Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 726

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It was noon.

Ling Ran sent away the last patient who came for a consultation that day.

Before waiting for Ling Ran to take any action, Lu Wenbin and Zhang Anmin already began to about how exhausted they were.

"Doctor Ling, we've only admitted four patients after providing consultation for half a day. It would be better to sit in the emergency room and wait for patients to arrive if that's the case."

"I feel like a science popularization specialist. I need to give the patient an entire introduction to enteritis. Should science popularization specialists even popularize hepatology?"

Ling Ran's ratio of patients received to patients consulted was not low, but the time spent on each patient was too long. Lu Wenbin and Zhang Anmin, who were used to having different patients every three minutes, had a tough time adapting to it.

Ling Ran did not have a senior doctor to restrict himself, so he was quite relaxed. Hence, he completely ignored Zhang Anmin and Lu Wenbin's complaints. From his perspective, he had not just admitted four patients for that day's outpatient consultation, but he had also solved six patients' problems. That rate of efficiency was not considered low, and he had also completed his mission. 

While Lu Wenbin and Zhang Anmin were not paying attention to him, Ling Ran waved his hand and accepted the Virtual Human, which was given to him after he had completed the mission. His "Patient and Meticulous" mission was considered done.

"You can take the rest of the day off at noon." Ling Ran looked at the time and decided to release Lu Wenbin and Zhang Anmin.

Zhang Anmin showed a surprised look and began to choose between performing freelance surgery in the Bazhaixiang hospital branch or to be in poverty. Lu Wenbin then furrowed his brows. "Doctor Ling, what time does work start tomorrow morning?"

"Let's make it six o'clock." Ling Ran gave them normal resting hours.

Lu Wenbin and Zhang Anmin breathed a sigh of relief together. Zhang Anmin felt even bolder when he made his decision. If he had to leave for as long as eighteen hours, why should he hesitate any further? He should definitely go and perform freelance surgery. He could earn 1,000 to 2,000 RMB per surgery!

Ling Ran went out to inspect his newly-acquired Virtual Human.

He had successfully obtained two additional hours for his Virtual Human. That allowed Ling Ran to increase the usage time of his Virtual Human to more than five hours.

That time length was not quite enough for scientific research, but it was more than enough to solve patients' clinical problems.

There were too many diseases that were difficult to diagnose with just imaging systems. The results had to be obtained through surgery.

For example, the most common exploratory laparotomy in general surgery would require one to inspect the intestine inch-by-inch in order to see where the problem was. Various tasks that required biopsy were regarded as "seeing is believing" examples.

Either way, fairly good results could be obtained by using the Virtual Human.

Moreover, Ling Ran was getting more and more skilled in using the Virtual Human, and he often took a very short time to obtain results. Being able to use the Virtual Human for more than five hours was considered rare, and that also enhanced Ling Ran's confidence.

Now, even if every single member of the Shao family restaurant right down to his bamboo rats ran into an accident, Ling Ran had the confidence to save most of them. 

"The king asked me to patrol the mountains..."

Ling Ran's phone rang after he only took a few steps. 

"Doctor Ling, which gate will be more convenient for you to exit from?" Tian Qi asked through the phone.

"Gate Three," Ling Ran answered.

"No problem, I have a golden Rolls-Royce and a black Mercedes. Which one do you want to sit in?" Tian Qi asked and explained, "The Rolls-Royce should be more comfortable, but the black Mercedes will help us keep a lower profile—"

"Rolls-Royce," Ling Ran chose without hesitation. It was only natural that he would sit in whichever was more comfortable for him. 

Tian Qi answered happily and said, "I also like the Rolls-Royce. The seats are more comfortable. See you at Gate Three."

Ling Ran said, "Alright."

At the parking lot, Tian Qi waved her hand and gave a few orders in a low voice. Someone then picked up the intercom and did the same.

In a blink of an eye, several Bentleys and Mercedes-Benzes were driven far away. In order to avoid occupying the road, one of the Mercedes-Benzes' tires even went off the curb. 

The golden Rolls-Royce Phantom took a quiet round with Tian Qi in it and stopped slowly in front of Gate Three.

Yun Hua Hospital's medical staff saw the spectacle from afar, seemingly used to it already. 

However, the patients who came to visit were constantly different.

The two patients who had gone out for a walk arrived at Gate Three and found themselves unable to walk forward anymore. 

"The latest Rolls-Royce Phantom is so beautiful... If someone gave me such a car, I'd be willing to sell a kidney."

"Brother, both of our kidneys have been undergoing dialysis for three or four years. With your condition, if you sell your kidneys, it'd be like trying to pass off something rotten as good."

"If my kidneys were good, I wouldn't sell them no matter what. Hey, this car is 6.8T, and it can reach 62 miles per hour in five seconds. Its body weighs more than two tonnes, and it 's just really damn good. Sigh, if I had two good kidneys, it wouldn't be impossible for me to sell one... "

The other patient who was in the same situation could not be bothered to listen to him. "No matter what, it's nothing more than just a car. Forget two good kidneys, even if I have three good kidneys, I wouldn't exchange one for a car."

"If you really had three good kidneys, not only would you not be able to sell a kidney for a car, you'd need to pay the hospital and have someone remove one for you. Sigh, let me tell you, this is a 6.8T Phantom. It 's definitely not a loss to exchange it for your kidneys. Let me put it this way, there is no other vehicle that's faster than it with the same size. Those that are as large aren't as fast as it is…"

The fellow patient looked at him with caring eyes and asked, "Have you ever been on an airplane?"


In Prosperous Fountain Restaurant, the entire kitchen with the exception of the executive chefs worked in a busy but orderly manner.

Several chefs stood at their own stations and worked at the speed of preparing one dish every few dozen seconds. 

The kitchen hands prepared a variety of ingredients, then chatted in whispers as they huddled together.

"I heard that there's a super VIP coming for dinner."

"How super?"

"I don't know. Anyway, you can see that everyone who's allowed in the kitchen's already here. We didn't receive any reservations after theirs, and we even sent away individual customers. Even we aren't earning any money, so you can tell just how important they are."

"Judging from today's situation, the winner can do whatever he wants confidently in the future."

"Of course, if you show your face to the boss, the boss will definitely make you feel good."

While the little chefs made wild guesses, the executive chef's phone suddenly rang.

"I see," the executive chef answered the phone and put it down, but the people in the kitchen quieted down instantly.

"The guests have arrived. They are ready to order. Everyone, be prepared."

The executive chef only said one sentence and no longer spoke.

Prosperous Fountain Restaurant was a big hotel, but it was not the biggest, not the most famous and not the oldest. It was also not special, so when he received news that a super VIP was coming to dine, his first instinct was to doubt it. 

'Yun Hua City is so big, but don't you know how to choose a better restaurant, you stupid super VIPs? We just rely on Yun Hua Hospital to make money off of some dumb doctors. If the super VIP doesn't know about this, wouldn't his subordinate know?'

However, the call had already come, and the executive chef now had to believe it no matter what.

The executive chef waited for the news on the orders from the front. While paced in the kitchen, countless thoughts flashed in his mind. 

He did not know what kind of request the other party would make.

What if it was too complicated?

He did not know if the ingredients prepared by his apprentices were good enough. He should have checked them one more time earlier. 

As he was overthinking, the printer started clicking.

"The order's here." There was no need for the executive chef to give them a reminder. Everyone straightened up.

The executive chef himself gently opened the printed paper and read it.

One second passed. 

Three seconds passed.

Five seconds passed.

"They're connoisseurs..." The executive chef let out a long sigh, looked at everyone, and said, "Two servings of Chinese simmered abalone with rice, and double-stewed soup!"

In the kitchen, the chefs also simultaneously exclaimed in surprise.

"They really know how to order."

"Damn, why do I feel like this is an exam."

"It is an exam. This is obviously an examiner's question."

The executive chef took a deep breath to release the tension in his heart. He then yelled, "Everyone, get to work. This time, if anyone screws up, don't blame me for screwing you up."