Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 732

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In Operating Theater 2 of Yun Hua Emergency Medical Center was Ling Ran. He sauntered around the operating theater with his arms positioned vertically over his chest as he inspected the equipment and facilities.

The patient was lying on the operating table while Lu Wenbin and Ma Yanlin were disinfecting and draping the patient. They then adjusted the arthroscope and installed it on the patient. The chief surgeon, Ling Ran, did not need to get involved in the preparation process at all.

Renovations in Operating Theater 1 of Yun Hua Emergency Medical Center was at its final stages, and the facilities there were being installed and tested right now. If Bowman were to break his knee a little later, he might have ended up in Operating Theater 1, which came with a visitation room.

Of course, Yunli Medical Company's video acquisition system worked very well too, especially when it came to arthroscopy, as the signal was collected straight from the arthroscope. The viewers would get the same view as the surgeons in the operating theater.

"I play tennis all the time. Sometimes, I would play futsal too… I also play table tennis. I'm serious," Bowman muttered. As he gazed at Ling Ran's face, he could not tell if he had made the right choice.

Ling Ran definitely had an excellent track record. Liu Weichen who received surgery from him was still active in the track and field scene right now. His friends from various countries who were athletes also had many specialists behind them who vouched for Ling Ran's skills. 

Only after Bowman was injured did he and Lloyd realize that Ling Ran was even more famous when it came to sports medicine compared to general surgery. He was renowned internationally for this. Nowadays, Ling Ran performed ten to twenty Achilles tendon repair surgeries or meniscoplasty on foreign patients every month, and most of those patients were athletes or athletes-to-be.

After Bowman found out about this, he had a lot more confidence in Ling Ran. Even though Ling Ran mostly operated on athletes in developing countries, those in the field of medicine knew for a fact that the qualification to operate on foreign patients itself elevated them to the next level. As for their patients' country of origin and financial status, that had more to do with the patients' capital than the doctors themselves.

However, Bowman was still worried.

After all, it was his knee. If the surgery went badly, it would be easy for all kinds of complications to arise, and the most common complication for knees was the inability to withstand pressure. If a doctor's knee were unable to withstand pressure, his career would inevitably be affected.

Most heroic tales depicted doctors as lone wolves. However, in reality, even the best doctors could only act as generals. He needed many doctors as his subordinates to charge at the enemies and shatter the enemies' formations on his behalf. Those subordinates need to be able to work seamlessly with him too.

Bowman was only considered a junior among surgeons. Hence, it was reasonable that he was the one who should adapt to suit the senior doctors' needs instead of the opposite whenever he participated in surgeries.

In other words, if Bowman's knee were damaged, he would have no choice but to work in a small hospital. At least, the Anderson Cancer Center would not let someone who suffered from knee damage to stay for a prolonged period of time.

Ling Ran merely glanced at Bowman and said in English, "There's no need to be anxious…"

"I know. I'm not anxious. I'm not." Bowman panted.

"The patient's too anxious. Just administer anesthetics now," Ling Ran ordered firmly.

Su Jiafu, who had worked countless times together with Ling Ran, did not waste time. He grabbed the laryngeal mask, pressed it on Bowman's face, and counted. "One, two, three…"

Bowman, who was panting hard, did not notice that the laryngeal mask had been placed over his face. After a while, he tilted his head and became unconscious.

Su Jiafu turned to glance at him and said in resignation. "This foreigner is seriously lousy. He's tall and burly, and he's also a surgeon. I thought that he would be the type who has s*x all the time… But he has no endurance at all."

"Don't administer too much of the anesthetics. What if he dies?" A little worried, Lu Wenbin glanced at Bowman.

Su Jiafu waved in dismissal. "Don't worry, I have had many patients who are foreigners before. I just misjudged this one. Sigh, poor kid. He probably doesn't have a lot of entertainment. I reckon that he doesn't even go to many parties."

"How do you even tell?"

"I had a patient who was an athlete before this. He's super strong. I had to use triple the dose of anesthetics that normal patients would need. Moreover, he did not weigh much. When an athlete has trained enough, their bodies are no longer like those of normal human beings," Su Jiafu said with a great wave of sentiment. He rocked back and forth as he sat on the stool. He looked so comfortable that if he were a cat, his tail would be straight like a flagpole right then.

Lu Wenbin flexed his muscles forcefully. "Those of us who go to the gym are also super strong…"

"The muscles of gym-goers are useless and non-functional." Without hesitation, Su Jiafu said scornfully.

Lu Wenbin grimaced. "I think that there's something wrong with your brain. I'll talk some sense into you when we're having our break."

"Let's get started. Arthroscopic meniscoplasty…" When Ling Ran saw that all the vital signs of the patients had hit the requirements, he raised his hand and poked the sharp-pointed scalpel into the space between Bowman's knee joints, which he had marked with a surgical skin marker pen earlier.

Next, he inserted the camera and connected it to the system. After he did this, everyone could see what was going on inside Bowman's knee joint through the screen.

The whole thing went very smoothly. The moment the engineer in the demonstration room was done adjusting the screen for the doctors watching the surgery, who were practically big babies, they could immediately see the inside of Bowman's knee joint.

"Can you move aside?" Lloyd immediately said to the engineer, "Your body's blocking the screen."

The engineer immediately moved aside. But at that point in time, Ling Ran was already done checking the meniscus. He was asking the nurse for a pair of basket forceps so that he could start trimming the meniscus.

"Is the live stream fast-forwarded by default?" Lloyd furrowed his eyebrows a little when he saw that Ling Ran was already trimming the meniscus. He could not help but say, "Can you do a playback? I want to take a look at the beginning of the surgery."

It was undeniable that Lloyd was an extremely responsible man. As he had promised Bowman that he would keep a watch on how the surgery was going, he wanted to look at the process from the very beginning.

The engineer glanced at Huo Congjun. When he saw that Huo Congjun had no objection, he did as he was told.

The screen quickly switched from live stream to playback mode. The beginning of the surgery was shown.

Lloyd looked at the screen with full focus. 'First step, second step, third step, fourth step…'

However, the screen soon showed what was shown before playback mode started.

Lloyd furrowed his eyebrows. He finally understood what was going on and said in astonishment, "Doctor Ling is really skilled in arthroscopy."

"Of course," Huo Congjun answered nonchalantly.

Lloyd chuckled a few times and continued watching the surgery earnestly.

Lloyd did not really know much about arthroscopy. However, it was not difficult for surgeons who had performed laparoscopy before to learn how to perform arthroscopy.

However, there was a difference between being capable of performing a type of surgery and being good at it. For example, when it came to arthroscopy, Lloyd was only skilled in performing it by making an incision at the anterolateral side of the knee. If the incision had to be made somewhere else, his familiarity with the surgery and the success rate of the surgery would plummet greatly.

This was a little like riding a motorcycle. Anyone who knew how to ride a bicycle could learn how to ride a motorcycle just by putting in some practice. They would basically be able to drive on the streets without problems.

However, it was a totally different story when one intended to become a skilled motorcycle racer.

As an excellent general surgeon, Lloyd was equivalent to a car racer. He was far from being a skilled motorcycle racer.

However, as he gazed at the screen, Lloyd was experiencing plenty of conflicting emotions.

"Ling Ran is younger than all the surgeons in our hospital." Lloyd wore an extremely astonished expression. "If nothing goes wrong, we'll be seeing a lot of him in the future."