Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 733

735 Quirk

Ling Ran looked at the monitor as his hands operated deftly, but there were countless anatomical images appearing in his mind.

Ling Ran's ability to read MRI scan was at Master Level, he had Perfect Level Knee Arthroscopic Meniscoplasty, coupled with Perfect Level Arthroscopic Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Surgery, and an experience of performing lower limb anatomical dissection ninety times, he had sufficient skill to operate on the knee joints.

The only thing he needed to consider was the patient's own physical condition.

Only through thorough consideration would he be able to retain as much of Bowman's meniscus as possible in the narrow space of the knee joint and give it the best possible restoration.

It was visible from the MRI scan that Bowman's meniscus was quite broken. To repair such a meniscus, the surgeon could not touch too much tissue so as to minimize the damage and restore the anatomical relationship in the meniscus. That was also the big difference between humans and machines.

When it came to machine maintenance, the engineers only needed to restore the machine to its original state, and that would already be the best they could do. It did not matter how they dismantled it during the process. In many cases, the convenience of maintenance would be considered at the beginning of the design of the machine.

This was not the case for surgery. On the one hand, each person's anatomical structure was different in terms of size. On the other hand, the surgeon could not drastically dismantle the patient. With current existing technology, the repaired parts of the body would never be as good as the original, so compared with machine maintenance, there were too many restrictions when surgeons operated on patients. 

Various endoscopies, including the arthroscopy method that Ling Ran was currently using, would suffer through a lot of limitations because of the various restrictions on the operation itself. 

It could produce a smaller wound on the patient, but it made the surgery inevitably more difficult for doctors.

Compared with open surgery, arthroscopic surgeries were a typical situation of having less elbow room. There was very little space for the surgeon to perform his maneuvers.

At such a time, boring questions such as "moving the fewest blocks to complete the puzzle" had practical significance.

"Douse it for a while." ​​He may have been thinking about all those things, but Ling Ran's hand did not stop moving at all.

After obtaining Perfect Level Knee Arthroscopic Meniscoplasty, Ling Ran had performed another two to three hundred knee surgery operations. He had extensive experience. Bowman's knee joint structure was also normal. If it were not too serious, Ling Ran could get an excellent prognosis for him by just performing the surgery step by step.

"Douse it a little more." Ling Ran was a bit disappointed that the surgical field was not clear enough, so he slowed down a little.

Even so, to the doctors outside, Ling Ran's speed and rhythm were still… intoxicating.

"I don't know sports medicine, but in my opinion, Doctor Ling's arthroscopy was done very beautifully." Lloyd praised him sincerely. At Lloyd's position, it was a very easy thing for him to take a step forward in management or to take a step down and purely perform surgery. He did not need to be conscious of any infighting.

When he saw a good surgery and great doctors, he would get to know them. This was basically Lloyd's daily life.

In fact, when he watched Ling Ran's operation, Lloyd even felt a hint of enjoyment.

It was like looking at a high-pressure water jet cleaning the dirt on the ground bit by bit. It was like watching people cleaning up a messy scene and putting things back in order...

"How's it? You didn't come here for nothing right?" Lloyd looked at Boyle, who was a little silent.

The short, thin Boyle snorted and said, "If I were the one performing the surgery, I will do a meniscectomy instead. If it's operated cleanly, a fair amount of motor function can still be guaranteed."

Lloyd said in slight disagreement, "Would it be enough for Bowman to perform an organ transplant?"

Organ transplantation was considered the jewel of surgery. It was not a norm for doctors in China due to the scarcity of donors. However, in the United States and other countries, organ transplantation was an essential skill for high-end doctors. If they did not know how to perform organ transplants, it would be difficult to establish a foothold in a large hospital like the Anderson Cancer Center.

"It's better than taking painkillers all day long." Boyle pursed his lips and pointed at the screen. "The meniscus has already been injured to such an extent, and trying to keep it will only cause various problems."

"You have a point too." Lloyd was not arguing with Boyle, and this was not a contentious topic. Before the operation, different doctors could have different judgments, but after the operation, any judgment was meaningless.

"Bowman is too risky and greedy." Boyle shook his head again.

"Greedy?" Lloyd looked at Boyle again.

Boyle said faintly, "Is it not greed to be wounded in this way and still dream of being able to return to normal? This is the time to admit loss and then make a rational judgment of which way would be best for yourself."

Lloyd rolled his eyes and thought, 'That's why Bowman chose Ling Ran for surgery and insisted that you not do it. A knee that underwent meniscoplasty would be more useful for many years than a knee that went through meniscectomy. By then, there might be some really good artificial knees around…'

Boyle looked at the quick and accurate operation on the screen, but he felt irritated. "It's all because Bowman didn't want to admit the fact that his meniscus is finished. It has already happened. It's bad luck, but you can't expect miracles to happen... "

"It's just a meniscoplasty surgery, it's not a miracle..." Lloyd said in resignation, "Also, Bowman just fell down, and anyone would feel that it's a shame for him to lose his career because of this reason."

"But the damage has been done, and even if you receive an operation, you can't turn back time..." Boyle curled his lips into a sneer. "All in all, it's always safer to have a meniscectomy instead. This is a question of probability. The success rate of meniscectomy is higher. If the meniscoplasty fails..."

"Okay, the operation is completed. Just douse it again" Ling Ran's tone carried a hint of slight disdain.

Lu Wenbin coughed and said to the microphone in English, "The operation is completed. It went well, and we're wrapping up now."

In fact, there was no need for Lu Wenbin to say it because Lloyd and the others could already tell.

Boyle pouted and repeated, "I'm talking about probability."

Lloyd smiled, and his expression changed suddenly. He said to Huo Congjun next to him, "Can we go and see Bowman now? I mean, can we go see him in the operating theater?"

"I'll go with you, and that's if you can guarantee that you won't touch anything." Huo Congjun looked at the two with stern eyes. Although their foreign friends had high statuses, if the operation was disturbed, Yun Hua Hospital's reputation would be the one to fall.

Lloyd agreed. "I won't touch anything."

"Me too," Boyle said.

Huo Congjun then took the two men out and entered the operating theater again.

Ling Ran had taken off his gloves and was ready to leave.

"Um... I'm here to show them the situation in the knees." Huo Congjun had heard their request during his way here, and he did not object to it. 

Lu Wenbin glanced at Ling Ran. After getting permission, he took the poker and started poking at Bowman's knee ...

One of the reasons that the Orthopedics Department was more easily despised by the General Surgery Department and other departments was that orthopedic surgery was generally crude, and even in arthroscopic surgery, since bones had good stress tolerance, they were always poked hard.

Lu Wenbin poked the interior thoroughly from the inside to the outside as Lloyd observed it with extreme seriousness.

"Good job. Thank you, Doctor Ling." Lloyd looked at Ling Ran again, and his tone became more polite. "I'm looking forward to seeing your hepatectomy again."

Ling Ran let out a smile in a manner approved by society. As he looked at Lloyd and Boyle, he said, "There will be a hepatectomy soon."