Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 715

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"Mister Lloyd, you want start?" Xu Jinyi looked at his watch. The seconds were ticking, so he reminded Lloyd in English.

His English was passable. His grammatical structure was messy, but when he talked to people from English-speaking countries, they got the message. 

Lloyd smiled and nodded, but he said, "We'll do it after watching this surgery."

Xu Jinyi frowned. "Finish watching, when?"

Xu Jinyi secretly shook his head. After he got cancer, he had rebuilt the concept of time. At this time, he could not help reminding Lloyd again, "This surgery needs one to two hours. Why don't we surgery first, and I ask someone record the interesting moment or the full video? You watch later?"

"Hmm… They are broadcasting live now. If we also broadcast live, will we be competing for views?" As Lyold said that, he laughed. "I'm afraid that I can't beat these guys."

Xu Jinyi laughed. "You surgeon from Anderson Cancer Center. Doctor Ling is very good, but you very famous. I already tell our audience. Many from famous hospitals in Beijing, Departments of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery and General Surgery Departments from some branches, no competition at all…"

But Lloyd did not respond immediately. Instead, he curiously asked, "Do you know this doctor? The surgeon who is performing the surgery."

The default high-resolution camera set by Yunli Medical Company did not have a panoramic view, so the screen of Donghuang Regional Hospital currently only showed a surgical view. The camera aimed at the surgical field only, and the chief surgeon's face could not be seen. 

However, Xu Jinyi could guess the contents by looking at the maneuvers of the surgery. He was not embarrassed when he pulled up his clothes and said, "My surgery done by Doctor Ling from Yun Hua Hospital. Doctor Ling quite young, but skill level very good…"

"Oh right, I now remember. Your prognosis is very good. " Lloyd quickly nodded.

In Anderson Cancer Center, Xu Jinyi had been able to meet Lloyd, or rather, Lloyd had noticed Xu Jinyi because he had been attracted by his surgical marks, alongside the fact that Xu Jinyi had brought out his skills of buttering up to someone, which he had honed for years. 

In a place like Anderson Cancer Center, surgery and internal medicine could be done together, but there were also patients who came from different countries with different body conditions and medical backgrounds. Among these, there were a lot of patients who had surgery before they came for late-stage treatment for cancer. After all, the threshold for America's visa was becoming higher, and most cancer patients did not want to waste their time waiting around uselessly. 

Correspondingly, for a patient like Xu Jinyi, who had the surgery prior to coming, Lloyd would perform a preliminary checkup and examination.

Among them, many patients' cancer cells were not removed completely.

It was not strange if the cancer cells were not removed completely. Even if it was in the hospitals in America, there were also different levels of surgeons. 

Half of Lloyd's time had been used to deal with cancer cells that were supposed to have been removed but still remained there. He also needed to take half of whatever time he had left to perform assessments on the patients who absolutely could not remove their cancer cells completely. 

Safe and clean radical surgeries were extremely rare.

In fact, from Lloyd's perspectives, after Xu Jinyi's surgery, he did not need any further treatment. His prognosis was so good that even Lloyd did not believe Xu Jinyi came for treatment at the beginning.

Xu Jinyi also knew this. He was even slightly proud of his judgment, so he showed a faint smile. "A few years later, when Doctor Ling famous for this, maybe real trouble for you. But your surgery today starting soon…"

"I don't want to perform the surgery at the same time with him." Lloyd pointed at the screen and shook his head a few times. "We'll do it later."

"Ah... alright." Xu Jinyi wanted to try persuading him again, but he changed his thoughts in the next second and agreed with Lloyd.

Just as Lloyd had said, everyone wanted to fight for views at the end of the day. Although not many watched, some people might still feel awkward if there were comparisons.

Xu Jinyi felt bad if he made Ling Ran awkward, but why should he make things hard for himself if he ended up making Lloyd feel awkward?

"Go and inform them that we will postpone the surgery for another two hours." Xu Jinyi talked to his subordinate before he went outside to talk to the patient's family.

Livestreams with low views had an advantage. They could call every audience member to inform the change of time for their programme.

The patient and his family were very cordial too. The patient had not received anesthesia yet, so it was fine for him to wait for a while. On the other side, from the family's perspective, it was pretty normal for a foreign doctor to take some time to adapt to the environment in China.

Xu Jinyi comforted the patient and his family before he slowly walked back. Then, he saw a group of people anxiously looking at ahead in the operating theater.

"What's wrong?" Xu Jinyi was curious.

"He's doing hepatic vein occlusion," a doctor answered in a low voice.

"Okay," Xu Jinyi answered, and he did not think much about it.

He had seen Ling Ran's surgery, so he naturally knew how skillful Ling Ran was in these surgeries. A mere hepatic vein occlusion could not enter Xu Jinyi's sights.

But Lloyd pitied Xu Jinyi, so he explained to him, "The patient has compensatory collateral circulation."

"An extra vein?" Xu Jinyi's mind immediately recalled a stack of reports for a series of medical negligences.

"Yes," Lloyd answered before he said, "The patient's veins are thinner. This Doctor Ling is very careful, so he stopped instantly very soon into the surgery."

When the blond and blue-eyed Lloyd said this, he made a few gestures in the air. He was really impressed by the surgery.

Xu Jinyi's level was much lower. He kept asking, "He only noticed the extra vein after he stopped?"

"It wasn't so easy," Lloyd said and shook his head. "This Doctor Ling spent at least two to three minutes to think before he started to look for the extra vein."

"He could judge the placement of the vein in a collateral circulation in his first judgment…" Xu Jinyi whispered to himself, as if he could not believe it. 

"The liver's condition is really bad. Look at the way your doctor performs the surgery, he is so careful. I wonder just how bad it was…"

The more Lloyd spoke, the more curious he became. Compared to watching the surgery on the spot, this kind of video in the demonstration room would just serve as a wall. 

Meanwhile, Ling Ran had completed the early preparations for hepatectomy. He slowly lifted the liver with his hands before he touched it with the scalpel handle and broke the liver into two halves.

The exposed beehive-like internal part of liver had soft and flat liver flukes wiggling about. 

The patient's fragile liver structure was shown completely, and it made Lloyd stare at it.

"I want to go to Yun Hua." Lloyd turned around and quickly made a request.