Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 731

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"Bowman, don't worry, we're really near the hospital…" Lloyd sat next to his injured colleague and frowned tightly. 

His expertise was general surgery. Although he could also perform certain orthopedic surgeries, he was not so confident performing them. Lloyd frowned because of that. Bringing Bowman back to the United States for surgery was absolutely not a solution, but what about surgery in Yun Hua?

If Bowman needed to receive the surgery in Beijing, Lloyd felt that it would be great. After all, he had witnessed the skills of the surgeons in Beijing. Regardless of whether it was the fine details or surgical type, they were considered very good. However, they just had to be in Yun Hua Hospital that day. 

In comparison, Boyle, who came along for the trip, frequently performed orthopedic surgeries, so Lloyd's sight subconsciously went to Boyle.

"Lloyd, I want you to perform the surgery for me." Bowman felt so much in pain that he gnashed his teeth as he spoke.

Lloyd held Bowman's hand, but he dared not immediately agree to it, "When we arrived at the hospital, we will decide after looking at your injury."

"I don't want Boyle for the surgery." Bowman was in pain, but his sixth sense was extremely sharp. He held Lloyd's hand tightly. "You must not let Boyle operate on me."

Boyle quietly cast a glance at Bowman. "Whenever the patient is passed to me, I always try my best to keep him alive."

Bowman did not want to show any respect to Boyle at that moment. He snorted and stared at the roof expressionlessly. "You only do amputations. I'd rather die than let you touch my leg. 

"Lloyd, don't let Boyle touch my leg."

"I got it." Lloyd also understood Bowman. In fact, if he were the one who got injured, he would make a similar choice.

When Boyle, who came along, performed surgery independently, he always chose the safest choice. For instance, when it came to colon cancer, other doctors would cut off 5.9-inches of the intestine, while he cut off 19.6 centimeters in order to guarantee the safety without considering the patient's life afterward. Amputation was even the decision that Boyle most frequently made in the Anderson Cancer Center. 

He did the same thing for patients with bone cancer. If they received consultation from other surgeons, they would mostly receive some customized suggestions and surgical plans, but if they were in Boyle's office, he would always advise the patient to receive amputation.

Amputation naturally improved the patient's survival rate and reduced the recurrence rate of cancer, but the patient would have one arm or one leg less. 

Boyle knew the comment about himself among the doctors, so he only shrugged and said, "You don't have cancer."

"If you dare touch my leg, I will sue you until you go bankrupt." Bowman did not care about the friendship between colleagues. They were all men who only got a girlfriend because they were surgeons, so he was not afraid of him.

Boyle did not even have the intention to perform surgery. He pursed his lips nonchalantly.

Doctor Zhou watched happily from the side. 'It's a quarrel between foreigners. It's rare that they came from so far away but put up a show right when we meet each other, it's truly not an easy feat.'

If he were not afraid of making noise, Doctor Zhou might want to clap for them.

The Confero was driven at a stable speed. In a situation where the ambulance did not put on its siren or flash its lights, it would only squeeze through the gaps. It was impossible for it to accelerate further. 

Lloyd, who had done busy with confirming the patient's vital signs, snapped out of his single-minded focus and noticed this, so he asked, "Can't you turn on the siren and light for your ambulance?"

Doctor Zhou was stunned a little. He realized that Lloyd had misunderstood the situation, so he quickly said, "This is not an ambulance. This is Boss Shao's private car."

"Private car?" Lloyd felt surprised and lowered his head.

In front of him was an oxygen tank, a portable ventilator, and a defibrillator. Meanwhile, on his left was a tracheal tube, an ECG monitor, and an ambulatory electrocardiogram. There were also other equipment including a suction machine, blood pressure gauge, stethoscope, neck brace, and infusion on his right. The car had everything… 

Llyod focused his attention. "Why are these things necessary in a private car? Is it a private ambulance that is used to earn money?"

"Not really." Doctor Zhou thought for a while before he said, "It's more similar to the support group among the people, and it's just like the ambulances in the community. Yes, they're about the same."

"Hmm," Llyod answered with a rather skeptical tone.

But from his perspective, this was the only acceptable answer. As for his other thoughts… They were even more ridiculous, and it was impossible for them to be real. 

The Confero that looked normal on the outside stopped in front of the reception door of Yun Hua Hospital.

The emergency doctors who had been ready rushed forward and immediately carried Bowman down to put him on the gurney.

"Please send the best doctor to perform surgery for Bowman." Now that Lloyd was in a foreign land, he could not help feeling regret. If it were not because of his insistence, three of them should have been like his other nurses and anesthetist and went straight back to the Anderson Cancer Center. At that time, even if two of Bowman's legs were wounded, performing surgery for him would be more convenient.

Huo Congjun's attitude was neither cordial nor cold. He said in Mandarin, "Please rest assured. If it is just a mere trauma, we can completely treat Doctor Bowman. For the exact situation, I'll inform you after we take the scan."

Doctor Zhou interpreted his words before he flattered Department Director Zhou by the side. "Department director, you're really awesome."

Huo Congjun snorted before he said, "Follow Lloyd all along the way. Later, when the scans come out, if it's problems with the meniscus and ligament, we will pass him to Ling Ran. Otherwise, we will transfer to him to the Orthopedic Department."

"Roger." Doctor Zhou was not curious. He now knew Department Director Huo's mindset very clearly: Director Huo did not want Ling Ran to appear in front of those foreigners, but he was afraid of suppressing him as well. 

After all, they were the doctors in the Anderson Cancer Center. Making friends with them would help in Ling Ran's future development. As doctors, their fame in the medical filed was built from every conference and surgery they attended and performed. In comparison, wanting to become famous by publishing articles and books would be much more difficult. 

"Thank you, can I go in?" Lloyd was still worried.

"Follow me." Doctor Zhou nodded to Department Director Huo before he brought Lloyd inside. 

Inside the Emergency Medical Center, other doctors and nurses were busy. The center was tense but orderly. Although it was messy, it still fulfilled the position of the Emergency Medical Center… 

In a short while, Bowman, who had obviously been listed in the priority list, was pushed out. The doctor from the Medical Imaging Department even followed beside him and talked to Doctor Zhou as well as Lloyd, "It's a meniscus rupture."

Doctor Zhou took the scan and glanced at it before he passed it to Lloyd and asked the nurse beside him, "Has Ling Ran come out of the operating theater yet?"

Doctor Zhou made a call to Zuo Cidian before to let him make arrangements in terms of the schedule. With Ling Ran's speed, even if he was scheduled for a surgery at that time, if he did not carry on with it, there would still be plenty of time for Bowman's surgery. 

The young nurse did not have to ask anything else. She just said frankly, "Doctor Ling is in the waiting room of the operating area. Should I call and inform him now?"

"Go and inform him." When Doctor Zhou finished speaking, he talked to Lloyd again, "Send Doctor Bowman to the operating theater now. The surgery will be performed by Doctor Ling Ran and his treatment group. If you want to watch the process of the surgery, you can go to the demonstration room and watch the live stream."

"Doctor Ling Ran… isn't he the doctor from the General Surgery Department?" Lloyd was confused.

Doctor Zhou firmly said, "No, Ling Ran is a doctor in the Emergency Department."

Huo Congjun stood at the corner and showed a smile that said this was how things were supposed to be.