Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 721

723 Flower Baske

The consultation room in the Outpatient Department covered an area of about a few dozen square feet wide, and there was one table facing the door. The two doctors sat down and saved some space at the front. Their backs almost reached the window. 

On one side of the bed was devil's ivy, and on the other, a spider plant. Both of these plants were about 9.84 feet apart from each other, and they could not connect with one another even if they wanted to, which made the atmosphere in the room look more lonely. 

Luckily, if anyone looked out the window, they would be able to occasionally see the big white goose Fragrance Yard pass by the fountain through a narrow gap between the fountain and the space next to it, and it instantly made people joyful. 

Yet the entire consultation room was filled with an old, lonely, and depressed atmosphere. 

It was as though a person would experience a temperature drop by thirty-five degrees Fahrenheit when they walked in. 

"It might look clean, but it is not as comfortable as my kitchen." Lu Wenbin also came in to take a look, and he looked around curiously. 

Zhang Anmin pursed his lips. "This room is considered pretty good. The rooms at the corner are the ones that are terrible. It's extremely gloomy to only see buildings from the windows. I used to hold consultations over there, and I didn't even feel like eating lunch while I was there. The patients also so felt uncomfortable that they did not want to eat."

"The patients unanimously do not want to eat? They're all so united?"

"The patients who consulted me were mainly diagnosed with cholecystitis. When they fell ill, no one had an appetite to eat their meals." Zhang Anmin sighed and said, "That room was really haunted, let me tell you this, it's really uncomfortable to stay in the northern room. You must buy a house that faces south. Live in a house facing south."

Lu Wenbin felt amused and angry after talking with Zhang Anmin. Then, he said faintly, "I plan to get a few more houses for the patient to stay. I don't care if it is facing south or not. But the two houses that I bought faces both south and north."

Zhang McPoor Anmin was stunned. He could not help but look outside the window, "The air exchange rate is too high in houses that face both the south and north. It might not be comfortable."

Lu Wenbin said, "It's fine as long as the area is big."

Zhang Anmin thought seriously. "Argh, the doctors in the Outpatient Department really have to suffer so much…"

"Yes. It's still better to be in the Emergency Department." Lu Wenbin tried to highlight his pride in staying in the Emergency Department. 

The official of the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, Zhang McPoor Anmin stared at Lu Wenbin and thought for three seconds before he smiled gently. "You can only know whether you live a good or bad life in a department when you become an attending physician."


"Who else has alcohol-based hand sanitizer?" Ling Ran's voice was the only voice heard in the room.

Zhang Anmin and Lu Wenbin trembled, and they quickly turned around to take out two alcohol-based hand sanitizers each.

Zhang Anmin said, "Orange flavor and lemon flavor."

Lu Wenbin said, "Ginger flavor and cinnamon flavor."

"Use one to wipe the windowsill and another one to wipe the chair." Ling Ran quickly commanded. 

Ling Ran also felt that the consultation room in the Outpatient Department was not comfortable. This was not something he had expected.

The operating theaters in current hospitals were very comfortable. They were bright, had a reasonable temperature, were clean and tidy, and even when a patient walked in before they laid in the operating theater, they would be able to see multiple doctors fighting to save lives, and they would only experience a comfortable atmosphere; they would not feel terrified or worried. 

However, for Ling Ran, the atmosphere in the consultation room in the Outpatient Department was boring and gloomy. 

Hence, he would have to wipe it clean first before he did anything else. 

"I'll ask some people to send a few more bottles over here." Zhang Anmin did things seriously. 

Ling Ran was nonchalant about it, so he only said, "Focus on the time. Consultation hours are about to start."

Zhang Anmin and Lu Wenbin answered to his order, but they still acted at a moderate speed. 

They had stayed much longer in the hospital than Ling Ran, so it was only natural that they would know how the Outpatient Department looked like. 

The patients who took a number would always go for the specialist first. Some of them were willing to queue up until noon and not collect a number for a basic consultation. 

This was the correct choice. Although there were doctors who opposed this and suggested that patients with minor illnesses should go for basic consultation, these same doctors who suggested patients with minor illnesses should go for basic consultation might say in a different situation that the patients should not be careless just because they only had a minor illness, and that was not accounting to the fact of whether the patients had the ability to judge whether they had a minor illness or not. 

According to Lu Wenbin and Zhang Anmin's thoughts, if no unforeseen circumstances happened, Ling Ran could just sit around doing nothing for the whole morning. 

So, both of them treated today as a rest day. They slowly cleaned up the body as if they were working out. 

*Knock knock*

A patient knocked at the door, and all three of them raised their heads together. 

Lu Wenbin even cried out in surprise, "Boss Shao?"

"Heheh, it's me. I heard that Doctor Ling started doing consultations, so I come to support him…" Boss Shao smiled. His body looked thin and weak. He sat at the opposite side of the office table in a very familiar motion, placed his office bag flat on the office table, and opened it. He took out his medical record card, medical cases, his past reports, and medical scans before he placed them neatly on the table in different categories. 

Ling Ran listened to Boss Shao declare that he wanted to support him. He felt that his words were correct, yet he felt that something was wrong as well.

Boss Shao looked at Ling Ran's expression, smiled, and said, "I've forgotten. Doctor Ling, this is your first consultation, right? You can try swiping my medical record card first. By the way, the electronic medical system is on, right? All of you should be using the Jiahe Meikang system. Their template is quite well designed and the medical records are well structured, so it 's easy to learn it…" 

Boss Shao stood up, bent and looked around. When he saw the electronic medical record on the computer screen was displayed, he swiped through his card on the devices on the desk and smiled again, "Then, you just need to do the usual consultation and write some forms for me to perform my checkups. Consultation is about the same as the medical history collection done by the Inpatient Department. Hmm… the Emergency Department might not be able to make it sometimes. However, the concept is the same. It's mainly just collecting the patient's medical history, life history, and family history. Doctor Lu, you should be familiar with mine, right?"

Lu Wenbin felt gloomy as he said, "Yes…"

Boss Shao nodded. "Then, just authorize the forms. I came with an empty stomach today, so it should be quite easy to examine my blood lipid level, blood sugar level, liver function, and ESR. I've measured my blood pressure at home, systolic pressure is 127, and diastolic pressure is 93. It's slightly higher, but maybe it's because I slept quite late last night, but woke up very early today. Yesterday, I met a group of people who drank alcohol. Their drinking habits were so disgusting and they kept puking, and it was so horrible to watch that I had trouble sleeping when I went back."

Ling Ran humbly listened to him. No matter what, Boss Shao had twenty to thirty years of experience in attending consultations with doctors. It could be said that no one had more experience than him when it came to consultations. 

Boss Shao was also up to date with the latest developments, which was a rare thing for patients to do. He did not only consult the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery before, but he also had experience from other departments and hospitals. 

Ling Ran obediently received Boss Shao's instruction, and under the help of Zhang Anmin, he quickly familiarized himself with matters related to outpatient consultation, not just the outpatient system of the hospital… 

Half an hour later, Ling Ran authorized the examination form for Boss Shao and sent him out. Then, the second patient came in. 

"Are you Doctor Ling?" The patient was in his fifties or sixties. He looked doubtful while staring at Ling Ran. 

"I'm Ling Ran." Ling Ran pointed at his nameplate.

"So young." This patient was persuaded by the young nurse to come in. He was actually a frequent patient over here, and he was diagnosed with liver cysts for many years. Initially, the small cysts in the liver did not need to be treated. However, as the cysts grew bigger over the past few years, it caused him to have conditions such as abdominal swelling, swelling of the liver, and inflammation. He had also received conservative treatment for these conditions for a few years. 

Since he would need to go to the hospital once every three or four months over the past few years, the nurses were not the only ones who were familiar with him, the patient himself also had a certain level of confidence about the nurses as well. 

At this moment, the patient frowned and sat down before he said, "They said that Doctor Ling is among the top few doctors within Changxi Province when it comes to hepatectomy? They're not talking about you, right?"

Ling Ran also frowned and asked the system in his mind, 'System, system, what is my hepatectomy skill ranking in Changxi Province?'

The system said, "The hepatectomy skill that you mastered is ranked number one in Changxi Province."

Ling Ran suddenly showed an expression as if he had his question answered, and he said to the patient, "I should be ranked at the top for hepatectomy in Changxi Province alone. If you say that I'm ranked among the top, that's not very accurate."

The patient in the consultation room was stunned when he heard that. He looked around and asked doubtfully, "Is the consultation room here bound to you via personal contract?"

Zhang Anming was shocked too and thought, 'If what Doctor Ling said is intentionally pointed out by someone ambitious, the experts who perform hepatectomy in the province would probably… make this ambitious person shut up forever…'

Zhang Anmin quickly scanned through the list of doctors in the hepatobiliary field in his mind. Then, he felt relaxed.