Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 718

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Lloyd took a joyful hot shower and put on a new outfit. Then, he sat in the first row of the demonstration room with his legs crossed on the table. He looked really inelegant. 

Subsequently, Llyod opened a bottle of Coke with a loud pop. He drank while happily watching the screen in front of him, and he looked no different from watching a soccer competition.

The Chinese doctors in the demonstration room looked at each other, and they pretended that they did not see anything.

Meanwhile, another two doctors who came with Lloyd sat at the corner politely and looked as if they were conscious that they were at someone else's place. 

"Is this still Ling Ran's surgery?" Lloyd earnestly watched the changes of the instruments in the surgical field for a few seconds before he confirmed the identity of the chief surgeon and said firmly, "Look at the technique of his suturing in the surgery, it should be Doctor Ling, right? His suturing speed is very fast. I think normal doctors are not able to do it like him."

Zhao Dong worked as the first assistant for Lloyd just now, so now, he became a lackey. Zhao Dong looked up and saw three semi-transparent words "Yun Hua Hospital" on the upper left corner. 

Zhao Dong then regarded the foreigner with contempt for not recognizing Chinese characters. He then slowly said, "It's a surgery by Yun Hua Hospital, but I'm not certain whether it's Doctor Ling or not."

"It's definitely Ling." At this time, the third doctor who had not performed any surgery spoke, "Doctor Ling's fingers are straight and balanced, they can fit perfectly in the rubber gloves and look nice."

Zhao Dong's lips twitched. He did not know if his English listening level had dropped, but he felt that he had heard something inappropriate.

Lloyd also said, "Ling Ran's surgical characteristics are quite obvious. He is very particular about bleeding control. Hmm... for hepatectomy, if he needs to reduce blood loss, he really needs to consider things from every aspect."

"I've asked someone to check a few medical cases. The lowest blood loss in hepatectomy by Doctor Ling Ran from Yun Hua Hospital is 12 ounces, while the highest is 26 ounces." What the third doctor said was just as surprising.

"His unique understanding of the patient's liver can be seen from his great job in exposure, dissection, and even the design of the line for the incision." Lloyd praised him, but the content of the compliment made the Donghuang Regional Hospital doctors in the room confused.

In fact, the standard of the doctors in Donghuang Regional Hospital was at the level where they were far from being good at anatomy yet.

Although many people thought that doctors only performed surgery after they mastered everything, in reality, the presence of weak doctors was the norm in hospitals. The majority were doctors who started to learn from clinical operations when they still did not know anything, and they still did not know how to perform surgery when they stood by the operating table. 

As a tertiary Grade A hospital, Donghuang Regional Hospital was a top group among the hospitals, but the doctors from Donghuang Regional Hospital were still far from being among the top group of doctors. As a regional hospital in Beijing, the average level of Donghuang Regional Hospital was much weaker than Yun Hua Hospital. Therefore, they were just a group of normal doctors among the tertiary Grade A hospitals in China.

After all, these doctors were still among the top in medical education in China. When they went for the medical practitioner qualification certificate examination, they basically just took one time to pass without too much difficulty. Correspondingly, having the qualification of a master's degree in the field of research was not strange in Donghuang Regional Hospital. Even the new doctors needed the qualification of a PhD holder to get a similar job.

In short, most of the time, doctors who could make it to Donghuang Regional Hospital were either the top scorers in universities or the experts in relationship networking. They played the role of those who could obtain between eighty to ninety marks on average in examinations. 

However, the cruelty of being a medical doctor was that one hundred marks were never enough.

Besides, doctors needed to keep learning and accumulating experience, which meant that basic and intermediate level doctors were similar to elementary or middle school students attending the national college entrance exam. Even if they were excellent in elementary or middle school, it was also very hard for them to score better than the doctors who were much older than them.

When they really became assistant lecturers or senior professionals, they had suffered for long enough, and their experience would naturally be enough. They had also basically reached the year of retirement. Some of them may even be shocked by new knowledge and techniques… 

However, even so, these doctors were still existences who stood at the tip of the doctors' pyramid in China. Doctors who could not get into the key universities for studies, failed in their university, failed in their medical licensing exam after they graduated, could not get to the intermediate level, reached the position of assistant lecturers by simply reaching the number of years required, relied on luck to become lecturers, scolded people in the operating theater, and relied on Skelaxin in anatomy were the main trend for doctors.

Just like in a class, there were more than ten students who could not score among the top three. 

Assistant Lecturer Zhao Dong was the doctor who scored the best in the room, but he was also confused as he watched. However, he had strong motivation. When Department Director Xu Jinyi got liver cancer, if he died or retired smoothly, the subsequent department director would be Zhao Dong.

Therefore, Zhao Dong eagerly asked, "Doctor Lloyd, is there anything special about Doctor Ling's line for the incision?"

He could see that the dissection and exposure were done nicely, but he did not have a clear grasp about the line for the incision.

Lloyd smiled and said, "Ling Ran must have had some thoughts about the distribution of the bile duct and hepatic artery below the skin, so he avoided these positions while he drew the line for the incision."

"Did he make an accurate guess?"

"It's great if he made the right guess, but it's also fine if he doesn't, right?" Lloyd stopped talking for a while before he continued to say, "But I think Doctor Ling can make an accurate guess."

"Why do you say so?"

"Because his skills are good enough," Lloyd answered in a straightforward manner. 

Zhao Dong shivered, and suddenly he felt very jealous. 'If this guy praised me, I would immediately organize an academic conference to boast about myself!

"Doctor Lloyd's skills are… they look normal, but are excellent." Zhao Dong actually wanted to say that he had refined his skills, but his vocabulary was poor, so he could not translate it.

Lloyd laughed as he heard it, but he just shook his head without saying anything. At his level, when he looked at Ling Ran's surgery, he could get a completely different sensation. 

"Let's watch the surgery." Lloyd could no longer be bothered to talk to Zhao Dong. He drank Coke like he was watching a movie. He looked at the screen in front of him while his left hand mimicked the actions on the screen and moved speedily.

He watched one surgery after another.

After watching multiple surgeries, Zhao Dong was the first who could no longer stand it. "Doctor Lloyd, you guys took the plane here. You should be exhausted, right? Do you want to go back to the hotel and sleep to adjust your jet lag?"

"I don't need to get over my jet lag. I slept soundly during the flight. Now, I am feeling very energized." Lloyd shook his head.

"Oh, you're probably used to working in foreign countries, but it'll be better if you take a nap. Every time I take a flight, even if I take a first-class seat, the chair is still very uncomfortable, especially during a journey that takes more than ten hours."

"The plane we took this time had a bed. I recommend you to take this plane for your next trip," Lloyd gave a random answer.

Zhao Dong only chuckled.