Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 716

718 The Foreign Monk Knows How To Recite Chants

"Mister Lloyd, we need to cut the signal." Xu Jinyi glanced at Lloyd and raised his chin. He said, "The patient is already ready."

The patient who was put on the operating table was dressed in a surgical gown and could not understand English. He watched Lloyd and the team around him without blinking. He was extremely pleased and would have taken a selfie if he had a phone. 'Motherf*cker, it's a whole team of foreigners, it's nice to be rich!'

Lloyd reluctantly looked away from the hundred-inch screen and said, "Can't we finish watching Doctor Ling's operation?"

"What you're watching now is already his second operation." Xu Jinyi felt helpless.

"It won't be long before I finish watching it," Lloyd said solemnly, "I rarely see Chinese doctors perform hepatectomy, and I would like to know more about it."

Xu Jinyi felt like there were camels rampaging through his liver, which had recently received an operation. 'This old foreigner wants to finish watching Ling Ran's surgery? Is he feeling exceptionally proud of himself because he never had patients who had cirrhosis before?

'He'll have one in the blink of an eye!'

"Mister Lloyd, Doctor Ling always performs hepatectomy. If you like, always more later. That doctor does surgery like marathon. Four, five operations in one breath, I hear. We can't sit here waiting and watching." Xu Jinyi grumbled. Watching surgeries was one thing, but they should have a distinction between watching a normal person's surgery and watching Ling Ran's surgery. He could not get so addicted to watching surgeries that he fails to perform one of his in return.

However, Lloyd listened and showed a face of sudden realization, "No wonder. Hmm... if I can perform four or five operations in one breath... It would not be feasible with hepatectomy, but if it were to be a slightly simpler operation, I'd still have the confidence to do so. Ah, the portal vein has been reconstructed. That's good, that's good ... "

His last two phrases were a constant repetition of "good", "good".

The patient who was put on the operating table could not understand English, but he sensed that something was wrong while listening. This sound was similar to the sound of a film that was accidentally switched on in his small bedroom at home.

With this idea, the patient looked at Lloyd's expression again and had a bad feeling. "No way, you're about to perform a surgery soon, and you guys are still watching p*rn in the operating theater?"

While talking, the patient looked like he was about to get up.

"Porn, my foot, we're watching a surgery." Xu Jinyi was fuming with anger as he directly held the patient's head and showed him a screen that was full with blood and other things. Then, he put his head down and said, "This is someone else's surgery, don't worry. Hey, anesthetist ... "

The Chinese anesthetist was there to give a demonstration to the foreign team of anesthetists.

The anesthetist looked at Lloyd and the others before starting to operate.

The patient was still receiving fluid transfusion. When the anesthetist pumped drugs into him, the patient lost consciousness.

Before falling asleep, the patient seemed to have suddenly snapped out of his daze and murmured, "I know, these are the films doctors like you would watch. You doctors get off watching these kinds of films."

The doctors in the room froze for a moment before they burst into laughter.

Xu Jinyi was so angry that his liver shook, and he said, "What are you laughing about? I'm a hot-tempered person, you know, and I really want to give him another shot and wake him up to make him watch it. Who can watch this kind of film and get excited?"

Assistant Lecturer Zhao Dong held back his laughter, pouted, and said, "Look at the foreigner, I think he's really excited."

Xu Jinyi looked around and saw that Lloyd's eyes were shining. His nostrils fluttered, his skin was red, and he looked like those foreigners whom he saw at the red-light districts in Amsterdam, Reeperbahn in Hamburg, Montmartre in Paris, and Soi Cowboy in Bangkok, Thailand...

"Mister Lloyd, the patient is lying down and ready." Xu Jinyi urged him again.

"Okay..." Lloyd's voice was still very excited, and he lowered his head before shrugging. "After seeing such an operation, when I look at our patients today, it's a bit boring."

"You're complaining that the disease is not serious enough? In the future, there'll be different grades among patients." Assistant Lecturer Zhao Dong stood at the first assistant's position and said in Mandarin with a smile.

Xu Jinyi smiled and replied in Chinese as well, "He's a big shot, and he has the final say. Learn from him well. "

Zhao Dong alone was the only one who joined the entire lineup from Anderson Cancer Center. It was arguably the best learning opportunity for him. The others were only able to observe the team of foreigners one-on-one.

Now, the local medical field has recognized the capabilities of the foreigners' medical teams. They also had the same arrangement as Chinese medical team: a chief surgeon, two assistants, two nurses, and an anesthetist. To put it simply, the local chief surgeons were often not weak. The assistants were not too weak either, and, if necessary, good assistant doctors can always be picked.

Nurses and anesthetists were slightly different in Chinese hospitals and foreigners' hospitals, especially when it came to the arrangement of anesthetists. Due to the development in China, they were often inferior to foreign teams at the same level. But in conclusion, after the year 2000, tertiary Grade A general hospitals in China were able to come together and form a team that was comparable to a top team of foreigners.

Currently, many hospitals in China could gather top teams. Those really amazing government-funded hospitals can easily gather two or three top medical teams without much problem. Such a scale was actually very powerful in foreign countries. It may not reach the top in the world, but there were thirty-two developed countries in the world, and China was able to have their team rank in the top twenty-three, and they had more than thirty-two teams. 

However, the cohesiveness of the foreign medical team was still difficult for China's hospitals to emulate. It was the focus of China's hospitals and Chinese doctors.

Xu Jinyi waited for Lloyd and the others to start the operation before he deliberately said, "Everyone, remember what we discussed before. Pay attention to the cooperation of the other teams and to the functions of each position ..."

It was not unusual for foreigners to be affiliated with the top-level government-funded hospitals, but for Donghuang Regional Hospital's General Surgery Department, this was indeed their first time, and it was quite a grand first time.

The doctors, nurses, and doctors in the operating theater were not the only ones watching the operation. They adjusted a high-definition signal and also broadcasted it to the hospital's demonstration room. In addition, those hospitals that wanted to see the surgery can also receive Yunli Medical Company's signal. Since the beginning of this year, Yunli Medical Company's high-definition video recording system had been selling well throughout the country, and there were many purchases from hospitals in Beijing.

With Xu Jinyi's reminder, everyone snapped to attention.

Then, he saw Lloyd grinned as he performed an incision with a slice.

Without a single word, the scrub nurse sent a gauze attached to a pair of forceps to Lloyd. Lloyd used it to dab at the blood before he threw it away. He then opened the abdomen layer by layer and exposed the liver openly.

"The opening is really big." The Chinese doctors present could not help but say it in shock.

"This is how foreigners do it. They just need to finish the surgery well and don't need to think too much about the size of the opening," Department Director Xu Jinyi whispered, "They also do it like this to avoid lawsuits and avoid accidents to prevent the lawyers from asking them why they didn't make the opening a little bigger if they go to court... "

"If we do it like this, we'll definitely be scolded like hell by the patient."

"It's also a trend," Xu Jinyi calmly said, "In the future, stability will be the utmost priority in an operation. If something goes wrong, the sick person won't care about how low his probability of surviving..."

"That's true."

"The main reason is that the opening is outside. The patient can't see what's going on inside his own stomach, so he can only stare at the opening and talk about it."

"We can't listen to the patient. If we were to listen to the patient, then there's no need for us to be here."

The Chinese doctors in the operating theater discussed softly among themselves, but the discussion did not last long, because Lloyd's surgery was progressing too fast.

Once it was exposed, he performed separation, and when the tissues were separated, Lloyd began to cut them…

Lloyd was a surgeon who liked to use scissors, but this was nothing harmful, because a doctor who could perform the surgery so well and so quickly was able to amaze people.

"This foreigner is incredibly skillful..."

"He really lives up to his reputation."

"I regret not going abroad in the past."