Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 747

748 High Quality Zebu

Guozheng Charity Hospital was peaceful, calm, and beautiful in the morning.

One of the sides of the hospital was a meeting room with a glass roof where everyone was looking at the original medical images of Tian Guozheng's knee while discussing in whispers.

There was devil's ivy in a shady corner of the meeting room, which had climbed up the arbor of an unknown species and grown up to 13 to 16 feet, occupying a large space as a result. When this plant was grown in that area with an environment that was similar to its home in South Africa, it easily suppressed the growth of the arbor with its strong reproductive ability, just like a domineering CEO.

A few feet away from the devil's ivy was a green spider plant that grew normally using the water cultivation method. This was the most commonly seen type of the dozens of spider plants. It was commonly found in the country, and some people even abandoned it due to its bad appearance.

However, at Mato Grosso in Brazil, the green spider plant made people remember the warmth of their homes.

*Chuff, chuff, chuff*

A helicopter landed at the helipad of Guozheng Charity Hospital.

Ma Yanlin walked to the floor-to-ceiling window and looked out curiously. At this time, they heard the people in the hospital shouting in English, "There's a patient being sent over. Knee injury. We're immediately sending them to the operating theater"

Ma Yanlin frowned and asked Yu Yuan, who was beside him. "My English is poor. Are they saying that the patient has knee injury or the knee is fractured?"

"Knee injury," Yu Yuan said.

"Is a helicopter required for a knee injury? Are all Brazilians so rich?" Ma Yanlin mocked.

Yu Yuan chuckled and pouted. "Some people will take a helicopter for treatment even if their knee joint isn't injured."

Ma Yanlin showed a speechless expression and nodded slowly, "You are right. Calling an ambulance means that the patient is choosing whether to regard the patient's injury as something requiring emergency treatment. Calling a hospital depends on whether the patient is rich. So, just like what you said just now, we won't understand the world of rich people. Who knows, maybe they'll just call for a helicopter to just remove lice from their dog"

"I did not say what you've just said." Yu Yuan shook her head firmly and said, "Besides, no one will call a helicopter for the removal of lice from a dog. How will they clean up the mess if the lice fly all over the helicopter?"

Ma Yanlin nodded slowly. "You are right. It's too troublesome to have lice on the helicopter. When rich people want to have sex on the helicopter or something, the lice may even go in. It will be too embarrassing when it goes in"

"I'm kind of awkward now." Yu Yuan glared at Ma Yanlin.

"Oh, oh, sorry about that." Ma Yanlin panicked, lowered his head, and could not see Yu Yuan's expression. Then, Ma Yanlin became more anxious.

*Knock knock knock*

One of the doctors from Guozheng Charity Hospital knocked and opened the door of the meeting room before he said, "A patient with a knee injury is sent to the Emergency Department. Anyone who is free can just come over and receive the patient."

The butler immediately stood up and replied before he continued without delay, "Doctor Ling, can you please follow this doctor to receive this patient?"

When it came to acting, the professionalism in the butler made it so that he will not regard putting up an act in disdain.

Although Ling Ran did not reject it, he turned around and asked, "Can I perform surgery over here?"

"It's fine to do so on my land." Tian Guozheng sounded confident, and he added, "Doctor Ling, you can rest assured to perform the surgery. I'll get someone to sacrifice a zebu and let everyone try the local food of our pasture."

"I had it yesterday," Ling Ran said.

"That's yesterday. Brazillian beef is very delicious. Zebu tastes even better." Tian Guozheng then said, "Zebu is the holy cow in India. Its neck has a piece of meat like the hump of camels. Brazil became richer due to the breeding of Zebu. Now, it became the world's number one beef export country. This allowed bred Zebu to be sold up to a few thousand USD. I was talking about this just now. I wanted to buy a breeding bull, but others do not want to sell it to me. This is the business of old white people. It will take some time for us if we want to get involved"

Ling Ran lost his patience halfway through listening to his spiel. He showed a smile expected by society, turned, and left.

The butler immediately followed the doctor who brought the news.

With his help, Ling Ran saw the patient and verified the status of the patient. Surprisingly, it was a patient with a knee injury that he refused to consult a doctor for more than one year.

Ling Ran similarly performed a physical examination on the patient before he used a few seconds of the Virtual Human and casually performed a dissection before he walked into the dressing room.

As compared to the dressing room in the country, the dressing room at Guozheng Charity Hospital did not have middle-aged female nurses who guarded the key and scrubs. That meant that he did not need to collect things from middle-aged female nurses again.

He had to get his own scrubs. He will only get clean scrubs if he inserted a coin into a vending machine for clean scrubs. Then, he had to put it back after he used it. The vending machine will not return the coin, and it will be considered to be laundry fees.

Ling Ran carefully checked the cleanliness level of his shirt. He changed into his scrubs in a small changing room and came out to wash his hands. At the same time, Yu Yuan and Ma Yanlin had entered the operating theater and began helping out with preparations.

Two interpreters entered the operating theater at the same time.

Resources were rich in Tian Guozheng's Guozheng Charity Hospital. With insufficient patients in the hospital, they did not have to send more interpreters over for fear of contaminating the operating theater.

Tian Guozheng was also being quietly pushed to the visitation room on the second floor.

Of course, he was the only one who believed that he was being quietly pushed. The doctors on the ground floor could already see a large number of people when they looked up at the visitation room.

"A hospital with only thirty-odd doctors and two operating theaters. How rich is this man? Tell me, how do these rich people think?" Ma Yanlin was impressed.

Yu Yuan said calmly, "Our Emergency Medical Center also has four operating theaters. You could ask how Department Director Huo feels about this."


"Inject saline."



Ling Ran did not care what others were talking about. He only paid attention to performing the surgery, and his orders were concise.

The young nurse who cooperated with her was hired from the country too. Their cooperation was not too bad. Except for some delays in her actions when she stared at Ling Ran's side profile, her cooperation with him was not too bad.

Only around twenty minutes passed before Ling Ran completely understood the patient's injured internal knee joint.

Arthroscopy was the simplest among endoscopies, and knee arthroscopy was also not too hard. The combination of Ling Ran's Perfect Level Knee Arthroscopic Meniscoplasty and Specialist Level Knee Arthroscopy allowed him to treat the patient's knee joint easily.

Tian Guozheng was lost while watching from the top floor, but he did not feel tired at all while he watched, and he kept consulting Department Director Li.

He kept on asking until the second half of the surgery, and by then, without needing him to ask, Department Director Li had voluntarily provided explanations to him like an unlicensed tour guide.

"Completed. I'll leave the rest for all of you." Just like other times, Ling Ran had finished the most essential part and left the last part for others.

Even young doctors also needed some practice. If they were not even allowed to do the last part, they would not grow much.

Not everyone could be given a system, just like not everyone would be handsome.

"He finished?" When Tian Guozheng was just about to understand the surgery a little, he saw Ling Ran taking out his gloves, and he quickly asked Department Director Li.

"Completed." Department Director Li sighed with great emotion.

"Is it well performed?" Tian Guozheng could not help but ask.

"Very good. You might not understand the details Hmm, let me phrase it this way. Doctor Ling's fluency in this surgery can already become the teaching material for other doctors." Department Director Li had gained experience as an unlicensed tour guide and explained accurately to Tian Guozheng.

Tian Guozheng could not hold back the eagerness in his heart. "Can the patient recover to his previous state?"

"I'm not too sure of the patient's exact condition, but judging from this surgery, after resting and rehabilitation, he should not have any problems in performing his daily routines. As for competitions, that depends."

"Over here. Horse riding can be a daily routine too."

"No problem," Department Director Li said, "He can do things with an even stronger intensity than that."

"I see" Tian Guozheng thought for a few seconds before he said to the butler, "Go to the farm, bring Big Zeby out, and kill it. Serve it to Doctor Ling at night."

The butler was shocked. "Mister Guozheng, aren't you the one who said that the Big Zebu of this batch will only be slaughtered during the Chinese new year?"

Big Zebu was the cow with the best meat quality on the farm. The standards to become a Big Zebu were also set extremely high. If they slaughtered them frequently, there was no cow that could be found to replace the slaughtered cow after a few months.

Tian Guozheng waved his hands. "Doctor Ling's skills are so good that the best meat must be served. Go and get ready immediately. Don't let dinner be delayed."

"Yes." The butler felt jealous and walked out the door. He remembered the tasty meat of the previous batch of Big Zebu, and his saliva almost flowed out.