Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 734

736 At Ease

"I'm looking forward to it," Lloyd spoke with a westerner's politeness and heaped on a smile as the top surgeon of the Anderson Cancer Center in response to Ling Ran's smile.

When such a handsome man smiled at him, what else could he do other than return the smile? Drop to his knees?

Boyle's mood was a little off. On the one hand, his colleague had been cured, and he had seen a surgery far beyond his own level, so he should have been happy. But on the other hand, he felt that Ling Ran was such a handsome and excellent doctor that he did not fit into Boyle's principles, which was really unpleasant. However, when he saw Ling Ran's infectious smile, Boyle obediently smiled back.

It was a habit deeply embedded in his life. In school, when a tall, handsome, and popular boy smiled at him, he would smile back to avoid getting his knees broken.

Ling Ran nodded again in a general direction. Then, he entered the operating theater to wash his hands.

For him, knee arthroscopic meniscoplasty surgeries were less complicated than debridement surgeries. Even for athlete-centric surgeries, there was not much additional burden on Ling Ran. Performing surgeries meant constant improvement to him. To operate on ordinary people and athletes was nothing more than to change the risk preference during surgery. But in normal surgeries, risk preference did not always come up with an either-or option. If a choice had to be made, most people would make that choice before surgery, the same as how athletes usually chose the Zhu-Ling Achilles Repair Technique. 

Lloyd stared at Ling Ran, and he could not help but praise him. He then greeted Huo Congjun again before he followed the nurses to take Bowman all the way to the recovery room and back to the ward area.

Yun Hua Emergency Medical Center had special international wards. Since that was one of the key facilities for upgrading the Emergency Department to an Emergency Medical Center, Yun Hua Emergency Medical Center had received a large number of international friends. In total, they had now received one hundred and fifty of them. Even though they could not be mentioned in the same breath as the patients in the normal ward, the international patients were proof that Yun Hua Emergency Medical Center's services had reached the international stage. The emergence of those one hundred and fifty international patients had greatly improved Yun Hua Hospital's reputation. There was an increased budget and increased subsidies for Yun Hua Hospital because of it. 

Additionally, the international ward actually created additional benefits for Yun Hua Hospital. It was an international ward after all, and that meant it would not only accommodate foreigners, but also the Chinese. There were a lot of local people who would often ask their connections to help them get a stay in the international ward. On top of that, the patients who stayed in the international ward most frequently were those who covered their own expenses. 

For hospitals, they preferred patients who covered their own expenses than those covered by medical insurance because it saved them the trouble of checking with the medical insurance companies. Plus, their fees would not be limited by medical insurance control fees. For tertiary Grade A hospitals, most departments that used medical devices could easily exceed the medical insurance limit. Therefore, if they wanted to stay up late and work at full capacity, they needed a certain number of patients to cover their own expenses. 

Lloyd did not know Chinese. He only thought that the room and equipment in the international ward were acceptable, hence he did not comment on it a lot. He would not praise it too because there were wards in the United States with a daily hospitalization fee of more than $10,000, and there were also some free-of-charge clinics that were constantly crowded. Yun Hua Hospital's ward and equipment were pretty much normal and not up to par with the Anderson Cancer Center.

Not many nurses came to the ward, and they were always busy. The good thing was that some of them could speak English, and their attitude was amiable, which made Lloyd, as well as the others, feel at ease.

While the nurses provided exceptional care, night fell. 

Boyle looked at his watch, yawned, and said, "Bowman should thank us later by treating us to Las Vegas. I'm dying of exhaustion."

"Yeah, we should be going back to bed too." Lloyd was old, and as a result, he did not long for sleep so much. He put his hands into his pants pockets calmly and observed Ling Ran. He then imitated Ling Ran and sashayed out of the door in a manner that he thought was handsome. 

"Mister Lloyd," Lu Wenbin, who was carrying a semi-transparent airtight container, greeted Lloyd again. He spoke in English, "Didn't you want to see the hepatectomy? Are you going there now?"

"Now?" Lloyd looked at the sky outside. Dawn was about to break.

Lu Wenbin naturally complained in Chinese, "The best time to perform hepatectomy is at night. Critical patients and their families won't be picky with the surgery time. They'd be patient, and as long as the surgery goes well, they're willing to get up at one or three in the morning. Unlike the family members of the patient who's undergoing arthroscopic surgeries, they are often so picky…"

"I didn't understand what you said." Lloyd looked to the left and right. There was no interpreter around. The interpreter was already very sleepy and wanted to get some sleep. Lloyd was not the devil, he could not let others follow him around for twenty-four hours.

"Yes," Lu Wenbin replied in English. 

Lloyd looked at Lu Wenbin skeptically and said, "You just said a lot. Although it's Chinese, I think it's not just 'yes'..."

"The summary for that is 'Yes'," Lu Wenbin replied cheerfully and continued to speak in Chinese, "It seems that you really don't know Chinese. Ahh, you foreigners get it easy. You guys just have to learn your mother tongue, and you can be awesome all you want. When we organize international conferences, we all have to speak in English. In the end, other people get up at four o'clock to learn English, yet they'd be criticized by all of you for not being accurate. Seriously, isn't it enough if you can just understand…"

"What did you say?" Lloyd scratched his ears and could not understand what Lu Wenbin was saying. It really worried him.

Lu Wenbin smiled. "Are you hungry? Do you eat pig's trotters?"

Lloyd took a deep breath. "It looked like you said a lot…"

"Yes, do you eat pig's trotters?" Lu Wenbin asked again. 

Lloyd and Boyle hesitated for a moment. They both had doubts about pig's trotters.

"Boneless pig's trotters. It's a new product," Lu Wenbin explained in English, then said in Chinese, "You guys demand a lot even if it's just eating. I think you guys just have it a little too good. People in third world countries are still starving while you guys waste food all day long. After that, you pretend to do charity and donate some food…"

Lloyd was shaken by the number of Chinese words that were being dished out like a machine gun. Finally, he waved his hand and said, "Doctor Lu, let's go back to the surgery. Is hepatectomy arranged among the scheduled surgeries? Why should the surgery be scheduled at this time?"

"Doctor Ling loves it," Lu Wenbin was straightforward and replied in English this time. 

"Oh," Lloyd said, indicating that he understood. He could not help but smile. "A surgeon's quirk."

"Yeah. Are you coming?" Lu Wenbin's eyes sparkled as if he wanted to figure out the limits of a foreign doctor's mental strength. 

His gaze made Llyod realize something. 

Lloyd suddenly smiled. "I'm fine with going. In the Anderson Cancer Center, I often do thirty hours of surgery. By the way, I noticed that you haven't rested all day. Will you be okay? Don't let that affect the outcome of the surgery."

"No, it won't. The assistants constantly change."

"What about Doctor Ling, the chief surgeon?"

Lu Wenbin smiled. "As for Doctor Ling, you'll know when you meet him."