Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 727

729 Top Notch Doctor

Illuminated by the white fluorescent light, the corridor was clean and quiet.

Young Zhou's hands were raised. He was walking forward rapidly, but his footsteps were not chaotic at all.

A few attendants who were responsible for miscellaneous tasks walked behind him. They followed Young Zhou closely. Their steps were orderly, their expressions were solemn, and their gazes were focused.

Illuminated by the lights on the ceiling, the walls on both sides of the corridor were yellowish. Even though the place seemed a little desolate, it looked rather professional.

"I must not hold the platter near my arm. I must not hold the platter near my mouth. I must not hold the platter near my hair…" Young Zhou muttered the rules of serving food to customers in his heart, and he held the white porcelain platter in his hand steadily.

He was the most professional lead waiter in Prosperous Fountain Restaurant. Back when he was working in a small canteen of a state-owned enterprise, he was sent to Beijing and Shanghai for training. After that, he quit his job in the state-owned enterprise when they cut down the funds spent on food and beverages. He ended up in the middle management of Prosperous Fountain Restaurant, and his job scope was to train waiters and waitresses.

If it were not for the fact that the customers were super VIPs this time, Young Zhou would not serve them personally.

The abalone rice and double-stewed soup ordered by the customers were made personally by the head chef, and there must not be any mistake. He did not trust waiters who got paid 3,600 RMB a month to serve the customers. What if they spilled the food? Should he reduce their post allowance by 100 RMB? Even if they did not spill the food, it would be unacceptable if the soup were to overflow even by a little. In the end, after thinking long and hard, Young Zhou decided to serve the customers himself to set his mind at ease. Moreover, he did not even use a trolley. He served the customers in the most traditional method.

The chef knew just by what the customers ordered that they were definitely food experts. Moreover, they were experts who had a preference for traditional dishes as they would not have ordered these two dishes out of so many dishes otherwise.

Young Zhou stood before the largest dining room at the end of the corridor. He turned and looked at the others.

The third oldest chef in the restaurant nodded slightly as a gesture for him to go on.

He was one of the head chef's students, and only by following Young Zhou could he set his mind at ease a little.

Young Zhou took a deep breath and nodded too.

One of the waiters beside him took the initiative to go forward and knock on the door of the private dining room.

"Come in."

"We are coming in."

"We are coming in." Young Zhou flashed a smile and opened a door. He saw that the two people in the private dining room… were playing a game on their phones with their heads lowered.

"I'll stand guard on the left side."


"Assemble at the middle lane."


"Let's start attacking."

"I'm dead."

Young Zhou glanced at the third oldest chef of the company. He then placed the abalone rice and the double-stewed soup on the table.

"Okay, thank you very much." Ling Ran raised his head, and he was so good looking that the sight of him almost blinded Young Zhou.

The third oldest chef and Young Zhou hesitantly exited the private dining room. They did not get the chance to watch the two customers eat, let alone receive the compliments that they anticipated.

However, it was not like they could stare at Ling Ran and Tian Qi as they ate. Hence, they had no choice but to return to the corridor in resignation.

"They will probably like the food," Young Zhou said with uncertainty as he stood at the corridor.

"They may be waiting for the right time. We served the food to them as fast as we could, but under ordinary circumstances, they would only get their food five or six minutes later. They might be emulating the way ordinary diners eat." The third oldest chef thought about it and made a debatable conclusion.

Young Zhou could not decide if he understood what the third oldest chef just said as he walked. After a while, he asked, "It's not like they're food reviewers. Why would they do this?"

"Super VIPs probably know more about food compared to food reviewers." The third oldest chef thought about it.

In the private dining room, Ling Ran's phone screen turned black and white after his character died. He put down his phone and started eating the abalone rice in earnest. After he had a few mouthfuls of abalone rice, he drank some double-stewed soup. He was enjoying the food very much.

Soon, Tian Qi put down her phone too and started eating.

"Hm, it tastes pretty good." Tian Qi ate a few mouthfuls of abalone rice and asked Ling Ran, "What do you think?"

"It's pretty delicious." This was all there was to Ling Ran's opinions.

Tian Qi nodded with a smile and stopped talking about the food. She then said, "By the way, let me show you something good."

Tian Qi whipped out a brand new phone from her handbag. She switched it on and said, "It's a phone app called Doctor's Here… Its basic function is to acquaint patients to doctors, such as which hospitals and which departments the doctors are from, what diseases they are adept in treating, and what research papers they have written. But it's basic function is for patients to ask questions and make appointments for face-to-face consultations."

Tian Qi smiled and continued. "It's like an online consultation platform, with more choices for patients."

Ling Ran thought about it and asked, "What if the patient asks a lot of questions?"

Tian Qi said, "You can filter your patients, and only allow patients with certain illnesses or who have done certain tests to talk to you. Of course, I suggest that you answer more of their questions in the beginning. After all, this will increase your popularity. If you're too busy, you can let your subordinates answer the basic questions."

After Tian Qi said this, Ling Ran understood how the app worked.

He took the brand new phone from Tian Qi and browsed the app for a few seconds. Soon, he had familiarized himself with the interface of the app.

Immediately after that, Ling Ran downloaded the app in his own phone and browsed it for a while.

"You can register your personal information here." Tian Qi rose and went beside Ling Ran. Even though she herself had just learned how to use the app, she guided Ling Ran through the registration process.

Ling Ran followed Tian Qi's instruction and filled in his personal information. He was soon done.


Mai Chun, too, led her team and started promoting Yunli Medical Company's newest app, Doctor's Here in the country.

Ever since Yunli Medical Company's high-definition video acquisition system became famous, for some reason, the company was now known as a high-tech medical company.

Truth be told, they could indeed be considered a high-tech medical company. This was especially true when a person compared them with other "high-tech medical companies". Yunli Medical Company's IT department and their newly acquired company, the one who developed "Doctor's Here", could be considered the cream of the crop when it came to technological capabilities.

After Yunli Medical Company rolled out its "high-definition video acquisition system", Mai Chun's job had become easier.

Moreover, the interface of Doctor's Here was well designed indeed. Yunli Medical Company went for the best app in the market, to begin with. They then pumped in funds and continued developing the app using the resources in the company. They easily elevated the app to the next level.

Not only was the app free for hospitals and doctors, but hospitals and doctors could also benefit from it. Because of this, Yunli Medical Company did not even need to work hard to advertise it.

Mai Chun flew around the country with her team. She managed to get 30,000 doctors to register with the app, and she did not even feel like she had put in much effort. This figure had far exceeded the expectation of Mai Chun's team, as well as the original team who developed "Doctor's Here".

"Never have I thought that advertising an internet app would be so easy." Mai Chun felt like she was in a dream even after she returned to Yun Hua.

After the original team who developed "Doctor's Here" returned to their company, they missed the trip very much too.

"Never have I thought that there would be so many beautiful women in a pharmaceutical sales company."

"For real?" The IT guys who did not join the trip immediately crowded around the man who spoke.

"Of course. They didn't photoshop their photographs, because I saw them in real life. It's not because of makeup either, as I have met a few of them early in the morning when they have just woken up. It's also not because of plastic surgery, because I've knocked into one of them…"

"Knocked into? What do you mean by this?"

"Once, there were too many people in the hospital, and one of the young women from the medical company rammed her head into my chest. There were no changes to her face after that."

"So… she was a true beauty!? How many marks would you give her out of 10?"

"I'd give her 8.15 to 8.27!"

"I want to join the promotional trip next week!"