clear view of how bad it was when they cut him open. 

Many patients did all sorts of preoperative preparations but were unable to receive surgery at the end of the day and were sent out once they received laparotomy on the operating table. This was something many doctors heard before. 

Certainly, such surgeries would receive a bad rep once it was told to others, especially if it was seen through a livestream. So, Zuo Cidian asked Ling Ran worriedly and tried hard to think about how they could end the surgery appropriately. 

If there was no way of performing the surgery after laparotomy, while it would not be appropriate if they went straight to close the abdomen, at the very least, the patient would not die on the operating table… 

Zuo Cidian looked at Ling Ran worriedly. 

"Indeed, we must be more careful. All of you should pay more attention too. If you are not confident, do not touch the liver. Don't touch it too even during aspiration." Ling Ran reminded them. He did not seem surprised by the condition of the liver. 

Zuo Cidian was surprised. "We're continuing?" 

"Of course, it might be a little brittle. But the left hepatic portal is the main point. Take a look at the right hepatic portal, it is still okay." Ling Ran had checked the liver previously using the Virtual Human, and it was only natural that he continued with the surgery. 

Zuo Cidia looked carefully. "It's a little similar to soft tofu, yet not comparable to hard tofu."

"Alright." Ling Ran did not have to explain too much. He was the chief surgeon, and what he said was the final word. The assistants only needed to do their work, they had no right in speaking and participating in the decision making. 

The work of a clinician was very private. Even though there were surgeons in a team, most of the decisions just needed to be processed in his own mind.

There were too many decisions to be made in the surgery, and the connection between each decision was too closely linked to each other. While there might be room for discussion during preoperative diagnosis, the more difficult a surgery was, the less room for discussion there will be for the surgery. 

Ling Ran's new skill was waiting to be used at this point. 

"As we were," Ling Ran said and extended his hands to grab the instrument.


Scrub Nurse Wang Jia had cooperated with Ling Ran for a long time, and she was familiar with Ling Ran's surgery habits. Without needing him to say anything, she slapped the instrument firmly onto Ling Ran's hand. 

Ling Ran nodded and flipped the soft and sticky liver in a relaxed manner.

From Zuo Cidian's perspective, the liver that was so soft it would break with one touch showed surprising tenacity in Ling Ran's hands. 

Ling Ran quickly separated many different hepatic ligaments. Perfect Level Tissue Separation made him operate like a pro playing an arcade game. 

The accurate setting of the location, minimal positioning, and moderately paced agility… 

"The dissection is neat."

"The blood vessels are as clear as daylight."

"Did he fake it? How can he dissect such a liver so cleanly?"

The doctors in Donghuang Regional Hospital whispered to discuss with each other while looking at the screen. 

They had seen some surgeries by Ling Ran, but different surgeries had different difficulties. If Ling Ran's previous surgeries made them feel that there was a high creativity in it and that they could learn it, the current surgery had completely taken away their desire to learn it. 

Tissue separation was a basic skill in surgery. Just like exposure, it was the basic among basic skills, which made it too hard to learn. When someone reached mastery in it, the possibility of learning it might even be lost.

In the operating theater, the only audience who enjoyed this was the blue-eyed and blond Lloyd. He did not want to perform any surgery, instead, he looked at the screen while moving his hands in the air. He looked like a mad man, but anyone who looked at him closely would see that he was learning the movements on the screen.