Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 722

724 Patient And Meticulous

"So, can you treat my disease too?" The patient with liver cysts observed Ling Ran in a judgmental manner.

Ling Ran did not reply immediately, but he asked, "Have you gone for any MRI scans before in this hospital?" 

"I have." The patient nodded and said, "I brought you the MRI scans."

Then, he immediately took out the large MRI scan from the sewn bag he was carrying. Even though he had doubts, the patient was still quite cooperative in Yun Hua Hospital's consultation room.

Ling Ran took the scans and said to Lu Wenbin, who was beside him. "Transfer his original MRI scans over."

"Okay," Lu Wenbin replied and immediately operated the computer.

If a patient took his or her MRI scan at Yun Hua Hospital, the original scan was usually saved under the name of the patient. As compared to a single MRI scan brought by the patient, the MRI scans saved in the hospital server were more complete. 

Ling Ran first took a look at the MRI scan that the patient brought. When he turned around, Lu Wenbin had transferred the original MRI scans over. He was very familiar with this step, as it was a compulsory operation step when Ling Ran performed surgery.

From the monitor, Ling Ran could easily see the location and situation of the cysts in the patient. 

"There is already seroperitoneum, so you need to go for surgery as soon as possible. Your previous doctor recommended you to receive surgery, right?" Ling Ran looked at the patient and said, "I suggest that you be admitted to the hospital now and receive another MRI scan."

However, the patient looked at Ling Ran, shook his head, and said, "I still don't want to receive surgery. Can I still opt for traditional treatment?" 

"You still need to be admitted," Ling Ran said. 

"If I have to be admitted… I'll consider again." The patient looked at Ling Ran's age and face, and he did not quite believe him. 

Compared to the patients of the Emergency Department, the patients in the Outpatient Department were even more prone to not follow medical advice. Ling Ran hesitated for two seconds before he flipped his hand around and called out the Virtual Human. 

A few seconds later, the Virtual Human that was cut opened and bled all over the floor suddenly disappeared. Ling Ran sighed in relief. From the result, the patient's liver condition was similar to what he had judged, and he was basically in a situation where surgery was needed. However, it was not too critical. 

"I suggest that you undergo surgery within one to two months." Ling Ran stopped for a while and said, "The condition of your body will decline, and you'll need to pay attention to your health at all times. It's better to be hospitalized for treatment." 

"Okay, understood. Then, doctor, you can continue with your work." The patient acted politely and quickly left the consultation room. 

Lu Wenbin pursed his lips as if a customer had slipped from his grasp. "Damn, that patient will most likely not come back, judging from his behavior. Doctor Ling, it's truly a disadvantage for us to offer consultations." 

According to the rules in Yun Hua Hospital, the treatment group that accepted the patient would be in charge of providing the treatment for the patient. That was the meaning of the accept and treat system. 

However, as the benefits of the patients and doctors were often linked together, the system of accepting and treating the patients could not be said to be a duty, but a kind of authority.

If the treatment group wanted to perform more surgeries, they must take in more patients. For a normal treatment group, providing consultations was the best way for them to earn more income, or else, they needed to rely on the Emergency Department to refer patients to them. 

That was why the high-ranking doctors in the country still needed to go for consultation due to such systems. The high-ranking doctors not only had to take in patients for themselves but also had to take in patients for their lackeys in their treatment group. 

The young doctors would not be able to take in patients if they performed the consultation themselves, or at least, they would not be able to take in as many patients who fulfilled their requirements. 

Because there were also competitions among doctors. Take, for example, patients suited to receive hepatectomy. There would only be so many patients per year, and everyone went for good hospitals and experts, while the remaining went for associate department directors or attending physicians who were not famous. What doctors needed was a stable and permanent disease source. They could not hope on patients who would come by chance.

For example, if a doctor like Professor Feng Zhixiang was placed overseas, he could probably only accept certain kinds of patients who were referred to him by his peers. But in the country, he would still need to offer consultations. 

That was because there was no general practitioner system in the country. The medical specialist would not give their patients away, thus, going out for consultation became a basic task. 

From this point alone, although many doctors were calling for a general practitioner system on the internet, in fact, the high-ranking doctors who benefited the most were not interested at all, and it was possible that they even opposed it. 

Because under the current system, the sources of patients were all accumulated by the high-ranking doctors. The high-ranking doctors would select the patients they liked and give away the patients that they did not want to deal with. Indirectly, they controlled the patient distribution, and to the medical system, that meant that they had controlled the benefit distribution system. 

Correspondingly, the general practitioner system will separate the high-ranking doctors from a large pool of patients. Regardless of the patient type that the high-ranking doctors wanted, they would need a referral from the general practitioner. Even though the high-ranking doctors could use their skills to control the distribution of patients, it still meant that they had to let go of the power to select their own patients. 

And it was never easy to let go of power.

Zhang Anmin looked at Ling Ran's face and whispered, "Doctors are all more famous when they become older, Doctor Ling is just too young."

"So, if Old Zuo is appointed to the Outpatient Department, will it be crowded here?" When Lu Wenbin thought of the wrinkles on Zuo Cidian's face, he added, "At least, he should be the most trusted doctor in the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery." 

The oldest doctor in the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery should be He Yuanzheng. Despite the fact that He Yuanzheng had worked for a long time, he took good care of himself, and he still looked young even when he was in his forties. He could not be compared to Zuo Cidian, who looked old because of all the hardships he had faced all this while. 

When Zhang Anmin thought about that, he laughed. His smile faded away, and he pursed his lips and gestured to his front, where He Yuanzheng was before he said, "Our consultation is just a basic consultation. Next time, once we get to give specialist consultations, the condition would be much better. Many patients do not know the doctor who will be giving specialist consultation too, but they still want to consult a specialist for treatment."

"That's the problem." Lu Wenbin nodded slowly. 

He thought of saying something, but someone knocked on the door again. 

"Hi, you are Doctor Ling, right?" This time around, it was a middle-aged couple. 

"I'm Ling Ran." Ling Ran pushed forward the nameplate that had his name written on it. 

"Doctor Liu from the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery at First People's Hospital of Wuxin City recommended me to come here. They said I have cirrhosis…" The middle-aged man sat across Ling Ran and took out his booking number that cost him 5 RMB. 

Lu Wenbin collected it and immediately opened his medical record. 

"Let me take a look." Ling Ran slowly scanned through his medical history and said, "Let me do a physical examination for you."

Meanwhile, Ling Ran put on gloves and pressed against the patient's right abdomen… 

The patient obediently took off his jacket and reported his condition. 

Ling Ran instantly felt that he had gained a sense of how he should perform consultations. Although it was not as straightforward as surgeries, there were more types to the disease, especially for the diseases that were considered minor. He had never come into contact with patients who only had mild symptoms. 

"Excuse me… I'm number four." Another patient came in and did not care about the other patient in front of her. She introduced herself with the patient in front of her standing between her and Ling Ran. "I was recommended by Doctor Wang from Zucheng People's Hospital."

Lu Wenbin asked her to wait outside. 

When she reached the door, another person showed up. "Excuse me, I was introduced by the Third People's Hospital of Yun Hua City, they asked me to look for Doctor Ling…" 

"I'm from the Second People's Hospital of Wuxin City." Another person walked forward. 

Thus, Lu Wenbin arranged for them to wait outside. When he saw the people who sat in a row and reported where they came from, Lu Wenbin suddenly felt that he was like the receptionist at the front desk who was only there to receive flower baskets. 

When He Yuanzheng heard the sound from the opposite side, he also walked out of his room and craned his neck, which did not have many wrinkles.